How to buy your first home?

White sofa in the interior of the living room

We tell you how to find "the right" house

1. Hire a professional realtor

Let's face it: real estate agents are considered by many to be crooks. This prejudice, coupled with a desire to save some money, causes potential buyers to reject their services. But chasing a microscopic profit can cost you a lot.

The real estate business is not that simple. You will encounter an incredible amount of legal intricacies that can mislead you, and each individual manipulation on the way to home ownership will require a huge expenditure. Don't go through it alone, hire a professional to help you figure it all out.

A qualified realtor will explain to you the unclear terms in contracts and supporting documents, arrange a viewing and protect your interests at all stages of the transaction. Believe me, you'll appreciate his professionalism when you dive into the process.

White sofa and bright cushions in the bedroom

Calculate how many square meters you can afford

3. Set your priorities

Almost everyone has a list of things that should be in their dream home. For one, it's a spacious kitchen, for another, a private outdoor pool. And some of these things you should consider when choosing properties to view, but not all.

Prioritize and divide your list into two parts. In the first, leave only those features that you think you absolutely need, such as the right number of bedrooms or bathrooms. In the second part, include nice little things that will make you a little happier.

Try to select objects that meet all the requirements from the first list. Consider the presence of elements from the second list as an added benefit.

Stone and white siding house facade

You should be happy with the location of the house

5. Don't get hung up on details

Viewing a lot of things is tedious. It can be hard to tell one house from another and choose the one you like best.

Trying to reach some kind of ideal, many newcomers begin to cling to the little things: ugly wallpaper in the living room or a worn floor in the kitchen. This shift in focus can only hinder a sober assessment of one option or another.

Every once in a while take a step back and look at the big picture to see if the house needs major repairs, is there anything wrong with the supporting structure, etc.. Small details like finishes can easily be fixed later.

Have a white house front

If you have your dream home in front of you, offer the highest possible price right away

7. Check everything

Yes, indeed, some details are not required to be checked, and many buyers prefer to forego the hassle of procedures, wanting to avoid the extra expense. But if this is your first time buying a property, we don't recommend that you do so. On the contrary, in your case it is better to gather as much information as possible and get expert opinions.

Inspections can reveal serious problems that require costly repairs. At this point, the buyer has the right to walk away from the deal without prejudice and start the search all over again. If you refuse the inspection, you automatically agree to accept the property "as is," whatever its current state. Any problem you then discover will be yours and yours alone. So whenever possible, gather as much information as possible.

A wooden patio by the house

Negotiation is an exchange, and not always an equal one

9. Don't start renovating everything at once

This is the biggest mistake of those who buy their first home. At first glance, it seems like a great idea to immediately remove all annoying elements from sight. But, starting major repairs right away, not getting used to, you run the risk of hating the new interior even before you unpack your things.

Try to repair only the essentials first, so you can live in the house. And spend a few months in it this way before you start a total renovation or cosmetic repair. You might come up with better ideas than you did in the beginning. Don't try to renovate all rooms at once, take it one at a time. After all, you probably plan to live in this house for at least a few years, you will still have time to leave your mark on it.

Bathroom design in white

Repairs should increase, not decrease, the price of the property

Buying your first home is exciting and intimidating at the same time. It happens once in a lifetime, and good advice in these circumstances will not hurt anyone. What other questions about buying a house worry you? What's important to you when choosing a place to live?? Share your opinion in the comments!

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    Buying your first home can be an overwhelming process, but with the right guidance, it can be simplified. Start by setting a budget and saving for a down payment. Research different mortgage options and find a reliable lender. Hire a real estate agent to help you navigate the market and find the right home for you. Inspect the property thoroughly and negotiate the price. Finalize the paperwork and secure a loan. Finally, prepare for the moving process. What are some key tips for first-time home buyers to keep in mind during this process?

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