Easy exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides – how to do at home men and women

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If a person wants to have a slim figure, then he must work on himself: eat right, exercise, exercise and have a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to the process of losing weight, women want to find simple exercises to remove their stomach and sides, but the fat will not disappear just like that, you will have to work hard. There are effective programs that help to adjust the waist, remove the ears from the hips, tighten the press.

How to remove fat from the abdomen and sides

The causes of excess deposits in men and girls are always the same reasons: overeating, lack of physical activity, which leads to a decrease in metabolic rate. In some cases, there is a change in weight due to hormonal failure, but here you already need to contact an endocrinologist, and not look for physical exercises to lose weight in the abdomen and sides. All further actions should be directed against these two factors. It is necessary to follow a diet, maintain regular training and perform effective exercises to lose weight in the abdomen and sides.

Fat burning exercises

This is not so much a view as a training method. When a person selects what exercises can remove the stomach and sides, he must take into account that they must be performed at a fast pace. Only by accelerating the speed of the heartbeat will it be possible to start the process of burning excess deposits. The human body always tries to have a supply of energy material (fat) in order to use it in a critical situation. Fat burning exercises for the abdomen and sides should create it and make the body lose fat.

Fat burning exercises are aimed at burning calories, so they are rarely performed with additional weights, you need to maintain heart rate for a long time. It is extremely difficult to do this with weighting. The following are considered classic:

  • run;
  • swimming;
  • exercise bike;
  • jumping rope.

Strength exercises

This type of training is aimed at strengthening the muscles, giving them tone. This is important if you want to reduce your waist and hips. If your muscular corset can hold the internal organs, then you will get rid of the “protruding abdomen”, which is often called “beer”. It is very important that strength exercises, to remove the stomach and sides, do not increase muscle volume. For these purposes, take the maximum weight and perform 5-6 repetitions to strengthen muscle fibers without increasing their mass.

Girl doing plank exercise

What exercises should be done to remove the stomach

Beginners in sports mistakenly believe that you can get rid of fat by performing exercises on those muscle groups that are in the problem area. Correctly, the program for losing weight in the abdomen and sides makes with an increase in aerobic exercise (cardio training), which helps to speed up the metabolism. The whole body will lose weight at the same time, and not just any one part. Keep in mind that the duration of the cardiac load should be at least 30-40 minutes, so that the body gets to body fat.

The second part of the lesson for weight loss of the abdomen and sides should consist of working out the target muscle groups so that they are tightened, have the correct, beautiful shape. If a girl or a guy just can lose weight, but at the same time will not bring the body into tone, they will look flabby. For the abdomen, working out the muscle corset is especially important because it will hold the internal organs and prevent them from bulging..

The best in order to remove the sides, elasticize the muscles of the press are considered static training options. Perfectly increases calorie consumption, trains the abdominal group breathing exercise vacuum. It helps in a short time (within several weeks) to significantly strengthen the press. This is a simple option for training at home, girls really like it because of the quick effect..

Exercise plank

This option can hardly be called simple, because it requires a person to be able to maintain static tension in the shoulders, arms, back and abdominal muscles. This is a great option if you want to make yourself a flat, beautiful tummy. Exercise strap for weight loss of the abdomen and sides is simply performed at home, because it does not require additional equipment, you only need a mat. It is carried out as follows:

  1. Fold the mat several times, it must be placed only under the elbows.
  2. Take a position, as for push-ups, arms shoulder-width apart.
  3. Lower your palms to your elbows, keep your body as smooth as when push-ups.
  4. Hold this position. First, 20-30 seconds will be enough, then increase this figure to 1-3 minutes.

Rope jumping

This is a great way to reduce your waist size at home (just make sure no one is around). Jumping rope will help to remove the stomach, because this is an option for cardio training. A simple exercise, which will require only free space in the room. You create a constant load on the vascular system, thereby increasing heart rate and energy consumption.

At first, the body will extract additional strength from glycogen, but after 20-30 minutes it will begin to fat deposits and begin to burn extra pounds. This simple exercise is often included in complexes of circular training, crossfit programs. This is an easy way to speed up the metabolism without the use of additional equipment, or if the weather is bad and you can’t go for a run.

Girl jumping rope


This is a classic, simple exercise for training your abdominal muscles. It does not help to lose weight and does not take sides, but it helps to increase muscle tone. You can see a lot of variations of the abs workout, but they all come down to maximize the tension of the abdominal muscles at the stage of contraction. It is necessary to perform twisting with extreme caution to lose weight in the abdomen and sides, because its too active use can lead to muscle building, which will make your waist more voluminous.

The maximum visual effect of this twisting can be obtained only if you regularly do fat burning workouts and adhere to at least a simple low-carb diet. It is important to carry out this movement correctly:

  1. Choose a convenient place in the apartment so that you can lie down, catch your toes on something steady, bend your knees.
  2. Put your hands behind your head, close your fingers in the lock. If it’s too difficult in this position, you can hold your hands along the body.
  3. Start chin to the pelvis. It’s important not just to raise the body to the knees (a common mistake), but to reach for the pelvis.
  4. Do 15 reps.

Side twisting

With this exercise, girls need to be even more careful, because then the increase in the oblique muscles of the abdomen, your waist will only become wider. Many trainers generally forbid women to do lateral twists on the press. This training is better suited for men, but girls should give it up. You can perform this movement in two ways:

  • standing with dumbbell;
  • lying on the floor.

The second option is simpler, because the technique is clear and you can immediately feel the working muscle groups. To do this, you need a rug and some free space. Side twists are performed as follows:

  1. You need to lie on your side, get your hands behind your head, close the lock.
  2. Bend your knees.
  3. Stretch the elbow of the arm, which is on top, due to contraction of the lateral muscles.
  4. Do 15 reps, then do the approach on the other side..

Girl doing side twisting for the abs

Leg lift exercise

When training the abdomen, all the abdominal muscles should be tensed, but some people think that the lower abdomen remains unused. Raising your legs while lying down is an easy way to load the bottom of your abdominal muscles. You can perform it in a hang on the horizontal bar (difficult option) or on the floor (simple option). At home, the second method works better, the technique is as follows:

  1. Find at home on the floor so much free space that you can fully stretch out.
  2. Hands catch on something steady.
  3. With your abs, start lifting your legs up.
  4. Then do not throw them just down, gently lower them and, without touching the floor, start lifting again. Holding in the air will create an additional burden for the abdomen.

Bicycle lying on your back

This version of the movement is designed for training oblique and abdominal muscles. Exercise bike press does not require additional equipment and has a simple technique. A girl should be careful with such a training, because there is a risk of increasing the waist area due to an increase in muscle mass. Perfect for men to form a beautiful abs. It will not work to remove the stomach or sides with the help of a “bicycle”, but yes to strengthen the muscle corset. This simple exercise is performed to remove the stomach as follows:

  1. Lay something soft on the floor.
  2. Put your hands behind your head. lock in the lock.
  3. raise your legs so that your lower leg is parallel to the floor.
  4. start moving your legs as if you were pedaling a bicycle.
  5. Pull your elbow towards the opposite knee, lifting your body at the expense of the abs muscles.
  6. Perform 15 repetitions on each side..
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