Tea tree oil – properties and applications for the treatment of various diseases

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How useful this substance was became known in the 18th century. Nowadays it is used everywhere. Tea tree oil impresses with its bactericidal and antiseptic properties. It is used to combat ENT diseases. They treat many gynecological, infectious and parasitic ailments. Modern synthetic drugs are no less effective, but, unlike melaleuk oil (as it is called at home, in Australia), they have side effects. Due to these factors, the interest of pharmacologists and cosmetologists in a wonderful remedy is growing rapidly..

Properties and Application

Natural oil extract effectively kills harmful microorganisms, fights against fungus and stimulates the immune system. For allergy sufferers, this is # 1 cure! With its help eliminate unpleasant odor causing irritation. A few drops are enough for wet cleaning in a spacious room. A small amount of the product added to the washing machine impregnates the clothes with a pleasant aroma and freshness. There are no contraindications. The main thing is to use it correctly so as not to get a burn.

How to use in cosmetology

Oily extract is widely used to care for the appearance. It is found in many creams, used to make masks. This component stops inflammation, destroys harmful bacteria, and even promotes the healing of small wounds. An oil extract from tea tree leaves is included in the composition of cosmetics designed to eliminate acne and skin irritation. To understand how wide the scope of use of this drug is, it is necessary to consider the topic in detail.

For acne

Girl with acne on her face.

A simple and therefore popular way to use tea tree oil extract to fight acne is through spotting. The tool is applied in a thin layer to each pimple. If you want to cope with a rash without the intervention of doctors, carry out such procedures daily, with an interval of 6 hours. The best option: in the morning, at lunchtime and before bedtime. Spot systematic treatment quickly dries up acne. This is where their development stops. A rash covering a small area of ​​the face does not spread further. Problem skin returns to normal.

Use an oil extract from acne, and you will not have problems with scars on the skin. Painful formations will recede before they have time to harm your appearance. This tool will help cleanse your face from black spots. The main thing is to observe concentration correctly. For the face, it is recommended to use an extract diluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 3. Pure concentrate is used in extreme cases. As acne is eliminated, irritation is removed. Reddened skin takes on a healthy, natural color. Cell regeneration accelerates.

For hair

Every day, the hair of modern people, especially women, is exposed to the negative effects of external factors. Fiber fibers are destroyed by ultraviolet radiation and styling products. Melaleuka is the guardian of healthy hair. An extract is used against dandruff and against itching. A hair mask with it is effective against inflammation of the scalp and increased secretion of the sebaceous glands. Many manufacturers of hair care products add an extract of melaleuk to shampoo, which is very useful for the growth and strengthening of hairs..

If you use a specific shampoo, you can enrich it with a couple drops of essential oil. To prepare the mask you will need a base of olive or sunflower oils. The main active substance is added in the proportions of 1:30, or 5-7 drops in two tablespoons. You can add some essential oils. Rosemary, bergamot and lavender will do (2 drops of each substance). The mixture is applied for 25-30 minutes, and then washed off with warm water. If a burning sensation appears, you should not endure. Rinse off the mask immediately.

For eyelashes

The use of tea tree oil for eyelashes and eyebrows

And here, the Australian tea tree is far from useless. Melaleuka helps to lengthen the eyelashes and strengthen their structure. Use it correctly and you can emphasize the expressiveness of your gaze. Even without mascara, the eyes will look charming, the product will stop the process of eyelash loss, will stimulate the work of follicles, saturate the structure of eyelashes with vitamin E, which has a strengthening effect.

  1. To make an eyelash mask, mix 10 drops of olive oil with four drops of Australian tea tree oil.
  2. Wait a few minutes, and begin to apply the resulting viscous substance to the eyelashes. The layer should be more or less uniform.
  3. Spot for 10 minutes and then rinse with plain water.
  4. It is advisable to clean the skin of the eyelids with a swab.
  5. Such procedures should be carried out at intervals of 1-2 days. The effect of strengthening and increasing the volume will be noticeable in a couple of weeks.

For teeth whitening

Many people brush their teeth several times a day, but do not pay enough attention to the choice of pasta. If it contains oily melaleuka, this is very good. A unique product that came to us from Australia removes yellow plaque from tooth enamel. Its main advantage is harmlessness. With strict observance of the rules for use, there will be no negative consequences, but the condition of the gums will improve. Tasteful sensations are hardly pleasant, but for the sake of healthy teeth and a dazzling smile.

Instructions for using melaleuka oil for oral care are as simple as possible:

  1. After brushing your teeth with paste, rinse the brush and apply two drops of a wonderful Australian product.
  2. Perform your usual back and forth movements for two minutes.
  3. At the end of the procedure, rinse the oral cavity with water with salt or lemon to get rid of the unpleasant aftertaste..
  4. If your gums are numb or the tip of your tongue do not be alarmed. This phenomenon is quite normal..
  5. The procedure takes about 5 minutes, but it provides an amazing effect. In a week you will be surprised.

