Gorgeous farmhouse in a modern, rustic style

A plot of land outside the town of Morris

Designer Connie Cunningham inherited it, along with a small farm, when her mother died.

The plot of land by the house

The woman had the unique idea to renovate the structure and use it as a guest house for friends, guests and tourists.

Interior of the kitchen in the farmhouse style

The interior design was made in a typical rural style, dominated by tender green and red colors in the decoration of the various surfaces and furniture.

Unusual cabinets in the kitchen

The dining room has unusual cabinets, which visually blend in with the overall decor and provide the owners of the mansion plenty of storage space for crockery and cooking utensils.

Original bookshelf above the bed

Adjoining rooms are a feature of the building design.

Colorful furniture in the interior

The salon in the lodge is full of colors and textures, which makes a lasting impression on guests.

Painting in the bedroom interior

An incredibly attractive artwork that the decorator placed above the headboard embellish the boudoir.

Farmhouse living room interior

The living room is decorated in an elegant and refined manner dominated by rich colors and textures. The perfect place for a relaxing pastime in a cozy and calm atmosphere.

The bathroom in the traditional style

The landscaping of the adjoining property was designed in a simple and measured style that would not distract people from contemplating the beauty of the wilderness.

A small vegetable garden in the backyard

The cottage opened to guests in the fall of 2014 during the popular Oktoberfest.

The plot of land next to the farmhouse
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