What is a beauty blender – how to use to apply foundation and care for a sponge

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Many women have heard about such a cosmetic product as a beauty blender, but they don’t know how to apply a beauty cream with a beauty blender, how many drops of professional cosmetics to use when blending with a sponge (special sponge). The sponge beauty blender is an excellent solution for applying a tonal or corrective foundation, but certain rules should be followed when using a sponge so as not to be disappointed with the result.

What is a beauty blender

Since the movie stars began to become ruthless spotlights that can detect all the flaws and flaws of makeup, makeup artists have been looking for a way to make makeup as natural as possible. The sponge, which is in the form of a drop, under the original name “beautyblender”, was able to solve the problem of perfectly smooth and even application of makeup, tonal or corrective foundation on the face and neck, blush, eyeshadow, shine. The sharp end of the teardrop-shaped tool, the soft material of the blender help get to the corners of the eyes, the area near the eyebrows, other parts of the face.

A specific egg-shaped unique form of sponge distinguishes this applicator from other cosmetic tools and is ideal for applying makeup without fear of getting stains and streaks of makeup. An egg-shaped sponge is widespread, although many women do not really know how to use a beauty face blender to achieve the desired effect, they are disappointed and return to applying their corrective and tonal foundation.

Glass bowl with beauty blenders in different colors

What is made of

In order for the blender to be accessible to the widest possible population, the applicator is made of special artificial soft material, the composition of which does not contain rubber and other synthetic substances that cause allergic reactions. To the touch, the blender resembles velor skin, while this cosmetic “drop” perfectly absorbs liquid, but not creams and other bases, which is very important for the economical use of cosmetics. The sponge material does not contain any villi, it is soft, pleasant to the touch.

How to use a beauty blender

As noted by the creator of the blender, Ann Silva, the main problems in the operation of the blender arise because women do not know the rules for use. Only a wet blender can be used to apply the corrective foundation or foundation. In this case, you need to hold it under a strong stream of warm water for 1-2 minutes, then squeeze it out, repeat the action 2-3 times, then use the beauty, waiting until it takes its original form. Cream or shadows should not be applied to a dry sponge, this can only be achieved by overspending cosmetics and an uneven layer of makeup.

How to apply foundation

To properly use beauty, you do not need to be a professional makeup artist or cosmetologist. Follow the instructions below:

  • Dampen the sponge. Do not be afraid that beauty will increase in volume. If you want a more dense application of the foundation to the face, then do not squeeze the “drop” too much – the wetter it is, the denser the shadows or blush will lie on the face.
  • Apply the cream on the skin of the face, in no case trying to spread it with a sponge-egg. Ordinary light touches will solve the problem of applying the foundation very well, and the pointed end of the sponge allows you to get to the wings of the nose and corners of the eyes.
  • Act in one piece of sponge. After the cream has been applied, use the clean side of the blender to blend the borders and make the makeup natural.

How to clean

Girls often do not know how to care for a beauty blender, so the tool quickly fails and with its help it is no longer possible to achieve a perfectly smooth, radiant look when applying makeup. Wondering how to wash a beauty blender, many come to a standstill. However, using the special Blendercleanser products (gel and soap), the sponge is easy to wash and clean. If you do not want to overpay, then you can wash the accessory with shampoo, ordinary soap or other detergents intended for the body or hair.

To clean the “droplet” of dirt after applying makeup, you do not need to try to rub it, just add a few drops of the gel to the surface, and squeeze and unclench it several times. Then rinse with water and leave to dry on a special shelf that is attached to the cosmetic “testicle”. The product must be stored in a ventilated packaging to avoid mold on unique material and unpleasant odors..

Means for washing and washing a beauty blender

Sponge beauty blender

After the emergence of the beautyblender brand, the egg-shaped makeup sponge became very popular, beauty analogues for spoilers or highlighters, with which fashionistas apply makeup, appeared on sale. To make the right choice and buy a beauty product that meets specific needs and tastes, you need to navigate the main types of products offered by the cosmetics market.

Beauty Blender Original Sponge Royal

Original product from the manufacturer and brand owner. The blender has the following features:

  • Manufacturer: Beauty Blender.
  • Price: 1300-1400 rubles.
  • Characteristics: purple “egg” in the original packaging of classic sizes.
  • Pros: the blender is not fake, the material meets hypoallergenic requirements.
  • Cons: high cost.

Holika Holika Gudetama Egg Bun Puff

The product is made in China, repeats the motives of the cartoon “Hello Kitty” – the character drawn on the packaging is copied from the yolk of Gudetama:

  • Manufacturer: Lazy & Joy.
  • Price: 250-300 r.
  • Characteristics: pouf does not have a characteristic almond shape, painted in bright yellow.
  • Pros: low price.
  • Cons: beauty is not original, there may be problems when applying makeup.

Beauty blender from Lazy & Joy in the package

Beauty Blender Micro Mini

One of the options produced by the manufacturer of the original sponges:

  • Manufacturer: Beauty Blender.
  • Price: 1500 r.
  • Characteristics: two almond-shaped small beauty packaged in light green.
  • Pros: reliable product from the manufacturer.
  • Cons: high cost, small size.

How to choose a beauty blender

The abundance of beauty on the shelves and in online stores of a wide variety of textures, colors, sizes and quality leads to the fact that it is difficult to choose the right accessory for applying makeup. If you want to be sure that the product meets the necessary requirements, then choose a sponge egg for makeup should be based on such criteria:

  • the dimensions of the “droplet” are about 5 cm2;
  • the color of the blender can be pink, green, black, white, purple;
  • visually beauty looks like foam with small pores;
  • the package contains one or 2 “eggs”, sometimes cleaning agents are included with the kit;
  • the original blender costs at least $ 20;
  • beauty only available in the USA.
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