From age spots

The use of tea tree oil for the face

A common cosmetic problem that plagues not only women but also men is age spots on the face. Dealing with it without the involvement of specialists is not always easy. If you know about the secrets of melaleuka, minor skin color defects will be a trifle for you. The extract will quickly cleanse the skin of spots remaining after acne and acne. You can use it in its pure form or mix it with lavender oil. Proportions – 1: 1. For a softer effect, use lemon juice instead of lavender.

  1. Wash your face with a mild soap to remove particles of grease and dirt. Water must be warm so that pores can open..
  2. Wait for the skin to dry..
  3. The mixture that you prepared, you need to grease the age spots. Rub the product slowly into the skin.
  4. After a few minutes, the mixture is absorbed. You do not need to wash it off.
  5. Such a skin cleansing leaves no visible marks. The main result will prove itself in a week if you carry out the procedures daily.

To strengthen nails

Australian tea tree oil is used to treat and prevent nail diseases. Using it, you can cure a fungal infection or even prevent its appearance. If you see your doctors, they will most likely send you to a pharmacy for a special ointment. You can take care of improving the effectiveness of treatment for your part, if you use the extract of melaleuka as an additional tool.

A nourishing bath will help strengthen the nail plate:

  1. Put 500 ml of room temperature water in a medium-sized container.
  2. Add half a teaspoon of tea tree oil.
  3. Pour in a small amount of sea salt.
  4. When the components are mixed, dip your fingers in water for 15-20 minutes.
  5. To fix the effect, apply a special mask consisting of olive oil mixed with melaleuka extract. Proportion – 1: 1.
  6. Rub the mixture into the nail plates and the skin surrounding it..
  7. Leave the mask on for 30 minutes and then remove any residue with a cloth or swab..

Tea Tree Oil Treatment

Tea Tree Essential Oil Bottles

Do not do without this exotic tool in the medical field. Rectal suppositories and ointments are released. In some cases, during pregnancy, doctors recommend its use inside. Oil extract stimulates the immune system and stabilizes the flow of vital processes in the body. There are many drugs with him, and their benefits are invaluable. In a high concentration, the extract of melaleuk can be harmful, so carefully read the instructions for use.

In gynecology

Tea tree oil is often used to treat diseases of the female genital area. This remedy is incredibly effective for thrush and vaginitis. Many doctors recommend using a wonderful Australian extract to solve gynecological problems. It will be useful as a prophylactic. Natural components normalize the vaginal microflora and increase the resistance to disease.

Tea tree leaf oil extract protects the weaker sex from a host of ailments. Doctors use it for all kinds of baths and douching procedures. Melaleuka essential oil heals naturally, without contraindications and side effects, so many women prefer this natural antiseptic and the means in which it is used.

From fungus

Nail-free fungus after using tea tree oil

This disease is wary of all mankind. Fungus of the foot and nails is accompanied by terrible discomfort, but this is not the worst. Affected skin breaks down and peels off. The infection penetrates deeply and it is not so easy to drive it away. The treatment of this disease takes a lot of time. A successful outcome is possible only with the timely and systematic use of special drugs. Tea tree oil has become a leading tool in this area, its unique properties provide a guaranteed positive result..

For feet, this product is used undiluted. The technique is simple: apply the extract of melaleuk to the skin covered by the fungus two or three times a day and rub it carefully. Of great importance is the preparation. Before the procedure, the legs should be washed with soap and dried. Damaged nail plates are cut and filed. Their length should be minimal. When applying, wrap your fingers in a sterile bandage. The treatment will last at least two months, so be patient. Remember: you cannot skip procedures!

Cold sore

Impartial inflamed formations in the lips and mouth, due to which the appearance noticeably suffers, are a sign of the presence of infection in the body. Faced with this problem, you should understand that it is not the symptoms that need to be treated, but the disease itself, which is hidden deeper. Doctors prescribe all kinds of drugs and ointments. People know that extract of melaleuka effectively helps against cold sores on the lip. He cauterizes the wounds, preventing their further development. The rash is dried in 2-3 days of treatment. Swelling and inflammation subsides by a week.

  1. To treat cold sores, apply 1-2 drops of the product to previously cleaned and dried skin with a cotton swab.
  2. Distribute it over the surrounding area of ​​the skin. Wait until completely absorbed..
  3. The procedure is repeated 3-4 times a day. This method is absolutely safe..
  4. As a rule, pain during the treatment of wounds does not occur. If there is a strong burning sensation, next time add a little water. The oil concentration will decrease, but its effectiveness will not be affected by this.

