10 ideas for creating original storage locations

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In this article, we will offer ten ideas for creating small storage spaces for a variety of little things that tend to get lost and should always be at hand. We will tell you how to equip such “storage facilities” without special costs and additional costs.

1. Shelf for keys and small things in the hallway in the form of a mailbox, antique shelf or a soft “pocket” on the wall

If you think about it, a shelf or key pocket on the wall of the hallway is a must. Usually, there are several sets of keys in each family, and their search in an immense women’s handbag or a spacious drawer of the wall can take a lot of time, which is already not enough in the morning..

It is not difficult to make a shelf or key box yourself. Alternatively, you can use a regular mailbox, of course, pre-painted and tidied up. Key hooks are simply attached to it, and inside you can store receipts for utilities and fresh newspapers.

Another option is a small antique-style shelf. Craquelure varnish and ordinary water-based paint will help to tidy up such a cute and comfortable piece of furniture..

Needlewomen can easily replace an ordinary shelf or key box with a soft textile pocket, which can be decorated with buttons, embroidery or turned into a stuffed toy. It will turn out to be very cute, roomy and comfortable. All these “storages” are simply hung on the wall in the most convenient, “handy” place in the hallway.

10 ideas for creating original storage locations Small, antique shelf with carnations on which you can conveniently hang your keys

10 ideas for creating original storage locations A vintage letterbox that can take its place in the hallway. To give it a more modern look, acrylic paint is enough. And don’t forget the key hooks

2. Stand for pencils and pens with your own hands from an improvised container or papier-mâché

The mess on the table will definitely not contribute to an increase in working capacity, and such a tabletop will look, to put it mildly, sloppy. Meanwhile, when creating holders for pens and pencils, amazing scope for creativity opens up.!

Here are just a few options:

  1. Good old papier-mâché. Everyone who attended labor lessons at school is familiar with such a technology for making crafts. You only need a suitable shape, scraps of newspaper, flour paste and paints to give the product a bright and attractive look..
  2. Clay. Clay kits are now available at any children’s store. The material, which is pleasant to the touch and environmentally friendly, allows you to create amazingly beautiful things.
  3. Cardboard boxes decorated with beads, buttons, threads, shells. You can use not only small boxes from under cups or mobile phones, but also round rolls of toilet paper. And you can decorate them literally as you like..
  4. Wood. Option for those who know how to cut with a jigsaw and are friends with a drill. The simplest and at the same time original way is to find a not too thick section of a tree trunk and simply drill many holes in it, where pencils and pens will be inserted.
  5. Clipped plastic bottles and cans. Such containers can be decorated with fabric, flowers from textiles, tie an unusual cover.

It is interesting that today such handmade pencil stands are considered a very fashionable trend and rightfully take place not only on the student’s desk, but also in strict offices, bringing a touch of home comfort to the work environment..

10 ideas for creating original storage locations How about such an unusual option for turning cans into a stand for pencils and felt-tip pens? It took only magnets and the author’s imagination

10 ideas for creating original storage locationsIn this case, beans, felt and glue were used to create an unusual stand. The beans were then simply dyed to give the stand a corncob-like appearance.

3. Shelves and hooks on the bathroom door

The bathroom, traditionally one of the smallest rooms in the house, usually contains a lot of things. At the same time, the place on the door, for some reason, is not often used. Meanwhile, with conventional, inexpensive hooks and towel rails, you can turn your door into a convenient storage location..

So that you can hang not only a towel and a bathrobe on the door, but also place other small but necessary items, you can use the same system of textile pockets.

Just remember that the bathroom is a “wet” place and for sewing pockets on the door you should use a fabric that is not afraid of water, or thick cellophane.

10 ideas for creating original storage locationsA multi-tiered storage system on the bathroom door will allow you to conveniently place a lot of little things

4. Baby bucket for storing bathroom accessories

Does your child like to swim? Then, in your bathroom, most likely, toys are kept, with which a young navigator usually dives and indulges. Where to store all these boats, numerous soldiers, rubber ducklings and bobbleheads? It is most convenient to put all the toys in a children’s bucket, which is usually only used in a sandbox..

The bucket can be simply placed on a shelf or hung on a hook. If the bucket is made of iron, it can be painted to match the color of the bathroom design, and it will become an integral part of the interior. And the plastic bucket can be decorated with stickers or decals.

10 ideas for creating original storage locationsIf there is very little space in the bathroom or you want to create an original design, you can even store toothbrushes and toothpaste in the baby bucket.

5. DIY-decorated jars for spices and all kinds of products in the kitchen

All housewives know that it is best to store spices and other bulk products in glass containers, with a securely closed lid to preserve their aroma and properties. However, just glass jars are boring..

Why not, for example, decorate the coffee jar with coffee beans? Firstly, it will immediately become clear what exactly is stored here, and secondly, you only need the coffee beans themselves and reliable glue.

Decoupage, which is so popular today, is also great for decorating containers in the kitchen. You can find suitable pictures on the network, for example, with the image of cereals, tea, and so on, so as not to waste time looking for cans.

If you are not sure that you can cope with decoupage technology unfamiliar to you, you can simply pick up bright, thick threads, attach a piece of cardboard with a beautifully written name of the spice to them and attach it to the lid. And the decor, and it is immediately clear what is here.

By the way, now there are convenient jars for spices and little things, which are hung on rails. So everything you need for cooking is always at hand.

