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Natural cosmetics are based on natural ingredients such as essential oils. Nature itself endows women with organic substances to prolong their youth and beauty. Essential oils for the face from wrinkles will be even more effective if you use them in their pure form, and not in cosmetics. Do you know how to prepare such products? The instructions below will help you choose both the oil and the recipe for its use..

The use of essential oils for the face

Esters themselves are antioxidants that have the ability to regenerate the skin, reducing inflammation, healing wounds and eliminating redness on the skin. Being highly concentrated, they require adding to creams or combining with base oil formulations. Natural face oils must be selected carefully, paying attention to the beneficial effects and restrictions on use.

Lavender extract


Anti-wrinkle lavender essential oil is more suitable for combination skin. In addition to aromatic effects, it has the following useful properties:

  • getting rid of acne, treatment of psoriasis, acne;
  • giving elasticity and even tone to the face.

Contraindications for use are:

  • diabetes;
  • overly sensitive skin;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • ingestion.


This is a common plant that is used in both official and traditional medicine, due to the following useful properties:

  • reduction of peeling, redness and dry skin;
  • increased epidermal cell metabolism.

You can not use chamomile extract in the following cases:

  • pregnancy;
  • the use of homeopathic medicines;
  • individual intolerance.

Lemon extract


Lemon oil is appreciated for the following beneficial effects:

  • exfoliation of dead skin cells, elimination of its pallor;
  • slowing down the aging process and preventing wrinkles.

It is not recommended for use in several cases:

  • just before leaving the house;
  • chemotherapy period;
  • pure use;
  • allergy to citrus fruits;
  • pregnancy and lactation.


It is obtained by distillation of leaves of a bush called patchouli, which boasts such properties:

  • acceleration of tissue regeneration;
  • healing of cracks, wounds and abrasions;
  • sagging skin lifting.

Avoid its use with the following indications:

  • pregnancy;
  • digestive system diseases;
  • allergic tendency.

Incense Hood


Incense oil is capable of:

  • treat acne;
  • eliminate inflammation on the skin;
  • to tighten a saggy face;
  • prevent wrinkles.

Exclude the use of incense is necessary when:

  • individual intolerance;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • Parkinson’s disease;
  • oncology;
  • systemic lupus erythematosus;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

Tea tree

The effect on the skin of tea tree can be described by the following points:

  • treats burns, cuts, fungal infections;
  • reduces oily skin, eliminates acne;
  • fights dermatitis, eczema.

You can not use tea tree oil extract provided:

  • allergic reactions;
  • pregnancy
  • children under 6 years old.

Mint and a product from it


Mint is rarely used in cosmetology, but at the same time it is of great benefit, improving the protective properties of the epidermis. The cooling effect evens out skin tone, eliminates acne and vascular patterns. Not being a strong allergen, mint is still limited for children under 6 years old. The course of taking homeopathic medicines, individual intolerance, sleep problems are also included in the list of contraindications.


Melissa-based aroma oil is well suited for problematic skin prone to acne or furunculosis. In addition, it is an excellent tool in the fight against skin infections such as eczema. Limit melissa oil to pregnant women and people whose voice is important because this plant can cause hoarseness.

Neroli extract


Neroli oil extract is made on the basis of Seville orange flowers, flower petals of sweet orange or flowers of lemon and mandarin. Any of them helps moisturize dry and tired skin, rejuvenates and smooths wrinkles. In addition, oil reduces vascular pattern, reduces acne. Contraindications are standard:

  • pregnant women;
  • children;
  • allergy sufferers.


Myrrh oil extract is the most effective anti-aging extract due to the following properties:

  • smoothing fine wrinkles;
  • skin tightening;
  • elimination of dermatitis;
  • resorption of scars.

Do not use myrrh oil extract:

  • in case of allergies;
  • during pregnancy.

Fir and its extract


Fir oil extract has several skin benefits:

  • treatment of an abscess rash;
  • lifting of aging skin;
  • antiseptic effect.

Fir oil extract has more contraindications than others:

  • pregnancy;
  • kidney disease
  • gastrointestinal diseases;
  • individual reactions;
  • pure use.


Jojoba essential oil is appreciated for the following abilities:

  • improve the condition of sagging, aging skin;
  • reduce dryness;
  • remove wrinkles under the eyes;
  • correct dull complexion.

It is not recommended to include jojoba oil extract in face care:

  • with significant vegetation on the female face;
  • with an individual reaction.

Girl wipes with a cotton pad

Can I use oil instead of face cream

The complete replacement of cosmetics with oils can lead to acne and comedones, as well as the loss of the protective layer by the skin, because the oil composition dissolves skin fat – the natural layer of the epidermis. For this reason, follow a few simple rules:

  1. Apply to damp skin so as not to dry it.
  2. Do not make too large a layer – for dry skin, 4-5 drops are enough, for normal – 2-3, and for oily – 1-3.
  3. When applying constantly, apply a moisturizer such as a cream or tonic in advance.

How to get rid of wrinkles at home

Essential oils for the face from any wrinkles are used in various mixtures based on base oil. As the latter, it is recommended to choose flaxseed, peach, camphor, almond, castor or sea buckthorn. For the skin of the eyelids and forehead, any of them is suitable. The main condition is that the oil must be cooked using cold pressed. Even sunflower is suitable, but only for dry skin, because it is very oily.

Jojoba and sandalwood

Under the eyes and around the eyes

Here are some recipes to get rid of wrinkles under the eyes:

  1. Mix 1 drop of pine oil with 3 drops of cedar oil, add 3 drops of vitamin A and E. Using whisking movements, apply the coniferous mixture to the wrinkles around the eyes. Better do it the night before bedtime. After half an hour, blot with a cosmetic towel.
  2. For lip and eyelid skin care, mix 10 ml of jojoba oil with 10 drops of sandalwood oil. Apply every night with whipping movements, wetting with napkins. Sandalwood tones the skin, helps to wrinkles around the eyes, and jojoba oil copes with cracks and dryness..
  3. Mix 3 drops of eucalyptus oil, tea tree and lavender. Put 1 drop of this mixture in face cream or any mask.

Oils of orange, neroli and macadamia

On the forehead

To smooth deep forehead wrinkles, use these recipes:

  1. At 1 tbsp. l wheat germ oil, take the same amount of jojoba and avocado oils, and 3 more drops of frankincense and 4 – rosewood. Wipe the forehead with the prepared mixture up to 3 times daily, the latter should be before bedtime. Suitable for more mature skin..
  2. Combine 2 tbsp. l peach oil with 2 drops of Chinese magnolia vine oil and 3 drops of ylang-ylang oil. Before bed and in the morning, lubricate with a mixture of wrinkles. The remedy helps better from facial or not very deep wrinkles..
  3. Take 3 drops of orange and 1 drop of neroli in 5 ml of macadamia oil. Apply every day to smooth wrinkles and prevent them from appearing again..
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