Ways to save money – 6 smart ways to save up to 30% of income.

Knowing only a few simple rules, you can save a lot without putting too much effort into it. We have collected 6 effective and easy ways to save your money. And remember, that ruble that you saved is the ruble that you earned.

1. Mobile communications

ways to save money

Check what your rate is. If you have not changed it for several years, then it’s time to call your operator and find out how much and what you are paying for. With a high probability, you overpay heavily, since new, recently released, tariffs are most likely more profitable than the tariff that you use. The operator will never switch you to better conditions yourself. That is why you should call him.

In addition, you may have a bunch of unnecessary paid subscriptions that you need to disable.

It’s also worth mentioning that nowadays, it’s much more economical to call each other on WhatsApp, which means that you’ll not have to spend money on used up minutes, like with a regular call.

2. Medicines

ways to save money

Ways to save money also apply to the health segment, but naturally with caution. What we are talking about is pharmacies. Be sure to look at the active substance of the drug, which is indicated in the composition of the drug. One and the same substance can be included in dozens of different brands, and prices for brands may differ by dozens of times. Almost all drugs have their cheaper counterparts..

3. Electricity

ways to save money

Grandfather’s methods said that you need to turn off the light when leaving the room. We recommend that you try to run the most “gluttonous” devices after 23:00, because after this time the night tariff applies. It is about three times lower. Regarding lighting, replace incandescent lamps with LED or fluorescent (energy-saving). They cost more, but will pay for themselves very quickly..

4. Shopping

ways to save money

Seasonal goods must be bought at the end of the season, as the price can be reduced by 2-3 times. This applies not only to summer cottage or summer equipment, but also to clothing..

As for grocery stores, always check the lower shelves, usually there is a similar product, but at a cheaper price than the product that lies at the level of your eyes.

Always go for groceries full. Since if you are hungry, you make impulsive food purchases (chips, sweets, chocolates, rolls), which you then do not eat or without which you can basically do without.

If you buy electronics, then it is best to go to Y. Market and sort, for example, the desired phone model by price. Such a search will allow you to find a cheaper option.

5. Discounts

ways to save money

Get bonus and accumulative cards wherever you shop. All brand and chain stores give such an offer. Initially, the percentage seems small, but if you add all these amounts on a yearly basis, then the savings will surprise you.

Use discount services like Biglion. There you can buy tickets for entertainment events, concerts, movies, paintball, educational courses, a dinner in a restaurant, a trip to a country house, foreign tours, beauty and health services, as well as various goods with a big discount (from 30% and above).

6. Equipment rental

ways to save money

Renting equipment instead of buying it will greatly save you money. It’s completely unprofitable to buy a hammer drill to drill one single hole.

Likewise, many professional photographers rent their photographic equipment for filming, and instead of buying a camera for 150,000 rubles, they pay a small amount for some time.

There are many items that you can rent, just hammer the keyword into the search engine and you will be pleasantly surprised. This will help you use things that you don’t need all the time..

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