Ingo Maurer’s most famous lamps

On October 21, 2019, unfortunately, Ingo Maurer, the designer who was called and is called “the artist of light”, passed away. His chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, table lamps have become recognized examples of high art in the field of lighting. Our tips site decided to dedicate an article to this design master..

Ingo Maurer's most famous lampsTable lamp I Ricchi Poveri – Toto

In its article with photo examples of unusual designer chandeliers, the portal, of course, included the work of Ingo Maurer. But there are many more famous lamps of this master of light! His lighting fixtures decorate not only interiors, they are exhibited in museums, including the Museum of Modern Art (New York).

Ingo Maurer's most famous lamps

Ingo Maurer's most famous lamps

Ingo Maurer's most famous lamps

One of the most famous Maurer lamps – Lucellino – has many variations. Such simple lamps with graceful, cute wings can be table, wall, pendant, combined into a whole chandelier with numerous branches..

Quote: “I love to amuse people … What will be left behind me is not lamps, not light, but pleasant feelings” – Ingo Maurer.

Ingo Maurer's most famous lampsLamp “Canned light”

Ingo Maurer's most famous lampsPaper chandelier or Zettel’z lamp

Ingo Maurer's most famous lampsCampari bottle lamp Campari Light

Maurer is known for turning literally anything into lamps – bottles, cans of tomato soup, just pieces of paper on which the owner of the chandelier could leave any messages himself. The master also enjoyed working with Japanese rice paper and other natural materials. Despite the apparent simplicity, the price of such designer lamps is high. For example, Campari Light costs more than 24 thousand rubles on the Internet.

Ingo Maurer's most famous lampsComic Explosion Light

The estimated price of this design miracle is about 2 million rubles.!

Ingo Maurer's most famous lamps

This is the Bulb lamp, created by Maurer in 1966 and made him famous. Today these table lamps sell for over 500 euros. Meanwhile, everything is simple – a lamp in a lamp. In general, Maurer was very fond of simple Edison bulbs and used them many times. Although it has lighting fixtures with modern LED and OLED technologies.

Ingo Maurer's most famous lampsPorca Miseria lamp! (“Damn it!”)

Ingo Maurer's most famous lampsLamp Oh Man, it’s a Ray! The basis is the usual clothes hangers

Ingo Maurer's most famous lampsLamp Lacrime del Pescatore (“Tear of the Fisherman”)

Ingo Maurer's most famous lampsLamp Johnny B. Butterfly

Ingo Maurer's most famous lampsChandelier Oh Mei Ma

Ingo Maurer's most famous lampsFloor lamp Wo-Tum-Bu 1

Ingo Maurer, born in 1932 in Germany, lived a long life and did not stop creating, even at a respectable age. He left a rich legacy and his lamps will inspire young designers and delight owners for a long time..

Quote: “When people ask me what I wanted to say with my work, I patiently answer:“ Nothing. ” I do things that can be seen or felt, but they cannot talk. “.

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