Micrazim for weight loss – composition, indications and instructions for use, contraindications

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The use of the drug Mikrasim shows a good result: the enzymes contained in the medicine have a positive effect on the intestines, digestion, and help lose weight. What is the secret of this remedy and how to drink it correctly so as not to upset, but restore the natural digestive processes, read on.

What are Mikrasim tablets from?

The drug Mikrasim is prescribed for the treatment of both simple digestive ailments and serious diseases – as part of complex therapy or as a separate excipient. Due to its enzymatic properties, the drug effectively compensates for the function of the pancreas, improves digestion, without causing its weakening or dependence. The prescription necessary for different diseases of the dose is prescribed by the attending physician, taking into account individual characteristics. Mikrazim – indications for use:

  • chronic pancreatitis;
  • cystic fibrosis;
  • gastritis;
  • cholecystitis, other diseases that make bile secretion difficult;
  • dyspepsia;
  • pancreas cancer;
  • diarrhea, steatorrhea;
  • intestinal diseases;
  • postoperative period;
  • with prolonged unhealthy nutrition, diet, to restore the natural balance of enzymes;
  • with excess weight caused by metabolic disorders, poor diet (can help get rid of it, lose weight without harming the body).

Micrasim tablets in a pack

Mikrazim – release form

The medicine is released in the form of gelatin capsules coated with a transparent shell. The main active ingredient is pancreatin, which contributes to all stages of the digestive process. The composition of one Mikrasim tablet includes simethicone emulsion, triethyl citrate, eudragit, water, and other auxiliary substances. The volume of the capsule is 168 mg, of which the majority – 128 mg – are occupied by pancreatin microspheres.

Micrasim 10000

Capsules differ in size and volume of contents, the designation “10000” on the package means that one tablet contains 10,000 units of lipases – the main component of pancreatin. These separation are necessary to establish the correct dosage: one person per day can take a strictly defined amount of lipases for treatment, which depends on the type of disease, the patient’s condition.

How to take Mikrasim 10000 for adults, the main recommendations:

  • The drug is oral, taken orally, it must be washed down with water or dilute the contents of the capsule in a liquid, preferably the first option.
  • The capsule cannot be chewed; for the desired effect, it must break down in the acid of the small intestine.
  • To get rid of everyday heaviness in the stomach after fatty, heavy food, overeating, two capsules are enough for an adult, a child – one.

Micrasim 25000

One capsule of this drug contains 25,000 units of lipases, 312 mg of pancreatin. It is indicated for people with a large weight, because the dose is calculated on the basis of U per kg. If one serving includes more than one capsule, then they should be drunk as follows: half the dose before meals, the second half with meals, washed down with water. For weight loss, digestion improvement, you need to take one capsule before each dense meal. Other details of the composition of Mikrasim 25000, instructions for use and the number of capsules that need to be taken in different cases can be found in the box.

Micrasim 25000 capsules per pack

Instructions for use

The dose of the drug depends on the age and condition of the patient. Children can take it at the rate of 1000 units per kilogram of weight, per day no more than 50,000 units, if the child is younger than two years old, 100,000 units – if older than this age. The drug Mikrasim instructions for adults:

  • the average dose should be about 150,000 units per day, the maximum formula is 15,000 units per kilogram;
  • for the treatment of complete insufficiency of secretory function, doses of up to 400,000 units per day can be prescribed;
  • the duration of admission is established when monitoring the development of the disease, from several days to several years.

Side effects

In general, taking the drug is tolerated easily and safely, but occasionally, with incorrect, too large doses, complications or personal intolerance, it has side effects. They can occur due to the natural reaction of the pancreas to extraneous enzymes, although they have a mild, non-aggressive effect and rejection does not occur. Micrazim, side effects:

  • diarrhea, nausea, constipation;
  • skin allergy;
  • with an overdose – an increase in the level of uric acid in the blood or urine in people;
  • with an overdose in children – perianal irritation.

Mikrasim has almost no contraindications, they include acute pancreatitis, exacerbations of chronic pancreatic pathologies, acute inflammatory processes. It is not recommended to take the drug with individual intolerance to pancreatin or other components, it can be checked by a doctor, using special tests and tests.


Mikrasim is a German drug, the analogues of which are all medicines containing the same high proportion of pancreatin. Among them are Mezim-forte, Creon, Hermitage made in Germany, Panzinorm forte, Indian tablets Gastenorm, Penzital, Festal, American Biozim and Creon. More profitable options are Slovenian, Ukrainian and Russian drugs. Good and cheap Mikrazim analogue – domestic pure pancreatin tablets that perform almost the same functions, but cost an order of magnitude less.

Festal tablets in pack

Price for Micrasim

Like all other medicines, now Mikrasim can be bought at any pharmacy, ordered in the online store, at the supplier’s warehouse. This is a popular, effective tool that is used not only by people with indicative diseases, but also by everyone who feels heaviness in the stomach, discomforts that interfere with weight loss and well-being. The cost of the drug on average ranges from 160 to 850 rubles, depending on the number of capsules and dosage. Consider how much Mikrasim costs in different forms:

Capsules 25,000 units, 50 pcs.

828 rub.

Capsules 25,000 units, 20 pcs.

467 rub.

Capsules 10,000 units, 50 pcs.

458 rub.

Capsules 10,000 units, 20 pcs.

165 rub.

Capsules 40,000 units, 50 pcs.

1340 rub.

$ 1

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