Photo tile

Modern building technologies do not stand still. In the face of fierce market competition, manufacturers are forced to come up with more and more innovative methods and materials.


One of these unique and rapidly developing technologies is sublimation printing on various types of surfaces, including ceramics. The photographic image on the tile began to be applied not recently. But this was done earlier, most often by direct photo printing or offset printing. Such methods of applying a photographic image to tiles have never been distinguished by ease of execution or high manufacturability. As a result of this technology, color images were obtained after the master manually tinted an already finished photograph of black and white colors with special high-temperature dyes. Over time, this process was refined and various variations were invented for it, but, in fact, its idea remained unchanged. The quality of such printing of photographic images on ceramic tiles was still low, and the work was very laborious. And even now this technology is widely used by many photoceramics manufacturers..

Thanks to a lot of research work, a huge number of experiments and research, new ways of printing photographic images on ceramics have been developed. Ceramic dyes have also been improved, they have become more persistent, bright and balanced. The process of sublimation on ceramics occurs under the influence of temperature due to the transition of paint from a solid to a gaseous substance, as a result of which the paint directly penetrates into the previously applied polymer coating on the surface of the ceramic tile. The final stage is covering the tiles with a layer of transparent glaze, which prevents the product from mechanical effects of the environment..

The resulting ceramic photo tile very resistant to harmful environmental influences – to temperature changes, moisture, and scratches. The images on the tiles are amazingly bright and clear, it is also of great importance that they do not fade over time.
Photo tiles are most often used when decorating a bathroom or kitchen, i.e. where materials are required that are most resistant to moisture, fumes, mechanical stress and easy to clean. You can clad only one wall or part of it, or you can tile the whole room. In the kitchen, the main material can be ordinary ceramic tiles, on certain parts of the wall, such as the place above the stove or above the cutting table, you can fantasize with a photo tile. You can imagine yourself as a real artist-decorator, coming up with various subjects for a photopanel made of ceramic photo tiles, and there can be a huge variety of subjects. Therefore, you do not have to worry that your bathroom or kitchen will be ordinary and not expressive..

The photopanel can also be used in hallways and entrance areas. Photo tiles can be used in completely different rooms, from a nursery to a personal account.

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