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Water for weight loss plays an important role. Often, its excess in the body gives a solid weight gain, far from changing the silhouette of the figure for the better. How to remove water from the body for weight loss, so as not to harm health, but reduce the number of kilograms and centimeters? You need to find out why water lingers in the body, review your diet, choose the appropriate method for yourself to get rid of body water ballast.

The reasons for the accumulation of water in the body

Excess water is often the result of diseases that interfere with the functioning of the kidneys, endocrine system, and water-lipid metabolism. Meanwhile, a healthy body often suffers from accumulated water for other reasons:

  1. Drink plenty before bedtime. At night, the kidneys simply can not cope with the load, which leads to swelling and stagnation of water.
  2. Water deficiency (its insufficient drinking) provokes the body to create its own water reserves.
  3. Abuse of diuretic drinks is similar to the effect of moisture deficiency in the body.
  4. Low motor activity leads to vascular pathologies, lymph congestion, water accumulation between cells.
  5. Abuse of salt, which binds water molecules and prevents it from naturally leaving the body.

Woman measures waist volume after losing weight.

Methods for removing excess fluid during weight loss

Diuretic drugs are the simplest and quickest way to remove excess water. However, medications are intended to treat ailments, and they will not benefit the healthy person, therefore diuretics should be taken only as prescribed by the doctor. Those whose body suffers from excess water not because of illness should resort to rational and safe methods of fluid withdrawal: fasting days and diet, physical activity and bathing procedures.

Special diet

How to remove excess water from the body for weight loss by changing the diet? To do this, it is necessary to limit the amount of salt as much as possible, and it is better to do without it at all. It should be excluded from the menu fast food, convenience foods, canned food, adhere to the following nutrition rules:

  • drink more plain water;
  • increase the proportion of foods rich in coumarin (celery, parsley, cinnamon, etc.);
  • refuse (or reduce as much as possible) from drinks with caffeine and tannin;
  • eat fiber-rich foods.

Girl drinks water

To quickly and intensively rid the body of excess water, a special diet has been developed. You must follow it exactly seven days, in each of them do a cleansing enema, drink 500 ml of kefir and eat a certain set of products:

  1. 5 boiled potatoes.
  2. 100 grams of white chicken meat (boiled, without salt), vegetable salad with vegetable oil.
  3. 100 grams of lean veal (beef) plus vegetable salad.
  4. 100-150 g of fish (boiled, steam, stewed) and three to four bananas (optional).
  5. Any fresh vegetables in any combination and quantity.
  6. Kefir (no more than two liters).
  7. Still mineral water.

Fasting days

It will be possible to remove excess fluid from the body through a short-term restriction of food. Fasting days can be different: based on drinking or on mono-nutrition. For effective weight loss, it is important to drink at least a liter of pure water on this day. Choose any method of unloading that suits you, arrange it at least once a week, try alternating the wellness menu:

  1. Milk milk. It is considered one of the most effective means of removing accumulated water from the body. Brew green tea and drink it with milk without any other additives. Do not use anything other than milkweed (not counting water!) On an unloading day
  2. Kefir day. One and a half liters of low-fat kefir per day will help significantly reduce weight, remove edema, other manifestations of excess water in the body.
  3. Pumpkin juice discharge helps get rid of accumulated water in the body, nourishes you with vitamins. The only condition is that the juice must be natural, best freshly squeezed.
  4. Oatmeal removes excess water well, cleanses the body of toxins, improves digestion. For a fasting day, you need to cook yourself porridge from oats or whole oats. The dish must be cooked in water, do not add salt to it. It is allowed to sweeten porridge with raisins and a small amount of honey. You can eat it as much as you want.
  5. Another option for unloading on oatmeal – “Beauty salad”. Pour three tablespoons of oatmeal into a half-liter jar, add the raisins guest, a quarter of the sliced ​​apple and some crushed nuts or seeds. Pour kefir to the top, leave it overnight. This is your food for the whole fasting day..

