5 ways to integrate retro things into modern interiors

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In this article, we will tell you about the methods of decorating a room that will harmoniously fit things “with history”, for example, purchased antiques or a buffet inherited from a great-grandmother, into the modern interior of an ordinary apartment..

Imagine that you inherited a luxurious but hopelessly out of fashion massive sideboard. Just throwing a thing into a landfill does not raise a hand – it was from this buffet that you “dragged” sweets in childhood, grandmother kept all sorts of tasty things, and pot-bellied cups in a flower and familiar to the last chipping are still hidden behind glass doors decorated with your children’s photographs sugar bowl and teapot.

Of course, you can send an object dear to your heart, but inappropriate in the interior design of a modern apartment, to a country house. And if there is no cottage? And the buffet is quite well preserved and can be used for its intended purpose..

Designers believe that harmoniously arranging vintage items in a modern interior is a whole science. Indeed, usually such retro items are absolutely not combined with the rest of the environment, they look out of place and cause bewilderment – how do you still keep this rarity??

We have collected in this article several ways that, as the designers assure, you can fit furniture and other items “with history” into a modern interior.

5 ways to integrate retro things into modern interiors

An original coffee table, a baroque armchair with graceful legs – often the owners are simply not able to part with these items. And if you collect such items in one room, you get a cozy vintage interior, as in this living room.

Method one

The modern finish will be the perfect backdrop for one or two, maximum three vintage pieces. For example, a massive sideboard can become the centerpiece of a modern dining room. Remember that such things invariably attract attention, and the older the thing, the more attractive and interesting it looks. That is why there should not be a lot of retro items – the room will turn into an antique shop.

If there is only one vintage item, it can be distinguished with the help of lighting or zoning. This will show how much the owners value this item and emphasize its role as the semantic center of the room..

5 ways to integrate retro things into modern interiorsIn this dining room, an antique grandfather clock and an ordinary table with a set of modern chairs take pride of place. There are only two retro chairs, and they stand at the head of the table.

Method two

The modern decoration is also disguised as antique. For example, artificially aged facades of completely modern furniture, columns covered with gold leaf, etc. This option is suitable if there are a lot of antiques or just objects with history in the apartment and it is impossible to single out any one detail.

In this case, it is worth using the finish that we described in the article about shabby chic – wallpaper imitating cracked plaster, laminate that looks like aged wood, decorative antique plaster, etc..

You will get a completely vintage room, designed in the same style..

5 ways to integrate retro things into modern interiorsIf you have several antique items, you can collect them all in one room and emphasize the originality of the interior with a Persian carpet, laconic wall decoration and wooden floor

Method three

Decorate the interior of a room in the style of one era. If you like the eclecticism of the early twentieth century, the romantic rococo of the eighteenth century or the refined charm of the 50s – pick up items from this period. Let there be few of them, two or three things, but collected in accordance with the chosen style.

You cannot mix retro items from different eras. For example, if you have a 60s-style armchair left over, you shouldn’t put it next to a French king-style sofa. Such a mixture of eras will look tasteless to say the least. In this case, it is better if antiques are side by side with modern.

5 ways to integrate retro things into modern interiorsBy the way, such bright armchairs with wooden armrests, which appeared in the 50s, are back in fashion. Collect things from the same era, and you can create a very harmonious interior that perfectly reflects the atmosphere of that time

Method four

Stick to the correct color scheme. When decorating an interior that combines modern and vintage things, it is better to prefer light colors: from white and pale pink to very light shades of blue, lilac and green in combination with light gray.

If an antique piece of furniture is made of dark wood, it must be installed against a light wall or next to a soft set with neutral, monochromatic upholstery. You can play with contrast, such as placing a retro armchair with dark red or deep blue upholstery next to a lighter sofa or wall. This will emphasize the elitism of this item..

5 ways to integrate retro things into modern interiorsIt is better to paint the facades of antique furniture in light shades, otherwise such objects may look too gloomy

Method five

This method can be described literally in one phrase: an old thing is a new life. We update the facades of old furniture, repaint, open it with varnish, buy new handles and other accessories, pull the sofa or chair, that is, we put it in order.

You will have to purchase a new fabric for upholstery, most likely using the services of specialists. The most difficult and costly restoration will be the restoration of intricate carpentry products, but the result is worth it, believe me. After such a restoration, no one will say – “why do you need this junk”.

5 ways to integrate retro things into modern interiorsThe wrought iron details of this antique bed can be simply repainted, just like the fronts of the bedside table.

In general, introducing retro details into a modern interior, the main thing is not to turn an apartment or house into a warehouse. Think about how dear to you this or that item. Often, the owners of the house do not throw away the things that they inherited from their ancestors, only because of a sense of guilt, preserving the heritage and continuity of generations, although in fact they do not feel any love for an old lamp. This rule also applies to enthusiastic collectors who love to buy a lot of knickknacks at flea markets. Avoid museums, your interior, which combines modernity and vintage, should first of all be cozy.

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