The most amazing bookshelves

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Surely designers, as people of the creative profession, are annoyed by the simple forms of cabinet furniture. Its shape is in most cases “unshakable” in its functionality. Therefore, when they find non-standard solutions, it seems surprising, for example, for ordinary bookshelves..

The most amazing bookshelves


The motives of nature in the interior will always be relevant. For example, wallpaper and textiles often act as a canvas for paintings. These motives are no less popular at the level of accessories – paintings, collages and figurines. But what if an item like a bookshelf is made as a decorative accessory? After all, it’s enough just to find a good shape.

The most amazing bookshelvesIn this case, part of the crown of a real tree was attached to the wall. And on its branches, like on shelves, they placed books

The most amazing bookshelvesYou can make a whole bookcase with a wood profile. And it will look much more attractive than the “dull” vertical row of standard shelves

The most amazing bookshelvesAnd a couple of such trees of small size can decorate the hall of a city apartment in a modern style

The most amazing bookshelvesYou can cut and make a full-size bear shape from plywood. And already on both sides “draw” shelves, and in the middle arrange a small book storage

The most amazing bookshelvesThis is an example of an entire sculptural composition of two figures – a deer and an eagle

Small forms are no less interesting. They do not need a lot of space, but this makes them no less functional and attractive..

The most amazing bookshelvesSuch a shelf in the shape of a bat silhouette will always find a place on the wall next to an armchair or sofa in a seating area

The most amazing bookshelvesThis shelf with recipe books and knife holder will fit on your kitchen table

The most amazing bookshelvesAnd this miniature in the shape of a dog was created for the desktop of a student


We ended the previous section with a figurine of a dog, so this one will start with her best friend, a human..

The older generation still remembers the slogan: “a book is a source of knowledge” (not the Internet), and a person’s knowledge is stored in the head. Therefore, such a bookcase is not just an element of the interior, but a symbol – a graphic representation of this thesis..

The most amazing bookshelves

The most amazing bookshelvesAnother variation of this slogan, but in a joking form

The most amazing bookshelves And this is how they made a whole sketch of two “running” (or “dancing”) figures. And so that there was no doubt, a ball-eye was placed in the upper box-head of one of the figures

The most amazing bookshelves These shelves, albeit in a playful form, also have a hidden meaning. If you look closely, you can see the head of a mustachioed man wearing a hat and glasses. And two ovals can be interpreted in two ways: as rings of tobacco smoke or as direct speech from a comic book

Once again about symbols

Shelves in the form of philosophical symbols of Eastern culture.

The most amazing bookshelvesAncient Chinese Yin and Yang – two principles of the universe, struggle and unity of opposites

Feng Shui snail – peace and tranquility. The shell in Buddhism is awakening from ignorance. And interestingly, both meanings are suitable for the shelf, nothing distracts from the bustle of the world so much as reading a good book, and on the other hand, it is the book that is designed to fight ignorance.

The most amazing bookshelves

And a purely Russian symbol – this is a ribbon with an easily recognizable color combination. For some, it’s just beautiful, but a person who is fond of history can take this rack for a selection of books about two world wars.

The most amazing bookshelves

Non-standard solutions

The standard purpose of a bookshelf is either an independent unit for storing a book, or part of a storage system (rack, cabinet, cabinet, desk). And if you make another piece of furniture from the shelf. For example, “twist” such a reading corner out of it.

The most amazing bookshelves

The most amazing bookshelvesAllow the tape of the open shelf to “drain” from the wall to the floor, taking the form of a desktop for a home office along the way

The most amazing bookshelvesAnd this is the “goose step” staircase that leads to the mezzanine. And the space under it was given for bookshelves

It is also unusual for bookshelves to be arranged in pieces of furniture intended for other purposes..

The most amazing bookshelvesIn the wall of a bunk bed

The most amazing bookshelvesAt the base of the bed

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