Modern landscape design as a full-fledged partner of architectural composition – remarkable works of leading designers

The concrete fence of the house

Shining Quartz

Adolph Loos lived in an era when it was thought that the perfect patio required decorations. An Austrian architect was the first to look at it in a different way. He believed that design should be functional in the first place.

A staircase on the grounds of the house

Stairs leading up to the house

The plot should be connected with the cottage, and it is vital. The water body in front of the window aperture sets up a contemplative mood, for reflection. Both structures – glass and water – reflect light, which creates balance and unites the patio with the room.

Link the house to the park, using the same building materials and ornamental trees and shrubs.

Rotating gate system

Custom gate installation

Use regular blocks to create desired effects. In the photo this material is soft landscaping.

Panoramic windows in the house

Functional landscaping

Landscape architects Thomas and Roberto Burle Marx believe that home and yard should make up one space. Standard blocks are used for this purpose, perfectly suited to the modernist landscape and greatly reduce the cost of the work.

Solar panels on the roof of the house

The roof of a modern home

Using traditional installations, you don't have to bind yourself with lawns and flowerbeds. In the photo we can see the colorful and modern green part, behind which the house is hidden.

Glass walls in the house

The perfect landscape

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