Furniture in the children’s room

The children’s room is a kind of adapted model of the huge adult world. Here, the child, with the help of games, toys, books, furniture, comprehends life, forms an attitude towards learning and parents. The interior of the nursery plays an important role in the development of skills and talents, in the formation of personality. In it, the furniture should also be for children. Not heavy “adult” wardrobes or cabinets, which lacked space in other rooms, but beautiful and interesting objects that the kid will explore and master, and which will become an organic part of his little world. When starting to arrange a room, take into account the child’s age, his hobbies (if any), as well as what functional areas it will include (rest, sleep, study). The choice of furniture and its arrangement depends on this..

In a newborn’s room, a cradle or bed, a changing table (often equipped with shelves and drawers) will be required. The cradle is often equipped with a large linen drawer that slides out along metal guides. There are models in which the sides can be lowered and raised, as well as the height of the berth can be changed. In the crib, the backrests and side panels are traditionally high so that the child does not fall out. The sides are not solid, but in the form of slats, so that the bed is ventilated, and the child can watch what is happening around. For the convenience of parents, some modern models of cots are equipped with rocking chairs and wheels, which can be easily removed if desired. Since the baby’s skeleton is formed in the first year of life, the basis of the crib is a hard mattress and an orthopedic lattice – a frame.

Everything that is purchased for a baby should be exclusively natural and environmentally friendly: furniture made only from solid wood, only natural fillers for mattresses and pillows, only natural materials for curtains, covers and bed linen. And durable paints that will withstand regular wet cleaning.

“Two to Six” is a very interesting age. Preschoolers actively learn the world, their horizons are rapidly expanding. A curious nose appears here and there, so you can’t keep track of it. Furniture offered by manufacturers for children of this age is distinguished by its special color and design ingenuity. The bed, table, chair, lockers and toy boxes sometimes take on the most unexpected shapes and contours..

The child is very mobile. So that little eyes do not cry, so that tears do not drip, pay special attention to the safety of furniture items: exclude non-rounded, poorly processed corners, metal fittings, glass elements in furniture. Obviously, the addiction and height of a six-year-old is different from a two-year-old. Therefore, transformer headsets are especially convenient, capable of “growing” following the baby and his interests. In them, one object can be used for several purposes, the relative position of the component parts changes, being still in the same structure. It can consist of a single or bunk bed, ladders, bedside tables, cupboards, table.

The bed slides out of the closet, or the table rolls out from under the bed, or the closet itself serves as the basis for the bed – there are many options. This furniture saves space well – all of it can be placed even in a small area, and in fact small rooms are most often reserved for children’s rooms. Its compactness allows most of the space to be left unoccupied – for games.

In transforming furniture, it is often possible to increase the size of a sliding bed. However, experts advise to purchase full, stationary beds with a preferred width of at least 90 cm. It is better that they are equipped with orthopedic grilles and semi-rigid mattresses. If the bed is placed on the second tier, the distance to the ceiling should be at least 70 cm. Regarding the materials used, the requirements are the same – everything is only natural!

The child went to school, which means, among other things, he will need a well-organized space for study.

Tables in children’s rooms are of several types: traditional one- or two-bollards, with roll-out pedestals, computer tables with a pull-out plane for the keyboard. Such a table may have additional built-in drawers or separate bedside tables for the system unit and other necessary accessories. The main thing is that the furniture matches the size of the child. The height of the table should be slightly higher than the elbow of the child standing next to it, and the table itself should be spacious and stable. There appeared transforming tables, in which the height and angle of the table top change. The height adjustment issue can also be solved by using an office chair or a chair with a reclining seat. A chair with a high and resilient back is preferred. Its optimal height is when the child’s legs, bent at the knees at a right angle, rest on the floor. The student will also need racks and shelves for textbooks, notebooks, books. They can be open or closed, but shallower than conventional wardrobes. Younger students still devote a lot of time to games, so design rooms remain relevant. During school years, the child grows up a lot, his tastes change radically, new hobbies appear, his own view of the world is formed – it would be nice for furniture to correspond to these changes. Built-in furniture can be a very successful and practical solution. The lower level can accommodate a bed and a desk, and the upper, closed shelves will accommodate things that are less popular..

In such furniture, there is a folding bed, built into the wall, which is removed during the day. If there are two children, you can use a bunk bed or a structure in which the beds are integrated into one another. In a small room, you can resort to this solution: during the day, one bed is installed on top of the other using a special mount, freeing up the play space, and at night it returns to its place. To make furniture easier to move, some manufacturers offer models on wheels..

High school students and students are no longer children, but not yet adults. Their furniture is youthful, modern and versatile. In fact, the room turns from a nursery into a studio or study. It should have enough space for books, and for a music center with a collection of CDs, and for notes, and for indoor plants. The furniture itself is naturally larger in size than the nursery, therefore, placing it in the same space, you should especially carefully consider its arrangement and zoning.

For a nursery, no matter what “age” it is, it is best to use furniture made of solid aspen, beech, ash, birch, alder, maple. Furniture made of MDF (material from the finest wood dust obtained by hot pressing without the use of toxic binders) is also considered environmentally friendly. The use of chipboard is permissible only in cases where the entire surface of the board is covered with a protective layer (veneer, laminate or melanin) and only if the seller has a hygienic certificate. As for the color scheme of furniture, manufacturers prefer light, joyful tones. When choosing her, the main thing is not to overdo it. Let the furniture be as neutral as possible, and you can revive it with bright accessories..

On the Russian market, there is a wide choice of children’s furniture. One thing is bad – the prices for it are quite “adult”. For example, high-quality Italian-made furniture (DOIMO, SILOMA, MAXCOTT, TIEFFE, FAER, NOVAMOBILI, SPRINT, RECORDS, others) can cost 3 thousand dollars. French (GAUTIER), Spanish (ANTAIX), German (FLEXA) products are also in this price range. Slightly more moderate (1.5 thousand dollars and below) prices from the firms VOX (Poland-Switzerland), MEVI (Belgium), “ENRAN AKROS” Ukraine-Austria), “ERGOTEK” (Ukraine-Italy). Relatively inexpensive products ($ 500-800) are offered by Russian manufacturers Shatura, Kambio.

We all want to make the life of our children bright, festive and carefree, but at the same time we often proceed not from the actual needs of the baby, but from our own opinions and ideas.

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