10 principles of creating a real masculine interior

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Often, entering a room, you can easily guess who exactly was involved in arranging this space, who ordered the designer or independently created the interior to your liking – a man or a woman. Let’s try to list ten principles of creating a truly masculine home.

10 principles of creating a real masculine interior

Of course, if we talk about style preferences, then in general, classic or modern can be equally liked by both the stronger sex and beautiful ladies. And yet, even in this case, the influence of the masculine principle will certainly be felt in the interior design..

What are the main differences between a gentleman’s “den” and a family interior? Bachelor’s bedrooms and a cozy nest for a real lady?

10 principles of creating a real masculine interiorAmong men, of course, there are also fans of classics, country and Japanese style, but most prefer to decorate the room to their liking, which cannot but affect the appearance of the house

Principle one – color

In a male interior, only two color options are usually used – neutral and monochrome. The neutral palette is beige, brown, gray and white, which give the interior solidity and respectability. However, men can in such a room, designed, for example, in a strict gray scale, create one, but unusually bright spot – for example, buy a bright red sofa or decorate the wall with a cheerful print in acid tones..

The monochrome range is suitable for those representatives of the strong half of humanity who prefer a particular color, as well as its various variations. An excellent option for decorating a male interior – blue and green colors, as well as a burgundy shade.

According to statistics, most men after 25 years old prefer restrained, neutral shades, but young bachelors are not averse to experimenting and may prefer bright fiery colors – orange and red.

10 principles of creating a real masculine interiorCalm, neutral colors – gray and brown – have become the main motif of this living room, which is definitely owned by a man.

Principle two – open space

New York designers have long ago identified the relationship between who is the customer of the interior design and the layout of the apartment. It is men who most often prefer studio apartments and insist on combining the house into one, maximally open space..

It is very convenient when everything is at hand and you do not need to spend a lot of time and additional effort on moving around the house. Beautiful ladies can ironically note that men just love to watch TV, lying on the couch, at the same time looking through mail and savoring dinner. And it is the studio apartment that allows you to combine several functions in one room, create a kitchen-living room-dining room-bedroom, which will become the heart of the house.

10 principles of creating a real masculine interiorLiving room, dining room and kitchen in one room – such zoning is very common in the apartments of single men, allowing you not to waste time moving around the house with a plate in your hands or eliminating the need to transfer a laptop from one room to another

Principle three – unusual use of premises

Even if it is decided not to demolish all the walls, turning the apartment into a studio, no one will prevent the man from reconsidering the basic functions of the rooms. For example, who said that an insulated loggia cannot be attached to the kitchen, turning into a branch of your favorite bar with a counter and high chairs?

And the second bedroom may well become a functional study or a smoking room with a hookah table in the center and solid leather sofas. As mentioned above, convenience and comfort become the main criteria for choosing a layout in a male interior, so you should not be surprised if a dressing room or a workshop of an amateur to assemble aircraft models awaits you outside the door to a small bedroom..

10 principles of creating a real masculine interiorA billiard room is another room that will definitely appear in a man’s dwelling, of course, if the size and features of the house allow

Principle four – there is never too much technology

“The boy is growing – the cost of his toys is also growing,” sighing, say mothers of adult sons, watching a man with indescribable happiness and pride on his face demonstrates the capabilities of his new phone model or spends three monthly salaries on the most fashionable smart TV with connectivity to the internet.

Indeed, all kinds of gadgets and electronic novelties occupy an important, if not central, place in the male interior. In the kitchen, a microwave oven, a dishwasher and, possibly, a food processor will definitely take their place – helpers that a single man cannot do without. A modern audio system will appear in the living room, which will amaze the neighbors on the staircase with powerful bass and clear sound, a large TV panel, a couple of tuners and DVD players, and if the apartment also has a bedroom, then there is no way to do without a TV..

The decision to install a special “smart home” system, when the light is turned on by the remote control, and the temperature in the room is set on a special display, is also usually taken by men.

At the same time, the technique, of course, can hide behind the facades of the cabinets, but it is more often paraded, becoming the object of pride of its owner.

10 principles of creating a real masculine interiorA state-of-the-art home theater system in a man’s living room will definitely take center stage. Perhaps that is why so many representatives of the stronger sex are so fond of the “high-tech” high-tech style

Principle 5 – storage locations

There are, of course, exceptions, but for the most part men, to put it mildly, do not like cleaning in the house. That is why a reliable storage system, which allows you to put everything in its place and organize things, is simply necessary, as it makes it easy to find the item you need and quickly put things in order..

At the same time, open shelves usually do not enjoy the love of the owner of the house – and the dust on them is perfectly visible, and displaying various knick-knacks is not a man’s job.

