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When asked what functional training is, the trainers answer – a form of fitness aimed at increasing endurance, strengthening muscles and losing weight. The basis for its development was Pilates (stretching and flexibility). The meaning of fitness is to practice the movements that a person needs in everyday life – jumping, squats, bending. Classes last 20 minutes.

What is functional training

Functional training or functional training is a fitness area that is suitable for a person of any age, with different levels of training and needs. In training, athletes work out movements that help increase strength, endurance, speed, flexibility and coordination. Functional exercises make all muscles work, even the smallest and deepest.

The basis of fitness is the principle of gradual inclusion in movement and muscle tension – first one exercise is performed, another is attached to it, a long ligament is obtained. In everyday life, and not in the gym, this type of gymnastics can even be understood as climbing stairs, cleaning an apartment, walking with a child in a stroller along uneven terrain.

The advantages of training include:

  • increased metabolic rate, rapid fat burning;
  • for training, home conditions or a gym are suitable;
  • sports train coordination and endurance;
  • functional fitness forms a healthy muscle relief;
  • constant change of exercises does not allow the body to get used to and reduce effectiveness;
  • sport is suitable for any level of training, men and women.

Health contraindications are considered contraindications:

  • acute inflammation, trauma, infectious and chronic heart disease;
  • varicose veins, hemorrhoids;
  • increased bone fragility, calcium deficiency.

Functional training group lessons

Functional training for women

Functional training for women is effective. As a result of the exercise, the muscles are tightened with a load, a beautiful body shape is formed, excess fat leaves, according to reviews, the body’s endurance increases. An approximate functional circular training for girls looks like this (5-6 repetitions of cycles):

  • Monday – pull-ups on the horizontal bar in the hall, rowing, berp, jumping rope, cross-run;
  • Tuesday – squats with weight, push-ups;
  • Wednesday – high jumps, pull-ups on rings, squats, lifts on a rope, lunges, twisting;
  • Thursday – standing push-ups, deadlifts, inclinations, hyperextension, running in place, knees lifting in the hang, twisting
  • Friday – push-ups, lying pelvis, corner on the uneven bars and rings.

Functional training for men

Functional training for men helps to achieve muscle development, increase strength and flexibility. As a result of playing sports, excess fat is burned, endurance and coordination increase. For beginners, the functional fitness program looks like this (gradually the difficulty increases):

  • Monday – pull-ups on the crossbar, rowing, burpee, jumping rope, cross-run;
  • Tuesday – squats with a bar in accelerated mode, push-ups from the bars;
  • Wednesday – jumping on a hill, pulling up on rings, squats, climbing a rope, lunges, side twisting;
  • Thursday – standing push-ups, deadlift, barbell shocks overhead, hyperextension, swinging weights, running in place, raising the knees in the hang, twisting lying down;
  • Friday – push-ups from the floor, on the rings, again from the floor, on the uneven bars, corner on the uneven bars and rings.

Man on gymnastic rings

Strength functional training

Functional strength training is popular, the exercises of which are performed alternating. One day includes training with your own weight, the next – with a barbell. Due to this complex, not only the main muscles are trained, but also stabilizers (deep-lying), which cannot be controlled consciously. For an effective result, it is recommended that you exercise 3-4 times a week..

The first training always takes place with weight, in each approach it rises to achieve maximum muscle performance. An example of a regular program:

  • Monday – lifting the barbell, squatting with it, tremors, cardio;
  • Wednesday – pull-ups, ejection of a light barbell, swing masses, sit-ups, push-ups from bars;
  • Friday – cardio training (methods – running, bike, jump rope).

The main principles of the functional strength fitness program:

  • follow the pulse so that it does not exceed 120-150 beats per minute;
  • before starting classes, warm up for five minutes on a treadmill;
  • before each exercise, do a warm-up with a light weight;
  • finish your workout with a 15 minute stretch.

Functional training exercises

A wide variety of exercises for functional training. They are similar for men and women, differing only in the number of repetitions. Here are the universal exercises:

  1. Burpee – squeeze from the floor, pull your hands to your chest, jump up and clap your hands over your head.
  2. Lunge – stand straight, take a wide step forward. Return the torso to its original position.
  3. Cross-run – accelerated run with turns.
  4. Corner on the training bars – straighten your arms, raise straight legs parallel to the floor, hold up, rotate.

Girl runs

Simulators for functional training

To achieve the effect quickly and diversify the exercises, simulators are used for functional training. These include:

  • gymnastic bench for twisting;
  • bar for lifting weights;
  • rings and bars for the corner and lifting legs;
  • jump rope, rubber shock absorber;
  • balls and dumbbells for working with weights.
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