How and how to paint vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is good for everyone – inexpensive, affordable, maintainable, durable enough to quickly decorate the facade of the house. But only the material burns out in the sun, it loses its color. And just the shade of the facade can get bored with the owners. Our tips site for painting vinyl siding.

How and how to paint vinyl siding

There are two reasons to paint vinyl siding on the facade:

  1. Wear. Over time, under the sun’s rays, the finish changes color, fades, whitish spots and microcracks may appear on it. And the house does not look at all as beautiful as after construction..
  2. Decor. The choice of vinyl siding colors is, of course, there. But it does not always satisfy the owners. I want something like that, not like the neighbors. Or you need to highlight the corners, slats around windows and doors, in general, to give the house additional aesthetics.

What to do in such cases? Replacing the entire siding is expensive and time consuming. The owners of houses with plastered and wooden facades in such cases simply buy the right paint and update the exterior without any problems. Vinyl siding is more difficult. Regular wall paint will definitely not work here..

Only the following compounds can be used for vinyl siding:

  • 100% acrylic outdoor paints.
  • Urethane acrylic paints.
  • Latex paints.
  • Plastic coatings from the industrial segment.
  • Automotive enamels recommended for use on plastics.
  • Specialized paints.

How and how to paint vinyl siding

Let’s dwell on the last option, it is now widely advertised. PRO.SAIDING paint appeared in our country recently, while in the USA, for example, there is a whole industry that produces special compositions for the protection, care, repair and painting of vinyl siding. This is due to the fact that the finishing material itself appeared in Russia much later than in America. In general, reviews of specialized siding paint are good, but the price is still quite high. A liter of paint costs 1.3 thousand rubles. Painting a facade with an area of ​​150 square meters will take about 25 thousand rubles..

The main thing when painting vinyl siding is to choose the correct composition, one of the above paint options for outdoor conditions. The rest of the process looks simple:

  1. Siding must be cleaned from dust. How to do this, the portal wrote.
  2. Sand the surface using P100 sandpaper.
  3. Treat surfaces with a plastic adhesion promoter.
  4. Prime with a compound suitable for the selected paint, e.g. acrylic primer.
  5. Paint.

How and how to paint vinyl siding

It is most convenient to apply paint to the siding with an airbrush, a spray gun, because the area is large. However, wide paint brushes can also be used. Of course, you need a comfortable staircase to reach the roof walls and the second floor. You need to work at height carefully, we do not get tired of reminding about it.

How and how to paint vinyl siding

In any case, even if you use expensive specialized paint, this option for renovating the facade is cheaper than dismantling the old vinyl siding and installing a new one. Yes, and it will turn out faster in time, although the process of preparing for painting and the painting of the facade itself will also take more than one day.

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