Celebrating the Year of the Snake – decorating the interior

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Very, very close to that happy moment when the time comes to get the boxes and packages hidden on the mezzanine, in the farthest corner of the pantry or on the balcony with Christmas decorations, tinsel, garlands and a slightly dusty, but still unusually cute Santa Claus.

Eastern horoscope

You still do not know in what year of the Eastern calendar you were born? Really? Yes, you are behind the times! Passion for the calendar, created on the basis of the Chinese philosophy of Tao and the calendar cycle, came to our country a long time ago and now we are not only Virgos, Pisces, Lions, Aquarius and so on, but also Tigers, Dragons, Rats, Dogs …

The Eastern horoscope is a 12-year calendar cycle where each year has its own patron. The set of animals of the eastern horoscope looks like this: Rat, Ox (or, in another interpretation, Buffalo), Tiger, Cat (and more often – Rabbit), Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Boar (aka Pig). They go exactly in this order, that is, after 2012 the year of the Dragon will come the year of the wise and mysterious Snake.

However, the eastern sages did not stop at the very name of the patrons of the year. Each year also has a corresponding element: Metal, Fire, Water, Wood and Earth. These elements correspond to five colors: white, red, black, yellow and blue (sometimes green). That is, this year is not just the year of the Dragon, but the time of the reign of the Black Water Dragon. The cycle repeats every 60 years, so the next year of the Black Water Dragon will come in 2072.

Celebrating the Year of the Snake - decorating the interior Such a handsome black man is a symbol of the 2012 passing away from us

At first glance, it seems that it is very difficult to understand such a tangle of signs, elements and colors. In fact, it is easier to determine the color and element than to remember the sequence of all 12 signs of the eastern horoscope. So, if the year ends in 0 or 1, it will belong to the element of Metal, and its color will be white. If the last digits of the year are 2 or 3 (which is very important for us), then the year becomes “watery” and “black”. 4 or 5 – the element of the Wood, the color of this year is green or blue. 6 and 7 are fiery years, which are, of course, red. Years ending in 8 or 9 become Earth periods, their symbolic color is yellow.

It turns out that in the eastern calendar cycle, that is, over 60 years, each animal will appear five times and each time it will differ in a new color and mean a new element.

The upcoming 2013 also has its patron – the wise and mysterious Black Water Snake.

Celebrating the Year of the Snake - decorating the interior This is such a patron will be in 2013

We meet the Snake by all the rules

To celebrate the New Year 2013 correctly, you must adhere to a few simple rules:

  • Firstly, the Snake is usually a very leisurely and dignified animal. Therefore, the New Year, the symbol of which it will become, should be met without haste, fuss and feverish gatherings. This means that it is necessary to prepare for the holiday in advance, having thought through everything carefully, without haste and without trying to prepare holiday dishes and decorate the interior in one day;
  • secondly, the Snake does not like noisy companies and corporate parties at which unfamiliar people find themselves at the same table. She prefers a close circle of friends and relatives, so this time it is best to celebrate the New Year at home, with her family, inviting only the closest ones;
  • since 2013 is the year of the Water Snake, the presence of a pool or pond near the house is encouraged. And if finding a reservoir in the center of a big city is problematic, you can just put a container of water at home in which candles will float.
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Celebrating the Year of the Snake - decorating the interior A lot of small candles floating in a round aquarium, a special capacious glass or a ceramic vessel with water – the Water Snake will definitely and beautifully like

Home Decorations “Snake Style”

If you do not really believe in eastern horoscopes and predictions and do not intend to come up with anything special to welcome the symbol of the coming year, it is enough to purchase a couple of cute figures of snakes and arrange them in prominent places..

Celebrating the Year of the Snake - decorating the interior Such a charming snake can take its place next to Santa Claus and Snow Maiden under a Christmas tree, on a table or a mantelpiece

By the way, it is better if the figures of the Snake are made of natural materials: wood, ceramics, possibly colored glass or even paper. Otherwise, you can decorate the room quite traditionally, with familiar toys and garlands..

Celebrating the Year of the Snake - decorating the interior An original snake and a Christmas tree can be made simply from balloons. Very cute, inexpensive, beautiful and will definitely please the kids

However, in order to accurately attract luck, wealth and joy to your home, to please the Snake, and most importantly, family and friends, with a new approach to creating a New Year’s interior, it is better to listen to the recommendations of oriental astrologers and seriously approach the creation of the “correct” apartment design.

