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One of the variations of the well-known caret is a graduated haircut. This is a universal hairstyle for medium length hair. The difference between a graduated square and a classical one lies in the cut line: if the traditional version has a straight line, then the second option has a multi-stage look. Moreover, the graduation may differ – be weak or strong, the volume and appearance of the haircut depends on this. Graduated caret can both add volume to the hair and reduce it.

Types of women’s haircuts graduated caret

Graduated caret is performed by peculiar steps (“ladder”), is in great demand among modern women of different ages, physique, with different types of faces. In addition to the above steps, it differs from the classic square in that not only straight hair, but also curly, wavy and even curly hairs are suitable for its execution. In a graduated square they take on a new look and look very interesting.

Bob square

Bean Variation Photo

Bob is considered a universal hairstyle – it suits any girl, regardless of hair type or face shape. So, if you decide to cut off long bored strands, then the bob will be a win-win option. It has many advantages and offers a huge number of options that allow you to choose the perfect look for any face shape – elongated, oval, round. Bob looks harmonious on any woman, so if you decide to change your image, then a bob-car will be the perfect solution. It remains only to choose whether he will be with bangs or without.

With extended front strands

Extra long square photo

Extra long gradu with graduation – a stylish, elegant option. It suits bold, young and fashionable people who are not afraid to experiment with their image. One of the most successful types of graduated elongated caret is a haircut with strands that extend to the chin line. It looks extravagant, excluding the graphic elements that the classic square. Graduated caret with elongation, despite its extravagance, looks very feminine and stylish at the same time (see photo).

Kare on a leg

Photo of a square on the leg

For owners of a thin long neck, a square with a leg is suitable. The technique of its implementation is to shorten the hair of the occipital part of the head, opening the neck as much as possible, but not exposing the back of the head. Closer to the face, the strands are left somewhat elongated. The hairstyle looks magnificent throughout the entire area of ​​the head. Only straight, thick hair is suitable for its creation..

Hairstyle options with and without bangs (PHOTO)

Do bangs on graduated square? The answer depends on how much your strands are subject to natural curling. Owners of wavy hair, although graduation is suitable, but exclusively without bangs. But the owners of straight hair bangs really go. Moreover, they may prefer any square – with a slanting bang or with a classic straight.

Graduated, like the classic square, suggests the presence of a bang. Often it has the appearance of an asymmetric cut to the side, but straight bangs and oblique parting are also possible. Girls who are not alien to experiments with appearance should try to combine direct classical bangs with asymmetric graduation – the effect will be unusual. Combine even and torn layers – it looks very stylish!

On medium hair

middle length photo

The process of creating graduation is practically no different from the classic square. The master makes the occipital part somewhat shortened, while on the chin, on the contrary, leaves somewhat elongated hair. Upon receiving the desired shape, the stylist makes a short flight of stairs, shortening each subsequent layer from the bottom up by a centimeter. When you try to style a graduated hairstyle of medium length yourself, you will understand how versatile it is and how beautiful it looks not only in everyday life, but also for evening outings.

On long hair

Photo: graduated caret with extension

The elongated graduated square gives the image a mystery and visually lengthens the face. Long curls that frame the cheekbones soften lines and smooth facial features. They are ideal for chubby girls with rough outlines of the chin, forehead. Soft, smooth lines visually change the proportions of the face. And with the help of torn bangs and an asymmetric parting, it is possible to add a twist to the image.

On short hair

Shortened square

Graduation on short hair will emphasize the girl’s face, revealing it to others. Despite this, this option is ideal for ladies with large facial features. To balance the wide frontal part, asymmetry is suitable, you can experiment with multi-layer. A short square goes to miniature, fragile girls. If desired, the side strands can be left even and slightly elongated. By applying side hair to the cheekbone line you get a beautifully framed face silhouette.

Who is the hairstyle suitable for?

Graduated caret looks equally good on women of different ages, with any type and color of hair. Moreover, the shape of the face also does not matter, because the hairstyle is suitable not only for an oval face, it looks equally good for owners of a round, square or even triangular face. Any type of appearance with a graduation will look luxurious, if you choose the right one and make styling in high quality.

Different types of face

If by nature you have curly hair that does not allow you to style a classic caret, then graduation will be the best solution to the problem. Having lowered the haircut line to the shoulders, it is not difficult to hide the imperfections of the chin or neck. Graduation will be appropriate if a woman wants to look younger, hiding her real age – she will visually make her face younger.

How to style a haircut

It is easiest to give a haircut a beautiful look with the help of a round curling iron. It is possible to wind the hair both up and down, or to make the effect of wet hair. However, laying a graduated caret, it is not necessary to form small curls – the hairstyle will have the shape of a ball, and this is ugly. With a hair dryer and a light fixative, you can give your hair the right direction. The installation process does not take you much time, because there is nothing complicated in it. Even an amateur can easily grab a graduated haircut.

  1. Apply mousse to washed, slightly blow-dried hair.
  2. Using a round hairdryer, pull them out to create volume. Pull the top of the head to the neck, the upper part to the forehead, the side zones back from the face. You can use large curlers instead of a hairdryer, the effect will be similar.
  3. If your hair is curly, emphasize this by twisting it on a curling iron and creating graceful waves..
  4. Fix the styling with varnish, then it will keep its shape for a long time.

The universality of graded haircuts lies in the ability to smooth out large, rough facial features, adjust the shape and even rejuvenate it. There are a lot of variations with graduation. Hair of different colors, lengths and structures will look in the same performance in completely different ways – always unique, interesting. Graduation can be performed only at the tips or, starting from the top of the head. It all depends on personal preferences of each. And laying it as simple as possible – it will take only 10-15 minutes.

Photo of graduated caret – front and rear view

A very popular, sought-after hairstyle has not been inferior to its position in the TOP-10 for many seasons. Graduation is one of the few hairdressing techniques with which it becomes possible to radically change the image, without particularly affecting the length and color of the hair. Choosing one of the many options for graduated caret, any woman will be able to update the bored look. Young girls and ladies of Balzac age – anyone can choose the perfect graduation performance. Graduated caret – photo you can see below.

Variations of graduated caret

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