How to do breast massage with lactostasis, mastopathy, after childbirth and to increase volume

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Breast massage is recommended for breast augmentation and elasticity, during pregnancy and for full feeding of the baby after childbirth. This procedure helps to solve not only aesthetic problems, it is also included in the complex treatment of breast diseases, for example, mastopathy, mastitis or lactostasis. Massage promotes the appearance of milk in the mammary glands, facilitates feeding the baby and decantation.

What is breast massage?

This procedure is not much different from conventional massage, but it is softer and more gentle. It consists in stroking with your hands, pressing with your fingers and other similar tricks. It can be carried out according to the classical method or follow the Ayurvedic technique using acupuncture – it all depends on personal preferences. Plus this massage: girls and women can perform the procedure on their own at home, as it does not require special skills.

Salon procedure


The chest consists of adipose tissue and mammary gland; it has no muscles. This makes it difficult to give it the desired shape and volume. Nevertheless, massage works real miracles, it is also able to improve the general state of health. The benefits of it are invaluable:

  • smartness;
  • elasticity;
  • beautiful skin;
  • good blood circulation, lymphatic drainage;
  • elimination of harmful substances and the intake of essential trace elements;
  • reduction of chest pain during menstruation;
  • full feeding of a newborn baby;
  • treatment of diseases of the mammary glands;

Every girl dreams of having a beautiful bust shape. The breast suffers during a diet, decreasing in volume, not to mention childbirth and lactation. As a result, it sags and loses elasticity, in a word, it no longer looks as attractive as before. Massage helps maintain or restore the shape of the mammary glands, the main thing is to conduct it according to the rules and regularly.

How to do

What rules must be observed in such a delicate matter? How to knead breasts correctly and without harm? Bust massage is a very gentle process that must be performed carefully and in accordance with all the rules. This will help to avoid undesirable consequences. Particular attention is paid to the mammary glands while feeding the baby. There are few such rules, but the result of the procedure depends on them. These include:

  • Breast massage is done only with hands washed with soap.
  • The duration of the procedure should not exceed 10 minutes, while feeding the baby – 5 minutes.
  • Control the degree of pressure, relying on your feelings.
  • Use castor or olive oil, you can use a special cream.
  • After the procedure, take a shower. A gentle stream of water should reach the sternum..

For increase

You can increase the size of the bust using a special vacuum massager. The effect will be noticeable after the first procedure. To do this, apply cream to the mammary glands and, following the instructions of the device, apply a vacuum pump. Before mastering this method, it is advisable to consult a doctor in case of contraindications. If this procedure does not work or you do not want to use a vacuum, you can use other types of massage, which additionally enlarge the mammary glands..

Vacuum Breast Massager

For a suspender

The breast lift procedure is carried out with cream, it is advisable to use a special cosmetic product for these purposes, but, in extreme cases, ordinary olive oil is also suitable. Take three minutes in a circular motion clockwise with little pressure. Next, stroking along the line from the nipples up to the collarbone, then massage with palm saws for two minutes from the nipples to the outside of the chest. At the end of the procedure, make light massage pats..

For elasticity

An effective massage technique for the elasticity of the bust is a procedure under the shower. It can be carried out every day without spending a lot of time on it. Remember that first you need to gently stretch the glands. Next, turn on the shower and direct the warm stream onto your sternum. At this time, you should carefully make circular movements folded together with three fingers, bypassing the side of the nipples. After five minutes, proceed to the final phase – the contrast shower, in which the temperature of the water must be changed every five seconds.

Breast massage while feeding

Breastfeeding contributes to the healthy growth and development of the baby. To ensure that lactation is pleasant and does not cause discomfort, experts advise the young mother to develop mammary glands and produce rubbing. Thanks to simple movements, milk will not stagnate – this will help to avoid mastitis and other unpleasant moments. Additionally, the massage “accelerates” the blood, and this contributes to good lactation. Please note that the rules on how to massage breasts for nursing mothers indicate a ban on the use of cream.

