How to choose a wallpaper. Types of wallpaper

One of the main questions that arises during the renovation is how to decorate the walls. Now there are many options and types of wall finishes. But, by far, the most common is wallpaper decoration. How to choose a wallpaper? What types of wallpaper are there? Let’s try to figure out this issue together..


The most common type of wallpaper is paper wallpaper. This classic finish came to the modern world from ancient China. Any beginner can glue such wallpapers due to the simplicity of this technology. They have gained their popularity also due to their low cost and universal availability. However, they have several disadvantages. These include their fragility. Paper wallpapers wear out and fade under the influence of sunlight. In addition, most types of such wallpaper cannot be washed. Therefore, in 6-8 years you will have to re-glue such wallpapers and update
design of your room.

There are two types of wallpaper: single-layer (simplex) and two-layer (duplex). They can be smooth or corrugated. Recently, three-layer wallpapers have begun to appear, but they have not yet become widespread. Two-layer wallpaper is less whimsical to violations of gluing technology, in contrast to single-layer ones. The latter, if you, say, too much diluted the glue with water, may lose their relief and attractive appearance. There are also so-called paintable wallpapers. Such wallpapers are glued to the wall and painted with water-dispersion paints..

Now let’s talk about other types of wallpaper. With the development of industry, new technologies for the production of wallpaper began to appear that can satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated consumer..

Non-woven wallpaper are made from non-woven fabric – non-woven fabric. Such wallpaper is much faster due to the fact that the Cray is applied to the wall, and not to the wallpaper itself. Such wallpapers can be painted with water-based paints and repainted several times..

Vinyl wallpapers very versatile. They can simulate various surfaces. At the same time, they are easy to clean and wash and they are not afraid of direct sunlight, which makes them quite durable..

The most sensitive to the environment are velor wallpaper. The name speaks for itself, their coating looks like velor. Due to the complexity of the technology for making such wallpapers, they have a fairly high price..

Fiberglass Wallpaper the most fire resistant. They are made of fiberglass, which gives them strength and resistance to abrasion. These wallpapers do not collect dust and are easy to clean. However, it should be noted that the price for them is quite high..

The most beautiful and expensive wallpapers are textile wallpaper. They are almost indistinguishable from fabric. This gives the room a special charm and high cost. However, they have a paper base and are rather easily glued to the wall..

We have tried to present to your attention the main types of wallpaper. We hope you will find the option you need and the vichy walls will remain beautiful for a long time.

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