Minimalist Mortuary Houses architecture by Matos Gameiro Arquitectos, Allandra, Portugal

In today's story we will introduce you to the laconic and austere decoration of the morgue Mortuary Houses , which was conceived and executed by employees and professional urban planners of the design company Matos Gameiro Arquitectos in the Portuguese town of Allandre.

Matos Gameiro Arquitectos, a major architectural firm, designed and executed the Mortuary Houses engineering complex seven years ago, located in the most interesting, picturesque and evocative geographical area of Allandre in Portugal.

The architects responsible for this masterpiece were the specialists and talented craftsmen Pedro Matos Gameiro and Joao Maria Trindade e Carlos Crespo.

Completed in 2008, unusual house was brought to life in collaboration with the masters Goncalo Pinheiro and Jose Maria Cumbre, and the design of the buildings and structures was done by the engineer Paulo Cardoso.

The hydraulic design of the building was the responsibility of Pedro Romano, while the electrical and communications installations were carried out by Antonio Trindade. The general contractor for this exceptionally creative project was J. Lima Gomes Lda.

Mortuary Houses building on the hill

The structure is located in an open hilly area with a panoramic view of a beautiful and expressive landscape and an adjacent area full of green plants, luxuriant lawns and shrubs, creating an aesthetically pleasing and creative appearance.

The snow-white buildings look extremely interesting against the amazing desert landscape, and they are decorated with small and miniature windows, religious symbols and iron dark gates that are in perfect harmony with the impeccable exterior of the building.

Comfortable marble benches

Around the perimeter of the rooms and the main social areas there were massive simple and unpretentious benches for comfortable and comfortable seating, lined with marble panels in beige with an expressive and deep dark pattern. This minimalist and serene decoration beautifully transforms the interior and gives it a special charm and magnetism.

The door leaves were made with the use of textured wood that harmonizes wonderfully with the main style of the design. These finishes bring a sense of warmth and infinite coziness to the atmosphere, forming a disposing and comfortable environment.

Entrance to the Mortuary Houses

A welcoming entrance invites visitors and customers to spend a calm and serene time visiting the complex. Monolithic and panoramic cladding surfaces fill the space and exterior of the structure with special charm and magnetism.

Mortuary interior for services

The interior space for services and events is arranged in a concise and attractive style. The floor surface and benches were covered in textured wood with an original texture and creative look. They bring warmth and a special coziness to the public and social decoration. The small gaps in the ceiling fill the salon with a dazzling sunshine and sparkle that forms a striking play of light and shadow.

Mortuary Houses decoration

The decoration of the original Mortuary Houses is a phenomenal creative project characterized by an amazing stylistic execution, austere and laconic appearance, creative interior and impeccable facade of the structure, which attracts close attention of the public.

Mortuary Houses blueprint

Interior photography Implemented and courtesy of studio Fernando Guerra I FG+SG.

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