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When we build a house for our family on a summer cottage, we do not forget about a house for our car. Regardless of whether the garage will be a separate building or part of a residential building, it will need a reliable gate. The most common type of gate presented today in private housing construction is sectional.

The choice of sectional doors is due to a number of undoubted advantages, which include: rational opening system (they can be installed behind the opening, which allows you to use it completely); operational safety; reliable protection against hacking; excellent sealing of the opening; high degree of thermal insulation; minimum space that they occupy. In addition, when the door is opened, the curtain moves vertically upward and retracts under the ceiling. This allows you to drive up close to them.
That is why rational designers, creating competent architectural solutions, initially include sectional gates in the projects of modern houses and summer cottages. This raises the question: what to look for when choosing a sectional door?

First, on the strength characteristics.

For all enclosing structures, including sectional doors, one of the most important criteria is their strength and durability. Sectional door leaf consists of several sections, movably interconnected by means of steel hinges. Each section is a three-layer sandwich panel: steel walls and polyurethane foam in between. Thus, the sandwich panel is the main element of the door, and the strength of the sectional door leaf depends, first of all, on the panel design, its thickness and the density of the filler..
For example, in Alutech doors, external and internal steel sheets are connected in a reliable lock, forming a closed loop, which prevents the panel from delamination during operation and increases the door’s resistance to deformation.
The panel thickness can be varied from 20 to 45 mm. Moreover, the thicker the panel, the stronger it is, which means that it is more resistant to wind and shock loads. More massive panel provides additional rigidity and strength of the door leaf assembly.

Secondly, on the thermal insulation properties.

This parameter is one of the main ones, especially when choosing a door for a heated garage. GOST 31174-2003 “Metal gates. General technical conditions” defines three classes of gates in terms of heat transfer resistance: A – with resistance over 1.0 m2 ° C / W; B – with a resistance of 0.70-0.99 m2 ° C / W; B – with a resistance of 0.40-0.69 m2 ° C / W. Products with a heat transfer resistance lower than 0.30 m2 ° C / W are not assigned a class. “.
High thermal insulation properties of the doors are provided due to the thickness and construction of the sandwich panel, as well as the quality of the seal. Experts advise choosing panels with a thickness of 45 mm (this is the thickest panel on the market). The thicker the panel, the higher the thermal insulation of the garage and the stronger the door itself. This is quite natural, because the plane of the panels occupies more than 80% of the total area of ​​the structure..
The sectional doors are equipped with rubber seals along the entire perimeter, which cover the joints and, in combination with the guides, ensure reliable sealing of the opening. In this case, preference should be given to heat-resistant materials capable of maintaining elasticity over a wide temperature range. In addition, from leading manufacturers each panelequipped with a polymer EPDM seal, which retains high mechanical strength and elasticity at low temperatures.

Thirdly, on the corrosion resistance of the materials used.

All elements of a sectional door must be corrosion resistant. So, for example, in order to improve the anti-corrosion properties of Alutech panels, a zinc coating is applied to the steel strip – 225 g / m2, and a two-layer polymer coating with a thickness of 30-40 microns (soil and enamel) is used on the front side of the panel. The enamel on the front side of the panel is a polyurethane coating modified with polyamide particles (PUR-PA). This coating has excellent anti-corrosion properties, reliably protects the door surface from mechanical damage, is resistant to detergents and chemicals..
Increased resistance to corrosion of the entire structure of sectional doors is also ensured by the use of components made of corrosion-resistant materials.

Fourth, the safety of the whole structure.

According to European safety standards EN12604, the construction of sectional doors should exclude the possibility of pinching fingers between the moving elements of the leaf. Protection against pinching of fingers is provided by a special shape of the head of the panels, in which the gap between the moving elements does not exceed 4 mm. The sectional door leaf mass is compensated using a spring mechanism with mandatory protection against spring breakage. This mechanism allows sectional doors of all sizes to open effortlessly. Spring characteristics are selected individually for each door so that when the door is closed, the door leaf does not spontaneously rise, and when it is open, it does not fall. Thanks to the precise selection and balancing of the springs, the door can be opened and closed easily by hand.

Another important point is the installation of the gate.

Installation and adjustment of the gate affects the period and safety of their operation. This is a complex technological process that includes calculations, installation and adjustment of automation and drives. The defining dimensions for door installation are the width and height of the opening, the distance from the edge of the opening to the side wall (min 130-140 mm), the distance from the top of the opening to the ceiling (min 100 mm when manually lifting, 125 mm when using an electric drive). It is important to choose the correct type of door installation beforehand so that the raised door does not interfere with indoor work under various circumstances. A wide range of installation types contributes to the successful solution of emerging problems. Sectional doors allow you to close garage openings of a sufficiently wide width – up to 5 m.Garage doors can be up to 3 m high.

At present, sectional doors can be selected for almost any opening, not only taking into account the size, but also the architectural conformity (rectangular, with beveled edges, with an upper rounded part or an arch). Gates of various colors and textures are presented on the market; wood-like gates are especially popular. Choose the right sectional door! And they will reliably keep warm in your garage, as well as emphasize the originality of the exterior..

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