How to lose weight in 1 day – daily fasting, express diets, diuretics and laxatives

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Each girl at least once in a life gets into a situation where you need to quickly lose a few extra pounds. At the same time, few think about how to lose weight in 1 day in a way that is safe for the body, for example, through daily fasting or mono-diets. Learn about the most effective and harmless methods of emergency weight loss per day..

Ways to quickly lose weight at home

Sometimes it happens that a few extra pounds prevent a girl from feeling confident at any important event for her. In this situation, the question arises of how to lose weight a day before the intended event, in order to plunge the spiteful critics into a state of shock and delight close friends. In a usual situation, nutritionists do not recommend using extreme methods of reducing excess weight, but as a rule, they do not oppose cleansing or fasting. So, there are several methods to lose weight in 1 day at home:

  • withdrawal of excess fluid from the body;
  • express cleansing of the stomach, intestines per day;
  • strict diet;
  • fasting day;
  • starvation.

Removing excess fluid from the body

Losing weight with strict diets is an overwhelming burden for many. Some individuals experience particularly severe emotional discomfort while observing nutritional restrictive measures throughout the day. Especially hard for sweet tooth lovers of sweet buns. People with a slight excess of body weight may like weight loss with diuretics. The removal of excess water from the body will help to easily get rid of two or more kilograms in 1 day.

Bowel Cleansing at Home Slimming

Improper nutrition often causes the development of gastrointestinal diseases. As a result of the predominance of fatty fried foods in the diet, excellent conditions are created for the multiplication of pathogens in the intestines that negatively affect the digestion process. Slowing metabolic processes leads to intestinal slagging and the appearance of excess fat in the abdomen. Taking laxatives is not always able to effectively clean the digestive tract, for this reason, in order to lose weight effectively, experts recommend that you take medication with several vegetable days off.

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Daily fasting

Not every person is ready for a whole week to adhere to restrictive measures in food for the sake of 2-3 kg lost. As a result, losing weight by fasting per day is for such maximalists an excellent way out. In addition, refusal of food for only a day will have a beneficial effect on almost any organism. It is important to say that a hunger strike for one day can adversely affect the condition of patients with diabetes mellitus, a severe form of anemia. The presence of such health problems is an absolute contraindication to this method of weight loss..

How to lose weight per day by 3 kg

It is quite realistic to get rid of a couple of kilograms in just a day if you connect several methods to the process at once. It is worth saying that only an integrated approach to the problem will help you achieve a decrease in waist volume in such a short time. So, as effective ways of how to lose 3 kg per day, are: fasting, cleansing, light exercise. It is very important not to overdo it. If you have any negative conditions, you should think about the correctness of the chosen way to reduce weight.

Fasting days for weight loss

This method of weight loss may involve eating different foods. As a rule, the fasting day on kefir is taken as a basis. At the same time, it is not necessary to choose dairy products, for the cleansing of the intestine a vegetable restrictive system is a good option. So, a cucumber diet is considered the more preferable way to quickly lose weight in 1 day and get rid of accumulated toxins. This kind of unloading involves the use of about 2 kg of fresh vegetable. The specified number of cucumbers should be divided into 7-8 servings and eat during the day.

It is worth saying that a cucumber diet for 1 day will help fill the lack of vitamins useful for the body (PP, C, B vitamins), macro- and microelements (potassium, silicon, iron, etc.). Some nutritionists advise spending fasting days on vegetables and seafood, but this way of eating will cost a lot of money for a thinner, so you can limit yourself to a more economical option. In addition, most experts are inclined to monoediation, as a quick way to reduce excess weight..

Express diet

There are a huge number of ways to quickly lose weight in a day. However, nutritionists do not recommend strict restrictive measures for a long time. Express diets for quick weight loss are good in cases where you need to lose about 2 kg per day. In such a situation, it is worth considering a low-calorie diet on kefir, fruits or vegetables. So, the apple diet for the day has proven itself well. Meanwhile, people with fructose assimilation problems will not be able to lose weight with this diet..

Hollywood celebrities, choosing a way to quickly lose weight in 1 day, prefer whey. Despite the low calorie content (950-1000 kcal), this product perfectly satisfies hunger. If you are looking for a way to lose weight by 1 kg per day, then this method is quite suitable for accomplishing the intended goal. The serum system suggests that you need to drink about 5 glasses of product per day.

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Mono diets for fast weight loss

You can improve your figure and significantly improve your health by refusing to mix different products in favor of the exclusive use of cereals. So, quick mono-diets based on rice or buckwheat will help to lose 2-3 kg per day without any problems. It should be noted that the selected cereal should be boiled in water, salt and other spices can not be added to the finished porridge. In addition, switching to such a diet is not suitable for people with gluten intolerance..

One day fasting for weight loss

If you need to lose more than 2 kg per day, you can try to solve the problem by completely refusing to eat. So, fasting is considered a very effective way to reduce weight. It is important to note that a complete refusal to eat even for a day can cause serious consequences. For this reason, losing weight through fasting can be exclusively healthy people. Meanwhile, there are two options for daily diet fasting:

  1. Dry – an extreme way to lose weight. Dry fasting implies a complete rejection of food and water for the whole day.
  2. Wet – is considered a more productive method of losing weight. Starvation on the water means refusing any food, subject to the consumption of 2-3 liters of fluid throughout the day.

Cleansing the body with laxatives

In some cases, to lose 2-3 kg, you just need to get rid of congestion in the digestive tract – slags. To cope with this task will help laxatives to cleanse the intestines for weight loss. Reception of these medications is carried out twice a day. The first tablet is drunk in the morning on an empty stomach. The next laxative is taken in the middle of the day. At the same time, experts advise using natural preparations (Guttalax, Kafiol).

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Taking diuretics

Doctors do not recommend drinking diuretics to lose 1-2 kg per day. The problem is that during frequent urination along with the liquid, beneficial substances (potassium, magnesium, etc.) exit the body, which can lead to an imbalance in the balance of electrolytes in the body. The latter, as a rule, manifests itself as headaches, convulsions and other syndromes. If you are ready to make any sacrifices in order to reduce excess weight per day, then it is better to try light diuretics for weight loss (Amilorid, Veroshpiron). In addition, you can use teas from herbal diuretics:

  • lingonberry leaf;
  • thyme;
  • rosehip;
  • horsetail;
  • calendula;
  • licorice.

How to lose 1 kg per night

Currently, among those losing weight, a recipe for a sweet kefir cocktail (70 g sugar per 120 g kefir) is actively distributed, which helps to lose extra kg in a dream. In addition, the drink relieves a person of stress and other problematic moments inherent in the usual process of weight loss. Losing weight in one night is possible without using a miracle cocktail. So, in order not to overload the stomach, in the evening instead of a piece of meat with a side dish, it will be much more useful to eat a fruit salad. Limiting the calorie content of dinner, you can lose 1 kg in one night.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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