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Any woman always strives to become even more beautiful. There are many ways to do this, one of which is inter-eyelash tattooing. Thanks to him, you can save on makeup, look fresh and attractive. The advantages of the procedure are the persistence of changes and expressiveness of the eyes, but you should know about the complexities and consequences of the procedures.

What is intercranial tattoo

Permanent, or inter-eyeliner eye tattoo refers to a complex procedure, which is based on the introduction of coloring pigments under the skin. By introducing paint between the eyelashes, the effect of thicker eyelashes is created, the look becomes open and wide. In this case, the face is given natural freshness, an unnatural effect is not observed. Several tattooing options – from a thin shaded line to a bright eyeliner.

Thin arrows on the eyes

A technique for holding a thin small arrow, which is designed to visually raise the eye, make it more elongated and regular in shape, is considered to be an option for tattooing the intermuscular space. The arrow is barely noticeable. The curved strip passes strictly along the line of eyelash growth in the form of an exact line between the hairs. The arrow can add zest to both daytime and evening makeup..

Thin arrow on the eye

Bright eyeliner

Such a bold option is not suitable for everyone, but only for those girls who are sure that they will not be tired of walking with the same make-up all the time. The arrow is executed by a bright thick line, sometimes it can be on the upper and lower eyelids at the same time. The advantages of this option is the effect of makeup on the eyes, so that you can not spend on makeup for a long time.

Feather tattoo

The effect of shadow with an arrow is a tattoo of the eyes with feathering. It refers to a decorative effect, can be performed in black or color pigment. The arrow and shading can be of any shape, which visually corrects the section of the eyes, changes their shape, raises the outer corners for the lifting effect. This is especially true for aging skin..

How to make tattoo intermuscular space

Before you make inter-eyeliner eye tattoo, you should familiarize yourself with the portfolio and resume of the master, make sure that the hygiene standards of the cosmetology cabinet are in place, and that a specialist has the proper education. Before the procedure, you should color the eyebrows so that their shape is in harmony with future arrows. You should abandon the procedure if less than 2 days ago, eyelash was permed.

When visiting the master, it is worth taking glasses with you if the client has poor eyesight in order to adjust the shape of the arrow and feathering in accordance with diopters. It is better to perform the procedure on the weekend so that the next day is not working. To hide redness and bright pigment, you should take sunglasses or glasses with tinted glasses with you. Tattoo lasts about an hour.

Specialist prepare for tattooing client

Features of the tattoo procedure

Before reception, clients make a sketch, agree, learn about contraindications and medications. It is worth telling the master about the desired effect, color and style of makeup. It is worth listening to the advice of a specialist to make the appearance even more expressive and not to regret about rash acts. After the approval of all the nuances, they start tattooing. It includes the following steps:

  1. Antiseptic treatment of the skin of the eyelids, anesthesia with a cream or injection.
  2. The procedure is performed with disposable needles, the master puts on a bandage and gloves. The pigment is introduced by a special tool – a dermopigmentator, similar in shape to a ballpoint pen.
  3. The paint is injected pointwise with a pull of the eyelid, starting from the inner corner to the outer.
  4. After the procedure, the master will apply a disinfector, drip drops into the eyes and advise cooling agents in the form of ointments or creams, antiseptics for home treatment.

Useful tips from tattoo artists:

  • you can not do the procedure in the lenses;
  • if the patient makes Botox, then at least 2 weeks should elapse between his injections and tattooing;
  • before the procedure, you need to remove the extended eyelashes and permanent mascara;
  • a month after the tattoo, you can build up eyelashes, perms, dye your eyelashes with paint.

Drawing a tattoo on the space between the eyelashes

Eyelid skin restoration

During the first day the eyes will swell, but this should go away on its own. Do not be surprised at too bright pigment in the early days, because the pigment will gradually become less pronounced. The week after tattooing will be marked by the formation of crusts, which will fall off themselves. To quickly heal and restore the skin, you should regularly wipe the area for applying the pigment with an antiseptic and prescribed means.

What are the consequences of tattooing eyelashes

Not only beauty and time-saving makeup can boast inter-eye tattooing. Possible unpleasant consequences arise due to the low competence of the master, sharp and illiterate movements, the use of low-quality paints. Among the undesirable “results” are noted:

  • prolonged edema;
  • damage to the mucous membrane of the eye;
  • blurred outline;
  • allergies
  • fading, discoloration;
  • conjunctivitis.

Conjunctivitis in the eye

Contraindications to tattooing

You can not tattoo in the following cases:

  • with any eye diseases;
  • allergies to coloring pigments;
  • intolerance to anesthetics by the body;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • bleeding disorders;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • mental disorders;
  • low pain threshold.

How long does eyelid tattoo last?

The persistence of inter-ciliary eye tattoo depends on many factors, but the average time is 2 years. The minimum durability is one year, the maximum is 3 years. It should be borne in mind that on dry young skin, tattooing using dark pigment lasts longer than on oily age using light cosmetic pigments. Resistance is influenced by habits in hygiene, everyday life, for example:

  • applying creams;
  • the use of decorative cosmetics;
  • carrying out salon procedures;
  • Tan;
  • individual characteristics of a person.

Girl with a clock

The price of intercranial eye tattoo

The cost of performing the procedure has many influencing factors. The price depends on the level of the salon, the equipment used, the choice of the type of tattoo. Shading arrow will cost more than a simple inter-eyelash line. The price in tattoo parlors for a tattoo starts from 4000 rubles and ends with 8000. An unsuccessful tattoo can be corrected – in this case the price will be from 1500 rubles.

Tattooing of intermuscular space – before and after photos

The effect of the inter-eyelid eye tattoo done can be seen in the photos of the girls taken before and after the procedure. In the “before” photographs, you can notice an inexpressive look, fatigue and redness. In the pictures after the procedures, the look is emphasized, even the unpainted face looks fresh, there are no signs of fatigue and swelling. Even after a small number of hours devoted to sleep, girls with permanent inter-eyelash make-up in the photo look good.

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