Although according to the horoscope the symbol of the next year is the Black Snake, it is not at all necessary to use black elements to decorate the apartment, this is not at all the right color for creating a festive atmosphere. Astrologers claim that the main colors of the next year – blue, green, blue, azure – all these shades symbolize the water surface and will please the Water Snake. You can also actively use silver and golden colors, the overflows of which are very reminiscent of shiny snake skin.

Instead of spruce this year, it is better to choose pine for decorating the house – according to oriental philosophers, it is it that symbolizes health and longevity. To attract not only health, but also wealth to the house, you should definitely decorate the tree with cones. They will become symbols of fertility, profit, a large family. After all, family and children are also wealth, and the most valuable and important.

Celebrating the Year of the Snake - decorating the interior If there is not a single real pine cone in the house, and it is too late to go into the forest in search of, you can buy such cute glass toys, you can blue, silver or gold

Celebrating the Year of the Snake - decorating the interior Pine cone decorations are very easy to make yourself. It is an ideal material for making your fantasy come true and creating very attractive and varied in color and shape crafts. In this case, the buds were simply painted white and decorated with ribbons with blue bows. As such, they will look great on a thorny branch.

The snake loves everything shiny and iridescent, so this New Year can create a particularly bright, unusual and lush interior. There are no many decorations and tinsel – this is the motto of the upcoming 2013!

Celebrating the Year of the Snake - decorating the interior Artificial silver spruce is the most suitable option for meeting 2013

Celebrating the Year of the Snake - decorating the interior How about a Christmas tree made of wire decorated with bows? Unusual, isn’t it? At the same time, it is not difficult to make it.

If you have an artificial Christmas tree with silvery needles at home, this is an option that is ideal in color and style. And a real forest beauty can be made more shiny simply by spraying the tips of the branches with a special white spray with sparkles. Previously, this effect was achieved by dipping the tips of pine paws in glue and rolling in sugar or salt – the shine was no worse.

Another idea that will help you decorate the Christmas tree in an original way – if you traditionally put the tree in a bucket of wet sand (by the way, this will really last longer), you can wrap the container with a white blanket. A pine tree in such a snowdrift will look very beautiful!

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In addition to the cones, all kinds of balls and toys must appear on the tree. Designers do not limit the combination of shapes and colors. A pine tree decorated with identical balls of only blue or exclusively silver colors looks unusually beautiful and stylish, however, combinations of various shapes and shades will look no less beautiful.

Celebrating the Year of the Snake - decorating the interior A Christmas tree decorated with balls in one color scheme is always very stylish and attractive

Just before you start hanging toys, you should wrap the trunk with a green or silver ribbon or garland. If you “conjure” a little and attach the head to the garland, it will turn out very similar to a snake descending or climbing a pine tree.

Celebrating the Year of the Snake - decorating the interior A pointed top, a star, a clock that always shows at five to twelve – there are a lot of options for decorating the “crown” of a Christmas tree

It is also better to hang lanterns right away, even before toys appear – wires weigh more than glass or paper figures, so their weight must be distributed evenly. And make sure that the tree is illuminated from all sides.

Celebrating the Year of the Snake - decorating the interior To decorate a Christmas tree or pine, it is worth choosing such golden balls, however, it is better to hang them not on traditional threads or wire, but on a serpentine – the more objects in the interior reminiscent of a flexible and thin snake, the better

It is necessary to complement the decoration of pine or spruce with serpentine garlands and serpentine. But you do that every year, right? How without fluffy and bright garlands, serpentine bending springs and iridescent rain! Only this time, it’s best to stick to the Water Snake colors – blue, green, blue and silver. Leave yellow and red until the start of the Fire or Earth symbol.

Celebrating the Year of the Snake - decorating the interior Be sure to involve children in decorating the house and preparing for the holiday – the transfer of family traditions, a common hobby, the creation of something delightfully beautiful together brings them together very much and will give a lot of joyful minutes. The main thing is not to worry about the crashed ball or figure.

It is advisable to decorate the cornice and curtains with a gentle silver rain. It will sparkle magnificently, pleasing the eye and making the decoration of the windows even more magnificent and truly New Year’s. Garlands, streamers and rain can also be used to decorate chandeliers, sconces and floor lamps..

Another topical idea for meeting the upcoming 2013 is decorating a forest beauty in a marine style. It is not necessary to look for Christmas tree decorations in the form of snakes, you can hang figurines of fish, starfish, jellyfish, shells and skates on the branches. Such a Christmas tree cannot fail to attract the attention of guests and the favor of the Snake, especially if you keep its decor in blue, blue and purple tones. Couldn’t find sea Christmas toys? It doesn’t matter, you can try to make fish yourself from multi-colored cardboard.

