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Nails are one of the indicators of the general health of the body, so you need to carefully monitor their condition. After destruction of the plate due to fungi or injuries, modern aesthetic cosmetology proposes prosthetics of the toenails (using hevol, conolin and other special materials) to restore normal appearance.

What is prosthetics for toes

The procedure involves the artificial restoration of indistinguishable from a natural nail by attaching an artificial element to the remaining area of ​​the matrix (the area where the future nail plate is formed). Often the lack of a plate becomes not only a cosmetic problem: deformation or total loss can interfere with full walking. Prosthetics of the nail plate on the legs returns the normal appearance to the toes and the ability to wear any shoes without injuring the skin and tissues.

Restoration in this way is not associated with cosmetic build-up with acrylic or similar materials. During recovery, substances are used that are as close as possible to natural, elastic, resistant to fungal, bacterial infections. In parallel, the normal sensitivity of the fingers, the feeling of support, the protective mechanism of the nail returns.

In what cases is performed

Nail loss can be triggered by two factors: infection or trauma, when the matrix is ​​destroyed (the site of the synthesis of horn cells). The formation of a distal nail cushion can provoke an improperly done pedicure. Over time, this problem will impede normal plate growth. General indications for replacement:

  • injuries that provoked destruction, splitting of nails, impaired development and growth;
  • fungal diseases;
  • congenital anatomical defects;
  • correction of ingrown toenails;
  • partial loss of the nail;
  • reconstruction of a missing nail after surgery on the toes;
  • cosmetic defects that cannot be eliminated in other ways.

Affected Toenail

Preparatory stage

Before starting the procedure, the patient goes through several stages of examinations for an allergic reaction to synthetic materials. The nail plate itself and the surrounding tissue should be completely cured of infections. The site is being processed so that it can fully hold the polymer.

However, the procedure is not universal. There are times when prosthetics fail:

  • open injuries, damage to the nail bed, when the material can get directly into the wound, cause complications;
  • the presence of a clear inflammatory infection;
  • complete destruction of the matrix when there is no way to fix the prosthesis on the remains of the nail plate.

Preparatory stage of prosthetics

How the process goes

The process looks like cosmetic extensions, but is functionally completely different from it. The procedure itself is completely painless, does not take much time. Depending on the characteristics of the condition of the toes, one of the existing methods is chosen: glue with Konolin, Ungizan, Gevol gel. The cost of each procedure varies, but the primary factor of choice remains the appropriateness for a particular patient.

Bracket Installation

With the help of Gavol

Gel for prosthetics is a polymerization composition, an artificial material that hardens under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. The technique with its use is considered as quick and simple as possible. Gel layers of small thickness are applied to the nail bed, and in the process of solidification, the specialist forms the shape of the nail prosthesis with tools. The composition contains antifungal components and is recommended for use on stratified, broken and deformed tissues. The prosthesis itself can be treated with acetone or similar substances during a pedicure..

With the help of Gavol

With glue and conolin

This method is considered the most complex procedure, but effective in the presence of fungal infections of the toes. Konolin (natural material) is applied in layers with special glue, which helps to achieve the desired thickness. After the prosthesis is polished to the desired shape. The material is perfectly breathable, has good anti-infection properties. Prosthetics allows you to grow a normal nail without any discomfort.

Glue and Conolin

According to the Bauman method

The method, gaining popularity, offers two ways to create a prosthesis: pouring a two-component Ungizan polymer directly onto the nail bed and subsequent grinding of the mold or a separate nail extension on the mold by sticking it on the rest of the matrix. In the current situation, the Bauman method is considered the most suitable when working with the presence of fungal infections. The only requirement for use is the presence of at least 3 mm of natural plate.

According to the Bauman method

Features of prosthetics in the acute phase of fungal infection

Prosthetics of toenails with fungus is not carried out in the acute form of the disease. If such a procedure is offered, then you should look for other specialists who will conduct the building correctly. For the normal effect, the removal of damaged areas by a special device is required, it is treated with a nail and treatment is carried out using tablets, creams, sprays, etc. Only after the maximum reduction or elimination of the infection can the prosthesis be formed on the treated surface with any suitable technique.

Nail plate removal

Do I need to take care of the nail in the future?

A prosthesis is required during the formation of a normal plate (nail growth can take up to 1 year). Some prostheses are designed for 1-3 months, so you need to be observed by a specialist who performed the procedure. Mandatory treatment with antifungal drugs to prevent the secondary appearance of infections, as there is a gap between the finger and the artificial element. It is forbidden to wear tight shoes (this applies to shoes with pointed toes). It is advisable to do daily massage of the toes and feet.

Foot massage


Prosthetics of a toenail is a procedure that is not too expensive at cost: the average price does not exceed 1,500 rubles. The final cost depends entirely on the status of the institution where the prosthesis is installed, the manufacturer of polymers that apply and the full range of services that is included in the offer. It is important for the patient to remember that cost is not an indicator of the quality of the procedure. You should look at the reviews of real customers on special services and the reputation of the clinic itself.


Establishment of a nail prosthesis on the foot (materials used)

The average price in Moscow, rubles.


Prosthetics with light-curing gels (Gevol and its analogues, color creation)



Using Conolin and Glue



Bauman method or plate dentures


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