11 Stunning Floating Houses Celebrating the Triumph of Ecodesign

Ontario Houseboat
The layout of the house
Positioning the house on a steel base
A small garden
Modern boathouse
Facade of a modern boathouse made of real wood
A house on the lake shore
A floating tropical island
Lounge areas and swimming pool
Floating Ecosystem
The exterior of the house

6. Amstel River, The Netherlands

But enough daydreaming, time to get down to earth, especially since there are already existing homes that are every bit as original as the ones mentioned above. On the Amstel River in Amsterdam, you can see an interesting multifunctional house in a minimalist style, designed by +31 Architects.

The first level is completely underwater, as in this part of town people are not allowed to build houses higher than 3 meters. But the view from the second floor is spectacular.

Wooden staircase
House project

7. Amphibious house

When you think of houses like this, our imagination conjures up images of a small cabin by the water, surrounded by the beauty of nature, and of course, of ourselves enjoying the outdoors.

That's what the Sealander, which can move on land as well as on water, was invented for. It can easily be hitched to the car, taken to the pond, and already there enjoy all the benefits of its design.

Moving house on the water
A mobile home on wheels

8. Floating City

Speaking of beautiful landscapes we can also think of the underwater world. In fact, it's even more alluring, if only because we admire it much less often, and it's still full of riddles and mysteries. For this type of vacationing Giancarlo Zema developed the concept eco-yacht Trilobis 65.

Submerged underwater world
The exterior of the building
The boathouse at Muskoka Lake
Wood trim in the living room
The wooden stairs to the house
Round house
Living room interior
Wooden ceilings in the house
The unusual shape of the windows

11. Modern

A modern house with a stylish design on two levels is surrounded by picturesque surroundings, so the idea of using glass in the façade structure was only natural. Because of its fascinating configuration, it looks more like a luxury country residence.

The unusual shape of a house
Home exterior

They say life came out of the water. Maybe that's why we are so attracted to the houseboat concept?

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