Closed wall shelves in the living room, a spacious wardrobe, a spacious box for linen under the bed – all these are almost indispensable attributes of the functional interior of a representative of the stronger sex.

10 principles of creating a real masculine interiorThe burgundy fronts of the closed shelves of this unusual wall for the living room will perfectly fit into the male interior

Sixth principle – brutal textures

Textures as strong and expressive as stone, wood and metal have always been associated with masculine territory. We can confidently say that choosing between wood panels and wallpaper in a small floral pattern, a man will prefer the first option.

In addition, representatives of the stronger sex are not afraid to experiment, and in their house, brickwork not covered with plaster can be located next to a wall tiled with three-dimensional tiles, and natural stone – next to wallpaper made of reeds or bamboo.

Another sign of a masculine interior is the use of shiny, mirrored surfaces. If for a woman a mirror is first of all an excuse to correct her hair and consider whether it is necessary to correct her makeup, then a man seeks to expand the space with the help of mirrors, make the room brighter and more original.

10 principles of creating a real masculine interiorThe stone finish looks quite rough, transforming a modern kitchen into a knight’s castle

Principle Seven – Furniture

When choosing furniture for their home, men usually prefer one of the following options: either respectable furniture in a classic style, or unusual, very modern models with additional functions.

It all depends on the taste of the owner – conservatives will prefer solid leather sofas and dark wood furniture in the English style, and lovers of new products will look for transformer models of the original form.

Men love furniture that hides any surprises: folding tabletops, pull-out bars, rotating panels for plasma TVs, armchairs, coffee tables that, with a slight movement of the hand, turn into a full-fledged dining table, and other “chips”.

And one more piece of furniture that men are especially partial to is a bar counter, which in a gentleman’s kitchen can easily take the place of an ordinary table and become the central piece of furniture in a dining room or living room..

10 principles of creating a real masculine interiorStylish kitchen with an abundance of built-in appliances, laconic facades of numerous wardrobes and fashionable chairs – simple and functional

Principle Eight – Decorating

Probably, the most striking feature of the men’s house, many will call a minimum of decor, the absence of all kinds of “ruffles”, “frills”, cute trifles, which are so fond of beautiful ladies. Yes, brevity is one of the main principles of designing a men’s house, when the main motto becomes – “nothing more”.

Why the abundance of souvenirs on the shelves, vases, lush lambrequins and multi-layer curtains? It is quite possible to get by with blinds or a Roman curtain, one unusual picture, a favorite photo, enlarged and inserted into a simple frame, or a hunting trophy.

10 principles of creating a real masculine interiorFor an exquisite lady, such a bedroom may seem empty – a cute picture or a bright rug is asking for a place at the head of the bed, and cold glass and metal lamps on the walls could well replace classic lamps with textile lampshades on the bedside tables. But for a man – just right!

Principle Nine – Sophisticated Hidden Lighting System

The modern features of lighting design cannot be underestimated in any way – it is the lighting that emphasizes individual interior details, turning the living room into a nightclub, and the bedroom into Don Juan’s dwelling, that can become the finishing touch of a male interior.

As mentioned above, men love new technology, so all kinds of LED or fluorescent lamps, flexible glowing ribbons hidden behind the cornice and original chandeliers will not leave them indifferent.

Just do not expect that the hunter and the breadwinner will choose a table lamp with a cute lampshade or a classic floor lamp with a wooden leg. More likely, lamps made of glass and metal will appear in the male interior, austere, stylish, attracting attention with their chrome shine..

By the way, beautiful ladies love candles much more, it is difficult to imagine a man who decorated his interior with a candlestick with three multi-colored candles.

10 principles of creating a real masculine interiorDesigner chandeliers in the form of a metal frame, without a lampshade – this is really brutal, strict and very masculine

Principle Ten – Exhibiting Collections and Showcasing Hobbies

Many males, having started collecting car models in childhood or designing airplanes, ships or tanks, do not give up their hobby even at a respectable age.

At the same time, men prefer to show off their collection. It’s really cool – a whole collection of old cars, a miniature copy of Columbus’s ship “Santa Maria”, painstakingly assembled with his own hands, or a collection of military aircraft from the Second World War!

If a man has a hobby, any – from collecting beer mugs to posters of his favorite rock band – it will certainly be reflected in the interior of his house..

10 principles of creating a real masculine interiorChildhood infatuation often lasts a lifetime, making a huge collection of toy cars a staple of interior design

So, we can summarize that a real male interior is a large number of equipment, straight shapes, neutral colors, solid and multifunctional furniture. It is worth emphasizing that men are much more inclined to experiment, they will not be afraid to use unusual color combinations and novelties of the furniture industry in their home decoration. Perhaps a representative of the fair sex in such an interior will not be very comfortable, but in the end, if you decide to live together, you will have to make compromises.

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