Artist Residence – sculpture garden in the spirit of pop art founder Roy Lichtenstein

Penthouse Sculpture Garden - Photo 1
The sculpture garden in the penthouse - Photo 3
The sculpture garden in the penthouse - Photo 5

Sculptural garden, connecting two levels, roof and floor, at the two existing buildings where the late artist and family lived. However, West Village is the home of his widow, Dorothy.

Project also includes apartment and penthouse renovations, overlooking the courtyard. Carpeting installed on the roof partially covers the two windows of the artist's studio below.

Specially designed to simulate the right light, the thin windows in the roof were made using innovative falsification techniques. Their intricate geometry was designed using the sprayed-on technique often used in tunnel construction.

Mansard windows in the roof - Photo 2
Studio with skylights
Iron steps at the front door
Hanging sofa by the window
Wooden staircase with iron railing - Photo 1
Frosted glass sliding door handle
The penthouse patio - Photo 2
Vents in the patio
A roof deck with railings on the roof of a penthouse
Fence mounts on the roof of the penthouse
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