A piercing symphony of colours: a stunning study of perennials for sunny locations

Layout of a perennial nursery

Plants to be used

  1. Verbascum densiflorum “Cotswold Queen”;
  2. Aquilegia vulgaris “Nora Barlow”;
  3. Salvia nemorosa “Ostfriesland”;
  4. Astrantia major;
  5. Gravilat Chile – Geum x chiloense “Mrs.J.Bradshaw”;
  6. Mild cuff – Alchemilla mollis;
  7. Allium hollandicum “Purple Sensation” Onion;
  8. Paeonia lactiflora “Lottie Dawson Rea”;
  9. Iris hybrid – Iris x hybrida “Sapphire Gem”;
  10. Iris x hybrida “Deep Black”;
  11. Fcstuca mairei; Fescue mairei.

This flower bed reaches its decorative peak in midsummer. Thyme, planted as a groundcover, will give it a special fragrance and a garden figurine will add a unique charm.

The flower bed requires well-lit areas and nutritious soil.

Composition of perennial plants

Diagram of a flower bed

Perennial arrangement

Planting scheme

Perennial plant composition

Flower bed plan

Scheme of a perennial arrangement

Plants used

  1. Phlox paniculata;
  2. Willow's broom – Lythrum salicaria;
  3. Hybrid Hosta – Hosta x hybrida;
  4. Cosmos bipinnatus;
  5. Astilbe Arendsii;
  6. Astilbe thunbergii “Professor van derWielen”;
  7. Aquilegia hybrid – Aquilegia x hybrida;
  8. Physalis franchetii;
  9. Gypsophila repens;
  10. Geranium blood-red – Geranium sanguineum;
  11. Ajuga reptans “Atropurpurea”;
  12. Spiraea japonica; Spiraea japonica.
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