Girl looks at fruits

Physical exercise

An effective way to remove accumulated water from the body will be intensive exercises that cause sweating: brisk walking, running, jumping rope, riding a bicycle, training on simulators, and fitness. Effective means to speed up metabolism, relieve swelling, remove excess water from the body – simple gymnastic exercises that are easy to perform at home:

  • Lie on your back.
  • Lift up (perpendicular to the torso) legs and arms.
  • Start shaking your limbs, first just shaking them.
  • Gradually accelerate the pace, increasing the intensity of shaking.

Girl runs to remove water from the body

Hot bath or bath

Wet or dry steam helps intensive removal of accumulated water from the body. This is a proven method that athletes actively use before competitions if they need to quickly gain weight. The only thing you need to consider when resorting to this tool is contraindications for bath procedures:

  • heart failure;
  • diabetes;
  • high blood pressure;
  • pregnancy;
  • tuberculosis (residual effects – including!).

How to remove excess water from the body for weight loss in a more gentle way? To do this, take baths with soda-salt solution. A couple of hours before the procedure, try not to drink or eat. Fill the bathtub with warm water (38-39 degrees), pour a few tablespoons of baking soda with salt. Lie in a healing solution for about 20 minutes, drink a cup of green tea while taking a bath. After the procedure, put on warm home clothes (pajamas, a bathrobe), lie in bed under a warm blanket for 30-40 minutes. Take a refreshing shower and give up drinking and eating for another hour or so..

Women in the bath

What drugs remove water from the body

Medicines that remove water from the body are called diuretics. They are classified depending on the specific area of ​​the kidneys on which the drug acts:

  • thiazide;
  • loopback;
  • sparing potassium;
  • aldosterone antagonists.

The first group of drugs is considered the most effective for removing excess salt and water from the body, but taking drugs dramatically and dramatically reduces blood pressure. Popular tablets in this group:

  • “Indapamide” or “Arifon”;
  • “Clopamide”;
  • “Benzthiazide”;
  • “Dichlothiazide” or “Hypothiazide”.

Loop diuretics regulate the filtration process in the kidneys, enhance the excretion of fluid and salt from the body. The disadvantage of this group of drugs is serious side effects, so they are prescribed only in critical cases. Loop diuretics include:

  • “Bumetanide”;
  • “Ethacrylic acid”;
  • Furosemide

Woman holds a glass of water

The use of potassium-sparing diuretics is combined with other strong diuretics. They are prescribed to exclude leaching of potassium and calcium, enhancing the diuretic effect. The group of potassium-sparing drugs includes:

  • Triamteren;
  • Amyloride;
  • Spironolactone.

Water retention in the body is due to the action of the hormone aldosterone. If it is neutralized, salt and water begin to flow out intensively with urine, but the potassium content in the body does not decrease. The famous aldosterone antagonist is Veroshpiron (tablets and capsules). The medicine has the effect of removing excess water from the body on the second to fifth day of treatment.

Liquid-derived foods

A properly composed diet will help reduce excess water in the body even without the use of medications. To achieve this effect, you need to include seasonal vegetables and fruits, herbs, some spices in the daily menu. For example, cinnamon and ginger, celery and parsley successfully remove water from the body. Diuretic effect is also possessed by such products as:

  • watermelon;
  • cabbage;
  • beet;
  • prunes
  • raisins;
  • cucumbers
  • dried apricots;
  • eggplant;
  • dill;
  • asparagus;
  • horseradish;
  • potatoes;
  • oatmeal;
  • green tea;
  • kefir;
  • vegetable juices.

Vegetables and fruits that remove water from the body

Effective folk remedies and herbs

Diuretic drinks were used long before the creation of synthetic diuretics. Use folk recipes for potions that rid the body of excess water:

  1. A teaspoon of medicinal Avran brew in 250 ml of water. Insist for two hours, drink 3 times a day after meals.
  2. Two tablespoons of chopped birch leaves insist in 200 ml of boiling water. Take 3-4 times a day.
  3. Diuretic collection for fluid withdrawal: juice of viburnum, mountain ash (1 tbsp.), Lemon (0.5 tbsp.), 100 g of honey. Drink a teaspoon three times a day.
  4. Brew three teaspoons of dried bearberry grass in a glass of water. Drink a spoon before meals.
  5. Infusion on the water from lingonberry berries – three glasses a day.
  6. Drink three times a day for 10 ml of dill water (a spoonful of seeds per 200 ml of boiling water).

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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