Imitation brickwork

Imitation brickwork

Using a real brick wall is the most obvious option, no doubt about it. But not always, under a layer of old plaster, a really beautiful and well-preserved brick turns out to be, which can be simply polished and covered with wax, varnish, or a layer of paint. That is why imitation of brickwork is much more popular, because you do not plan to rebuild the walls, it is enough to achieve the necessary decorative effect.

Brick wallpaper in the interior

Brick wallpaper

The easiest option is to choose a brick-like wallpaper. Choose non-woven, paper, vinyl wallpaper with the appropriate pattern and decorate the selected wall in the house with it. It’s simple, there are no special nuances – the usual gluing of wallpaper with a minimum of time and money. Minus – it is very easy to distinguish at first glance that the brick is not real, “fake”. Options from foamed polymers on a paper basis will look most realistic, this is an innovative type of wallpaper.

Brick Wall Stencil

There are special stencils that allow you to literally squeeze out an imitation of a brick tub on a fresh layer of plaster. This is done like this: the working side of the polymer or rubber stencil is moistened with water, gently pressed against the newly plastered wall. The stencil is removed, but traces of the contours remain. Make sure that the horizontal lines match when transferring the stencil to a new area! After the plaster has hardened, the imitation of masonry can be painted by first priming. For the seams, you can choose a different shade, it all depends on your imagination.

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Decorative wall panels

Finished decorative wall panels. They can imitate any kind of material: wood, natural stone, brick. They are convenient in that they allow you to quickly decorate the walls, and are attached with glue. However, surfaces should be prepared first, and decorative panels can be expensive..

Brick tile

Brick tiles or ready-made decorative bricks. The whole process is similar to laying ordinary ceramic tiles, only the gaps should be left a little larger, not less than a centimeter. You can decorate a kitchen apron or a wall in the bathroom with such tiles, just choose a high-quality grout for the joints, because they will be a fairly noticeable part of the decor.

Loft style apartment design

If you have the time and desire, you can go the more complicated way – take an old brick and cut it into thin plates, which will then become facing tiles. Sawing will be difficult, it is better to do it on a stone cutting machine, using water to prevent the formation of a column of dust. It will be difficult to achieve the evenness of the plates with a grinder, even using a diamond wheel. But you will get a real brick, only much thinner, with which you can decorate walls.

Graphito technology. It involves the application of a special solution based on white cement. The layer can vary from 6 to 80 millimeters. The surface turns out to be durable, it can successfully imitate not only brickwork, but also natural stone. Minus – it is very difficult to do it yourself, and the services of specialists together with materials will cost about 3 thousand rubles per square meter.

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Imitation of foam brickwork

Imitation of cardboard masonry

Imitation of a brick made of foam or corrugated board. A variant from the hand-made series, that is, with your own hands. It will turn out inexpensively, but you will have to spend a lot of time. Approximately identical “bricks” should be cut out of polystyrene or ordinary dense boxes made of durable cardboard, which are then glued with PVA glue or hot melt glue to the prepared, cleaned from old coatings and primed wall. To stick exactly, you can first draw the masonry, at least basic horizontal lines. Such imitation of masonry can be decoupage, painted, varnished for strength.

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