Celebrating the Year of the Snake - decorating the interior Fish and other marine life on the tree look quite appropriate, and will complement the picture of garlands in the form of a fishing net

And one more idea for a Christmas tree that does not go out of fashion and does not lose its relevance is the “retro” style. Antique beads, garlands with multi-colored lamps, toys in the form of a Snow Maiden, Santa Claus, snowmen, icicles and cones – all together it will look cute in any case and will remind all adults of childhood. The snake is also a very conservative lady, therefore she will appreciate such adherence to traditions favorably.

Celebrating the Year of the Snake - decorating the interior Very cute antique figurines – perhaps the best decoration for the tree

Replacing the Christmas tree – New Year’s compositions

If for some reason you do not plan to install a whole New Year tree this year, the Christmas tree may well be replaced by the original New Year’s compositions. You can combine anything in such home decorations – from tangerines and sweets to beautiful pebbles and cones.

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Celebrating the Year of the Snake - decorating the interior The simplest version of a New Year’s composition, which can be used to decorate a table in the living room, a work surface in the kitchen or a bedside table, is a fir branch and a candle in a beautiful candlestick. As they say – “simple, but tasteful”, just do not forget to put next to the candle also the symbol of 2013 – a cute figurine of the Snake

Celebrating the Year of the Snake - decorating the interior Christmas balls, miniature gift boxes, garlands and pine cones – you can use a variety of objects in the composition. And for the scent, you should put a cinnamon stick or all the same tangerines

Instead of a composition, you can decorate the house with small, unusual Christmas trees. For example, made from feathers, plasticine, paper and even pasta, painted with varnish.

Celebrating the Year of the Snake - decorating the interior A Christmas tree made of feathers can be of any color, not necessarily green. And this year it is even better to prefer silver or blue shades. Of course, it will take a long time to tinker with such a craft, but how unusual and beautiful!

Celebrating the Year of the Snake - decorating the interior When creating New Year’s compositions, you should not limit your imagination. Sticks, twigs, cones, rowan brush, bows – everything will go to work

We can confidently say that compositions and miniature Christmas trees are indispensable in creating a New Year’s interior throughout the house. If the main tree takes its place, most likely, in the living room, then the bedroom, nursery, kitchen can and should be decorated with such charming compositions. They will not take up much space, and they will create a New Year mood right away..

New Year textiles

When arranging compositions, hanging rain and toys, one should not forget about such an important part of the New Year’s interior as textiles. You do not need to change the curtains or bedspread on the sofa, although this is an excellent and not too expensive way to update the interior, but you cannot do without a festive tablecloth and bright napkins for a holiday!

It is the tablecloth that you can choose in a rich black color, after all, the Snake is Black. However, so that the table does not look gloomy, it is necessary to spread a brighter tablecloth, for example, golden, bright scarlet or silver, on top of the black fabric. Bright napkins made of fabric – terracotta, yellow, scarlet will be perfectly combined with black.

Celebrating the Year of the Snake - decorating the interior Blue and white is a win-win combination. And in the year of the Water Snake is also relevant

Celebrating the Year of the Snake - decorating the interior Are you expecting guests? Prepare such small compositions of a spruce branch and decorations for each plate. Leaving, the invitees will be able to take them with them as a memento of the wonderful holiday. And such a table looks very beautiful.

Are you going to “change” the traditional snow-white tablecloth? Then napkins will definitely have to be chosen brighter. How do you like deep purple or dark blue? On a white background, they will look just great.!

In general, the decoration of the festive table for the New Year should correspond to the general style of the interior. If a pine tree is decorated in a nautical style, then the table should also be in blue shades, and if old toys have taken their place on the tree and its decoration is designed in a “retro” style, then massive candlesticks, a tablecloth with lace and solid ones should appear on the table linen napkins.

Celebrating the Year of the Snake - decorating the interior A beautifully and brightly decorated festive table will become the center of the entire New Year’s interior, along with the main decoration – a lush Christmas tree

Believe it or not in eastern horoscopes is up to you. But, you see, the change of the symbols of the year is a great reason to bring something new to the festive decoration of the room, experiment with colors and shades, buy new toys and decorations. After all, you risk nothing, trying to attract the favor of the Snake, and the reward for the “correct” and at the same time beautiful interior will be not only enthusiastic exclamations of guests, but also a calm, prosperous year. I wish you great pleasure in decorating your home! Happy you!

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