Oil radiators

Oil radiators are the most common type of electric heaters.

Their installation does not require special knowledge and tools. It is enough to put the radiator closer to the place that you want to heat and insert the plug into the outlet. The design of this device is simple and, as a result, reliable. Roughly speaking, an oil cooler is a hollow metal structure filled with mineral oil in which a heating element is immersed. Most modern devices of this type have overheating protection, built-in thermostat, cable compartment. Some models have a built-in horizontal position sensor that disables the radiator when it rolls over. Most oil-filled radiators are splash-proof.

The main advantages of an oil cooler include:

  • low body temperature
  • mobility
  • lack of noise during operation
  • low cost
  • I would like to dwell especially on the low heating temperature of the oil-filled radiator body. At first glance, the higher the surface temperature, the faster the appliance will heat your home. This is certainly true, but at very high surface temperatures, oxygen and dust combustion cannot be avoided, which is unlikely to have a beneficial effect on your health. That is, the low temperature of the oil cooler eliminates the disadvantages inherent in heaters with an open heating element. The power of the most common oil coolers is in the range of 1 – 2.5 kW. That is, one such device can heat rooms up to 25 m2.

    When choosing the power of the heater, you can use a simple ratio: 1 kW of power is required to heat 10 m2 of a well-insulated building with a ceiling height of up to 3 m.As already mentioned, most oil-filled radiators are equipped with a thermostat that automatically maintains the set temperature. In addition, there are models with a timer that will automatically turn on the device at a specified time. This is especially convenient if it makes no sense for you to heat the room around the clock, and you want, for example, that a comfortable temperature has been established only by the time you arrive from work. Thus, with the help of a timer, you can save a lot of not cheap electricity. There are models with a timer in the assortment of the following manufacturers: DeLonghi and Hot Wave (Italy), EWT and Heller (Germany), Tesy (Bulgaria). It is worth paying close attention to oil coolers with a built-in fan. The presence of this device will help warm up your room at an accelerated rate. Such radiators are produced by several foreign companies. Among them: Italian DeLonghi, Hot Wave, Kelsy, Laminox, British Binatone and Polaris, Dutch General, German EWT and Heller.

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