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Less years of age – that’s how much a hot scissor can take. Having visited the beauty salon, after changing the shape of the hairstyle, and just by smoothing the ends, the hair looks beautiful and well-groomed. For the first time such an electrical appliance in beauty salons was used in Germany, the result of its use is not only a stylish haircut, but also a medical procedure.

What is a hot scissor haircut

It is interesting to know that cutting with hot scissors is an effective fight against problem split ends. The hair becomes thinner after staining with poor-quality paint, exposure to stress, hormonal changes. Hairdressing clients mistakenly think that using conventional scissors will eliminate the problem of unhealthy tips. Unfortunately, the structure of the hair remains damaged, this can be seen if you examine it under a microscope.

A beautiful and healthy hairstyle is the key to a well-groomed appearance. A professional electrical appliance not only cuts a problem area with a blade, but also seals the tips. The processing can take up to three hours, but the result is worth it. The closed ends of the strands prevent the loss of moisture, become elastic. To make the effect more noticeable, you need to go through about five procedures.

What gives a haircut with hot scissors

Individual therapeutic hair cutting is done by a professional hairdresser, it slightly changes the structure of the tips, the hair becomes twisted. After the usual shortening of the strands, the problem of the cut ends can return in a month, and after a hot haircut for at least 3 months, the ends will be healthy. The cost of such a procedure is not cheap, but the result is worth it.


The price of flawless beautiful hair is daily care, regular hot haircuts in a beauty salon. Girls, often dyeing their hair white, are faced with the fact that over time it looks dry and lifeless, natural moisture disappears, and the structure of the hair becomes inelastic, thin and brittle. Such problems occur after perms, hair structure deteriorates, recovery is necessary. In the first and second case, there are no contraindications to cutting with hot scissors.

Photos before and after cutting with hot scissors

Hair before and after cutting with hot scissors

Pros and cons of cutting with hot scissors

Initially, before shortening the curls, the ends of the hair are closed, thanks to a special substance that helps to bind flakes and fibers together. After cutting, the cut of the tip of the hair remains open, this causes the substance to dry inside the hair. After a short time, the hair splits, for the same reason they can break in large areas. Hair cutting with hot scissors seals the tips, which contributes to their healing.

The metal blades are heated by the net and seal the cut. Hot hair cutting is done on wet or dry locks. The thermal tool is convenient to use, it can be used to model different hairstyles. What are the pros and cons of cutting with hot scissors? This is a healing effect, tested in practice in different countries, the only disadvantage is the price of such an instrument. You can buy it in the online store by selecting the appropriate model in the catalog.

Hot scissors procedure

  • The types of hair for each person are different, so before you cut off the unhealthy ends, you need to know what degree to set on the thermal device. It is important to remember that the expected result depends on the correct diagnosis of the type of hair..
  • A thin strand is twisted into a flagellum, all damaged, split hairs are bristling, creating the appearance of “sticking thorns”.
  • The procedure is done with hot scissors, the master cuts and seals all the damaged parts of the cut ends, without forgetting to simulate a haircut.
  • The final touch after the healing procedure is styling.

Hot scissor haircut

Hot Scissor Cutting Price

Pricing table for this service.

The name of the beauty salon

The address

How much does a hot scissor haircut cost. (Price depends on hair length)

Beauty salon “Polyanka”

Moscow, st. Bolshaya Polyanka, d. 51A / 9

From 2400 to 5000 rubles

Beauty salon “Emerald”

Moscow, st. Emerald, house 52

From 1700 to 2700 rubles

Beauty salon “Art Style”

Moscow, st. Yartsevskaya, 1

From 1200 to 1800 rubles

Hot scissors at home

A professional tool designed for hairdressers in beauty salons. Shearing with hot scissors at home is done only by a professional master who practices in addition to the main work, and also part-time work at home. The amateur in this case can not only cut himself or burn himself with such a tool, but also set the processing temperature incorrectly. Scissors, instead of a favorable recovery result, on the contrary, will aggravate the existing problem.

Hair and hot scissors

How to cut with hot scissors

The result of the haircut mainly depends on the quality of the tool. Before you buy hot hair scissors, it is important to pay attention to such important features:

  • The quality of the metal the scissors are made of.
  • Country of origin or brand name.
  • Ergonomics, sharpening angle.
  • Design, the quality of the exterior, whether they fit comfortably.

Hot scissors can be cut as usual. Well-proven thermal tools from the German brand Jaguar. The master needs to connect the power tool to the network, set the desired temperature and start cutting. To carry out this procedure, hairdressers undergo a special training course.

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