With a cold

The guy is treated with tea tree oil for the common cold

For colds, tea tree oil is a good alternative to pills and powders. Inhalations with this remedy help cure cough and sore throat. Melaleuka extract is often used for angina. Its effectiveness always lives up to expectations. The main ways to use the oil extract to combat the manifestations of the common cold:

  • With a runny nose. Balls of cotton wool, soaked in oil, are inserted into the nose for 15-20 minutes. The procedure releases the airways for 2-3 hours, so it must be repeated at least 3-4 times a day. If you work in the office and therefore cannot walk with cotton wool in your nose, lubricate the inside of the nostrils with a cotton swab soaked in melaleuka oil.
  • With dry cough. In this case, inhalation is required. Pour hot water into a pan, add a few drops of tea tree oil, bend over the container and cover yourself with a thick towel. The enclosed space will be filled with healing steam. Breathe in for 3-4 minutes and finish the procedure. Next time you can increase the duration by 1 minute. This method allows you to quickly get rid of cough..
  • With bronchitis. To the main medicine for grinding, add no more than 7-8 drops of melaleuka extract. This tool is used in small quantities.
  • With angina. Gargling with a weak solution of tea tree oil will help you recover quickly. Add 10 drops of the product to a glass of warm water, and begin to wash the throat. After 1-2 days, the pain will subside.

From warts

Using tea tree extract, you can get rid of warts on any part of the body. The main thing is to know the right approach for each individual case. If you have warts on your legs, just lubricate them several times a day. It is not necessary to dilute the extract. The skin on the legs is thicker, and therefore less sensitive. For all other parts of the body, a 50% solution of tea tree extract and aloe vera gel is used. The last component can be replaced with water. Use a high concentration for delicate skin areas is not worth it. This may cause irritation..

From papillomas

Girl uses tea tree oil from papillomas

Benign tumors, called papillomas, are formed in the form of small processes, but do not pose any threat to health. Appearance only suffers. There are many ways to deal with papillomas at home. The most effective and harmless of them is the spot treatment of formations with an oil extract of tea tree:

  • A small amount of substance is applied to each process. Actions must be neat. Skin contact is best avoided, otherwise irritation may occur..
  • Procedures are carried out 2 times a day. The total period of disposal of papillomas is 7-10 days.

From sweat

Excessive perspiration causes discomfort. Melaleuka extract will help get rid of them. The parts of the body that sweat the most are treated with tea tree oil. For example, apply 2 drops of the product to each armpit and rub. The oil will stop the growth of bacteria on the skin, and the amount of sweat will decrease. It will not be possible to get rid of secretions 100%, but the smell will be neutral. Use the minimum amount of the drug so that no irritation occurs..

From burns

Skin areas damaged by exposure to heat need gentle care. They need to be disinfected and saturated with useful substances in order to accelerate the healing process. For these purposes, melaleuka extract can be used without fear. Tea tree contains a wide range of trace elements that help restore skin structure. There are no harmful components in it, so there can be no talk of side effects.

If you are worried about a sunburn:

  • Add a few drops of melaleuka tea tree extract to oil vitamin E.
  • Treat the resulting mixture of damaged skin.
  • Almond oil or avocado is ideal as a base..
  • Repeat the procedure in the mornings and evenings. After 1-2 weeks, the skin condition will noticeably improve. The duration of the total treatment period depends on the severity of the damage.

Burn on a man's hand

To combat thermal burns, melaleuka extract is used in a slightly different way:

  • The burned area of ​​the skin is treated with ice water for two minutes.
  • After that, oil with a 40% concentration is applied to it.
  • Adjacent areas of the skin are treated with the same composition..
  • The described method of treatment eliminates the likelihood of infection and helps to keep the skin structure intact..
  • The concentration must be monitored strictly, otherwise the treatment will result in even greater harm.

The use of essential oil for weight loss

Melaleuka extract is used in the fight against excess weight. Nutritionists give some advice on this:

  • Combine taking melaleuka extract with diet food and weight loss products. Essential oil will act as an additional component, but its effect will be impressive.
  • Every day before a night’s sleep, drink a glass of herbal decoction with a couple of drops of oil extract. The temperature of the drink should be moderate, otherwise the extract of melaleuk will lose its beneficial properties.
  • Slimming massage will be extremely effective if you add a few drops of tea tree oil to the main cream. You can additionally enrich the massage mixture with extracts of bergamot and nutmeg.

Anti-cellulite massage with tea tree oil

For protection against mosquitoes, ticks and lice

You can use melaleuka extract to fight some types of blood-sucking insects. Mosquitoes pester in the summer, and ticks and lice – all year round. Having processed the rooms of the apartment with tea tree oil, you can stop them all:

  1. Prepare a mixture that will deter pests. For this, you will need lavender and clove essential oils, and melaleuka extract.
  2. Mix the ingredients in equal proportions.
  3. Process soft tissue surfaces with the resulting material so that the odor spreads freely throughout the room..
  4. On this war with mosquitoes, ticks and lice will end.

After watching the video below, you will understand how to whiten your teeth using tea tree oil, learn how to deal with burns and find out how this remedy is useful for sinusitis. Listen to the recommendations of specialists to learn how to get the most out of a natural medicinal and cosmetic product!

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