How to decorate an interior in pop art style

The face of the stunning Dolce collection & Gabbana became Madonna in 2010. She absolutely inimitable presented a sexy client in Dolce style & Gabbana. The photo was taken by Steven Klein and Madonna looks adorable. This is a true style icon, confirming that every business woman will look exclusively in the image of a sexy and passionate housewife. The customer appreciated the work of the Madonna and Klein tandem as impeccable. Note that, according to the couturier, it is the 50s of the last century that are considered the most romantic, and the pop art style can also be called romantic, where advertising photography for Dolce & Gabbana can take its rightful place.

Photo decor in interiors in pop art style

Kirsty Mitchell’s fabulous work will perfectly complement pop-art interiors. This is an exceptional fantasy Alice in Wonderland. The photographs are emphatically feminine and playful, stunning color experiments undoubtedly distinguish Kirsty Mitchell from other fashion photographers, moreover, we note that she is not engaged in fashion photography, this is a hobby, creative photography that exists on the verge of art.

Kirsty Mitchell
Tim Walker

Fashion photo by Kirsty Mitchell

The world of pop art is inimitable, fantastic and at the same time absolutely realistic. The choice of pop art style in the interior implies an exceptional life experience that can be carried through the whole life. You can fall in love with pop art and exist in this space of a real fairy tale that has no end. Create a pop art interior and enjoy the vibrant colors of life. Pop art does not have clear boundaries and preferences – it is more of a feeling and impression, in other words, pop art is a style for those individuals who want to live life to the fullest..

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