Lunar calendar haircuts for November 2019

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So that hair grows faster, does not fall out and delights with its beauty, it is advisable to consult the lunar calendar before any actions with them. He will help you choose the right day to implement your plan. If the Moon is in the “right” zodiac constellation, you can not only get a beautiful hairstyle, but also attract good luck, financial stability and much more..

Which moon is best to cut hair

Moon phases

A haircut made during the growth phase of the moon, allows you to make hair smoother and more manageable, to ensure their rapid regrowth. If you visit the hairdresser during a decreasing cycle, the effect will be the opposite. This effect has a scientific basis. The moon affects the fluids in the human body, therefore, in the phases of its growth, blood rushes to the hair follicles, which accelerates the increase in the length of the strands.

Equally important is the position of the Earth’s satellite in a particular zodiac sign:

  • To make strands grow faster or split less, it is advisable to visit a hairdresser when the Moon is in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn or Leo.

  • Those who want to give a new hairstyle airiness without spoiling the condition of their hair need to go to the master when the Moon is in Gemini or Libra.
  • You can get strong, but slowly growing strands if you cut your hair while the moon is in Cancer or Pisces. Styling after that will not affect the quality of the hair.
  • Neutral are periods when the moon is in Sagittarius or Scorpio. Favorableness will depend on the day of the week, date, position of Mercury. If the outcome is unsuccessful, a haircut can even lead to baldness with outwardly quality work.

Lunar calendar haircut in november 2019

Girl in a beauty salon

The new moon or the days of the zodiac patron saint of Mercury is the most suitable time for working with strands. So they will grow faster, their loss will stop.

Before you go to the hairdresser, look at the lunar calendar for November:

Day and day of the week

Moon phase, in which zodiac sign is located

Favors on the lunar calendar haircuts for November 2019

1, friday

Growing, Capricorn

A haircut will make your hair soft and supple and help strengthen it. The problem of split ends is reduced..

2, saturday

3, sunday

4, monday

First quarter, Aquarius

Hair quality will not change after cutting, but this Monday is the most favorable day for any experiment with hairstyles and color..

5, tuesday

Growing, Aquarius

6, Wednesday

Growing, Pisces

The negative effect of the moon will be experienced by the scalp – after cutting or washing, irritation and dandruff may appear. Better to refrain from any actions with hair.

7 thursday

8, friday

9, saturday

Growing, Aries

Under the influence of this sign, the hair condition will not worsen, but it is better to postpone the haircut: it is likely that it will not work.

10, sunday

11, monday

Growing, Taurus

Under the scissors of the hairdresser, the condition of the hair will improve significantly. New hairstyle will give vitality and energy.

12, tuesday

Full, Taurus

13, wednesday

Waning, Gemini

Hair after cutting will grow much faster, but will be naughty, poorly styled. Sometimes they even start to curl.

14, thursday

15, friday

16, saturday

Waning, Cancer

Even after the most successful haircut, the hair will become naughty, not amenable to styling. The effect of restorative procedures for dry or damaged hair will intensify many times.

17, sunday

18, monday

Waning, lion

During this period, the hair under the influence of Leo becomes thicker and more obedient. Successfully pass complex stains.

19, tuesday

20, Wednesday

Third Quarter, Virgo

The hair structure after cutting will not change, but they will grow much faster, and styling will last longer.

21, thursday

Waning, Virgo

22, friday

Waning, Libra

After cutting, the hair will grow back very quickly, but will become naughty and airy. The appearance of curls is not excluded..

23, saturday

24, sunday

Waning, Scorpio

Extremely unstable day. Thin and weak strands will become harder, stronger and thicker, while normal ones may become thinner and dull..

25, monday

26, tuesday

New, Sagittarius

A haircut will be successful, but it will not work for a long time to keep: the hair will grow very quickly.

27, wednesday

Growing, Sagittarius


29, friday

Growing, Capricorn

A haircut will do good, hair will become thicker, stop chopping and falling out.

30 saturday

Auspicious days

Moon phase calendar

A haircut in November 2019 on the moon can bring good luck and luck. This is due to the fact that man, like the whole planet, is subject to uniform cosmic laws. The moon affects the emotional state, physical processes in the body.

Favorable dates of the month:

  • the 3rd of November. A very auspicious day when you can get not only a perfect hairstyle in shape, but also health with longevity, finances.

  • November 6th. The day when intuition and mind become aggravated after a haircut. If you decide to stain red, you can expect a profit.
  • November 8th. Changing the length of the strands will bring happiness to life, significantly improve the appearance. Staining can disrupt well-being, so it is better to refuse it.
  • November 14th. It is believed that a haircut on this day has a karmic meaning: it can have a positive effect on health, even prolong life. Staining with natural dyes (decoctions of herbs, cinnamon, henna, basma) will bring prosperity, success in any financial endeavors.
  • November 16th. Haircut according to the lunar calendar that day will definitely turn out successful, give the image beauty, harmony. Success in personal life will bring coloring in light or red shades.
  • November 23rd. An auspicious day for gaining spiritual warmth. Do not be afraid of a radical change in the color of strands – it will bring health, income.
  • November 24th. A promising day for a haircut that will appeal to everyone around. It’s not worth it to paint or radically change the appearance – even the best master has a great chance to spoil the locks.
  • November 30th. A new transformation in women will contribute to the desired acquisitions, a quick enrichment. The day is successful for lightening procedures of any complexity – the new image will turn out to be stylish, and the quality of the hair will not suffer.

Neutral days:

  • Nov. 1. The moon is in a neutral position. This day promotes total healing, cleansing the body, getting rid of negative thoughts. It is better to refuse staining, because it can cause conflicts at work or at home.

  • November 9. After cutting or dyeing, any money transactions will have a good result..
  • November 17th. A haircut will facilitate acquisitions. Especially luck will smile at those who choose natural light shades for coloring.

What moonlight days you can not cut hair

Eclipse in the sky

  • “Satanic” days – 9, 15, 23, 29 lunar days. Very heavy energy, which can contribute to disease.

  • Lunar, solar eclipses. Man loses his defenses. Haircuts can harm the body because additional energy will go away with them.
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