For the appearance of milk

Having a baby is the most exciting moment in the life of every woman, which can ruin the lack of milk. In order for colostrum to appear, a woman in labor can not lose a minute, the mother must immediately put the baby to her breast after birth. If for some reason this did not work out, you need to have a chest massage that will help correct the situation..

First, you need to attach a diaper moistened with warm water to the mammary glands, then cover them with a thin cotton cloth, previously heated on a battery or an iron, through which the procedure will be performed. Gently squeeze the chest with your fingers at the base and slide it to the nipples with light pulling movements. Do not use any creams or oils. Repeat 5-10 times for each breast. At the end, if possible, attach the child.

Woman doing breast massage for lactation

Before feeding

The procedure is carried out before each feeding. This contributes to the rapid and high-quality flow of milk. Stroke the mammary glands clockwise from the base to the nipple halo, while do not be afraid to press on it with your palms and fingers. Perform light squeezes. Lean down and massage from the base to the nipples – this stimulates the production of milk. Avoid this procedure if there are cracks in the nipples..

Before expressing

The process of decoupling in its principle resembles the stimulation of feeding, so you need to do a small massage before it. Sit back with your body slightly tilted and rub the glands with a warm, clean towel. Gently push the chest from the base to the nipple using your fingers or knuckles. Do not forget to use the entire area of ​​the mammary gland, otherwise after a while you can get stagnation. Next, remember the nipple between the fingers with extruding movements. After a few minutes, milk will appear.

With lactostasis

Every second woman during lactation is faced with such a concept as milk stasis or lactostasis or mastitis. It is very painful, unpleasant. There are several ways to get rid of stagnation, for example, often putting a child to the chest. In those moments when the baby is sleeping or fed, the mother can improve her condition with self-massage against lactostasis. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before the procedure..

Start by stroking from the periphery to the nipples, paying particular attention to the seal. Next, make circular movements in a clockwise direction. The next exercise will be twisting. Put your chest on the palm of your hand, and the other begin to make circular movements in different directions. To reduce pain, massage is recommended under a warm shower. After a while, improvement will come.

With mastopathy

Mastopathy is a breast pathology that is dangerous with complications. If a tumor is detected in the mammary gland, you need to seek help from a doctor who will prescribe treatment, one of the points of which may be a massage for the chest. The procedure should begin with a gentle stroking of the nipple halos, then with pressing movements you need to go through the entire chest. Do not confuse breast massage with palpation, here the movements should be smoother and softer. The procedure takes 10 minutes.

The girl massages the mammary gland

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage massage is aimed at preventing breast health. If this procedure is carried out regularly, then this will enable blood and lymph to circulate freely throughout the mammary gland, saturating it with necessary microelements and substances. The result of lymphatic drainage massage is a beautiful, healthy breast without the risk of getting mastopathy or oncology. This procedure is often used as a warm-up before other types of massage..


The Japanese technique is based on pressing active points on the body for 20 seconds. The procedure does not take much time, but you can not do without outside help. Before starting the process, carefully study the location of points on the body, by the way, there are only 10. The result of Japanese massage will be:

  • increased muscle tone;
  • proper functioning of blood vessels;
  • acceleration and relief of outflow of lymphatic fluid;
  • beautiful, firm skin.


The acupressure is similar to Japanese massage, it is also called Shiatsu massage or Chinese. It involves 17 points on the body, which are pressed for 2-3 seconds. Experts say that this oriental technique normalizes the hormonal balance of a woman, improves the overall state of women’s health, experts even claim that he is able to renew cells in the body. Before the procedure, it is recommended to do a light lymphatic drainage massage using oil or a special cream.


Taoist breast massage can be performed not only for women, but also for men. It consists in the following. Put your hands on your chest and make 9 circular movements from the shoulder to the center. After that, move your hands so that the nipple is in the center of the palm, do 10 light pressure. Eastern sages claim that these simple movements rejuvenate and energize.

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