10 ideas for creating original storage locations Thick threads of different colors and cards with names – everything is very simple, but at the same time unusual and beautiful

10 ideas for creating original storage locationsIn this case, when making a jar for coffee, not only coffee beans were used, but also decoupage

10 ideas for creating original storage locations Plain glass jars can be a great storage place for spices. One has only to take care of reliable plugs and simply sign each container

10 ideas for creating original storage locations It is quite possible to hang on the railing not only a ladle, but also jars of spices, closed with special lids

6. Magnetic boards on the back of the kitchen cabinet door and magnet cans for the refrigerator

Another way to save space in the kitchen and at the same time place a lot of small things is to use magnetic boards and magnets on the lids of the jars. To make such unusual magnetic jars with your own hands, you will first need a magnetic sheet, jars with sufficiently reliable lids, a pencil, glue, plain paper and scissors.

It is better to take plastic jars not glass, but plastic – they weigh less and will hold more reliably. The bottom of the can is outlined with a pencil, then the required number of magnetic circles is cut along the contour.

The magnets are glued to the bottom of the can, and on paper again we write the names of the spices in a beautiful handwriting and glue to the container. It is clear that such cans can be “magnetized” either on the refrigerator, which is not always convenient, or on a special magnetic board that can be attached, for example, to the door wall of one of the kitchen cabinets.

By the way, with the help of such a system, you can store many things not only on the refrigerator or cabinet door, but also under the shelf – and that’s all. Convenient and saves a lot of space.

10 ideas for creating original storage locations Jars with magnetic lids fit perfectly on the refrigerator. In this case, the owners decided not to sign them, but to decorate them with different ornaments – you will have to remember that in a jar with stripes or peas

10 ideas for creating original storage locations Such small jars for spices will have to be bought on purpose, like a magnetic board. But, believe me, this method of storing spices is very convenient and will not take up space in the kitchen at all.

7. Compartments for phones and chargers in the drawer

Have your chargers ever messed up with each other? So either you have only one mobile phone in your family or you know how to store such irreplaceable devices correctly. Usually, all the charges are simply folded into a common drawer of a chest of drawers or walls in the living room, lying around where they have to throughout the apartment, and as a result, finding the right one is very difficult. The phone beeps annoyingly at this time, warning of an imminent “blackout”, and the owner of the house is nervous.

Dealing with this problem is very simple. Yes, it is convenient to store chargers and mobile phones themselves in a drawer, besides it is easy to lock it with a key if there are small children in the house. However, it is worth dividing the box into separate sections – for each charger from a phone, e-book, tablet, and so on. There you can “store” the phones themselves – there is enough space.

10 ideas for creating original storage locations It is convenient when phones and, accordingly, chargers for them, lie like this – each in its own compartment. Do not confuse and do not need to look for a long time. Such sections are similar to kitchen ones, designed for storing forks and spoons. You can buy ready-made ones, or you can build from planks and planks yourself

10 ideas for creating original storage locations Have you ever seen such a picture in your own dresser or on a shelf? You are a very neat person!

8. Shelf or box for remotes

Another item that is constantly lost and disappears in an unknown direction is the TV remote control. Yes, if he was alone! In a modern house, there are usually at least two TVs, and there is also a tuner, a DVD player, a stereo system and many more devices, which are controlled by a special remote control..

And all these control systems for light, music and television usually lie where the owner left it – that is, anywhere. Today, special plastic mounts are sold for consoles of a certain size, which can be easily and simply attached to the wall. But, you see, a number of such mounts over the sofa will look somehow too “high-tech” and inappropriate.

But one shelf or box for all the remotes in your home in the most convenient place – just right. Moreover, it can be built independently and decorated in accordance with the style of the interior design of the living room..

10 ideas for creating original storage locations It is easy to build such a box for consoles yourself. And if it seems too rough and simple to you, you can always paint it, decorate it with decoupage or textiles

9. Wicker boxes, baskets, trays

Vine products, the so-called “plaits”, are still one of the most popular storage places. They fit perfectly not only into the country style, but also into the modern interior, and perform their role of “storage” impeccably.

The advantages of wicker boxes and boxes include their versatility, environmental friendliness, attractive external parameters and low cost. There are many types of “wicker” – from roomy deep boxes to flat trays for fruit and boxes for small items.

By the way, such flat wicker boxes can be used to equip storage areas for mobile phones and chargers. To do this, you can simply arrange them in a pull-out drawer..

10 ideas for creating original storage locations These wicker boxes with convenient handles hold anything from vegetables to books and newspapers.

10 ideas for creating original storage locations Wicker boxes with lids are even more convenient – they look beautiful and keep things safer. Often used to store jewelry and sewing supplies

10. Boxes from gifts and sweets for small things

Another universal option for arranging storage places for important little things. The advantage of cardboard boxes left over from gifts or chocolates is that they can be easily arranged to match the overall style of the room interior..

In addition, such “storage” weighs little, and if you put the boxes one on top of the other, you can save space on the shelf..

The only disadvantages of this option are:

  • it is not worth using cardboard boxes in the kitchen or bathroom, as they are afraid of moisture, and they are simply not intended for storing food;
  • cardboard boxes usually have a short life, they wrinkle easily and can break. However, there is usually no shortage of such containers – new gifts and, accordingly, boxes appear in the house with enviable regularity..

10 ideas for creating original storage locations What do we usually do with gift boxes? We quickly take out the valuable content, tearing apart the colorful packaging, and throw it away. And if you try to carefully save the packaging in order to use it for storing, for example, small parts from a children’s designer?

10 ideas for creating original storage locations In boxes of chocolates, there are usually many compartments in which it is convenient to put all sorts of little things – buttons, paper clips, beads … Sometimes egg packaging is used for this purpose, but, you must admit, candy boxes look much more beautiful

The order in the house is made up of such little things as the availability of convenient storage places. It’s nice to know that the right thing is always at hand and exactly where it should be – in a specially designated place. And if the “storages” for small things are also originally decorated with their own hands, the interior will look especially interesting and home-like.

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