Lamination of eyelashes at home – how to do it. The recipe for gelatin lamination at home eyelashes, video

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The procedure for laminating eyelashes appeared recently, but has already gained popularity among women of all ages. It allows you to lengthen the cilia, make them fluffy, curved. The basis of the drugs is keratin, caring for the surface and structure of the hairs. A huge plus of the technique is the ability to do lamination of eyelashes at home, without the skills of a specialist.

What is eyelash lamination?

Eyelashes before and after lamination

The procedure for laminating cilia is a technique for strengthening them, feeding them with special healthy drugs. The technology is divided into keratin or gelatin, depending on the basic component that is part of the product. The result is a noticeable lengthening of the hairs, giving them splendor. You can go to the salon to the master or laminate your eyelashes yourself at home.

Is lamination harmful?

Specialists consider lamination of eyelashes to be a useful technology, it has a healing and regenerating effect. Keratin nourishes the structure from the inside, envelops each cilium with a protective film. They become longer, lush, stop breaking, fall out. It is allowed to do lamination during pregnancy, breastfeeding, after staining and correction. The disadvantages include the high cost of the procedure in the cabin, the presence of some contraindications.

How much is holding

The lamination layer remains on the cilia for several months, making them beautiful, elongated, lush. Durable film protects against brittleness, enhances elasticity. Salon masters recommend technology to those who make frequent chemical stains. Correction is required after 2-3 months. To prolong the effect of building, do not often use decorative cosmetics.

Lamination kit

Girl with laminated eyelashes

The necessary funds are sold separately or as part of a kit. To learn how to properly laminate cilia, it is better to buy proven drugs brand Yumi (Yumi) Lashes. The kit includes a tightening lotion, a drug with a fixing effect of blue color, moisturizing oil. Additional elements are glue, 5 pairs of silicone curlers, paint for coloring black. Laminating lash lvl is harmless to the eyes.

How often can i do

In order for laminating eyelash care to be beneficial, you need to use drugs every 3-4 months. The effect lasts longer if you do not use alcoholic lotions to remove makeup, mascara, eye shadow. The procedure, if applied correctly, will help to grow healthy hairs, lengthen them and strengthen. Additionally, experts advise:

  • apply masks for eyelashes at home;
  • do eyelid massage.

Thick eyelashes after home lamination

How to make lamination at home

The laminating procedure can be done independently in two ways: using a gelatin or keratin composition. At home, many use professional Yumi Lashes. As assistants, it is advisable to take a girlfriend to apply the drug in an even layer. It is recommended that you first learn the lessons of the procedure on video, the instructions on the packaging, so as not to make mistakes.


The recipe with a gelatin composition does not cause allergies, it is approved for use even during pregnancy. You only need water, powder and any hair balm available at home. In time, the procedure takes about 40 minutes, does not require professional skills. First you need to remove the makeup residue from the eyes, degrease the skin with lotion or tonic. Necessary components:

  • gelatin – 15 grams;
  • hair balm – 2 tablespoons;
  • water – 50 ml.


  1. Stir gelatin in water, heat until completely dissolved. Pour the balm.
  2. Put cream on fat-free eyelashes, put silicone pads.
  3. Lubricate the cilia with a gelatin solution, keep it for half an hour.
  4. Wash off the rest with warm running water.

Instant gelatin

Keratin Biolamination

Lamination of eyelashes with keratin at home is carried out using a ready-made purchase set from Yumi Lashes. It is difficult to apply it on your own – you need help from a friend. The technique helps to restore eyelashes in case of loss, brittleness, after unsuccessful staining. In advance, cilia are degreased with lotion and comb. Then apply a fat cream on the skin around the eyes, glue silicone tape under the lower eyelid. The steps include the following:

  • fixing silicone pads on the upper eyelids;
  • applying a fixing composition;
  • the distribution of the coloring pigment with a brush, its subsequent removal;
  • applying keratin lotion;
  • the use of oil to consolidate the result.

Before and after photos

Girl before and after lamination of eyelashes

To understand how laminated cilia will look, professionals suggest studying photos taken before and after the procedure. Positive feedback on the results indicate a natural look, an increase in length, volume. Those who made lamination at home claim that the eyelashes began to look longer, thicker. The end result is noticeable in a day. In the photos below, differences in density, the degree of bending of the hairs are noticeable. They are more magnificent, give the look expressiveness. The photo shows the result immediately after the procedure and 2 months after lamination.

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