Growing and caring for peaches on the site

Growing and caring for peaches on the site

We admit that the peach is a southern tree, grows best in the subtropics, and does not tolerate frost well. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to grow a peach tree and get a rich harvest from it in central Russia and even in the northern regions..

The first thing to do is choose a peach variety. If you live in the south, in a region with mild winters, you have a lot to choose from. Very popular, for example, Kiev early, Redhaven and White Swan, the fruits of which ripen early. For the middle lane, the Kremlin large-fruited, medium-ripening variety, with fruits reaching 200 grams in weight, is suitable. Also common are Smolensky, Zakatny, Veteran, Sibiryak, Golden Moscow.

Early Kiev peachEarly Kiev peach

The varieties Kharko, Harnas, Fury, Harbinger are winter-hardy. All of them were bred by breeders in the USA and Canada, they are easier to tolerate the climate with frosty winters..

The top tip is to choose a peach seedling that’s right for your region. Check this moment in the nursery, use the services of local breeders who are well versed in this matter.

Important! Remember that in addition to the peaches themselves with fluffy skins, there are also nectarines – fruits with smooth skin. In addition, there are flattened varieties similar to figs..

Having decided on the type of peach tree, it’s time to buy a seedling. It is best to take annual plants, pay attention to the condition of the seedling, its root system. The height of a peach tree suitable for planting varies from 1 to 1.5 meters, the thickness of the trunk is from 1.5 to 2 centimeters. The bark must necessarily be without gum dots, because this disease will soon affect the entire tree. Ideal seedling – with a developed root system, smooth, uniform bark and several side shoots.

Peach seedlings

When choosing a place on the site for a peach, remember that he loves a place that is lighted and protected from drafts. You can plant it near the house, on the south side. Lowlands, swampy areas where water stagnates are not suitable for peaches. Distance to the nearest trees and buildings – three meters.

We wrote in detail about the features of planting fruit trees. Peach planting technology is generally no different. It is important to apply fertilizers to the soil, dig a hole about 40x40x40 centimeters in size, form a mound at the bottom, on which a seedling with pre-straightened roots will stand. Humus and compost are excellent for fertilizing peach; complex mineral fertilizers can be added.

Important! Peach seedling, as you understand, is very thin. He definitely needs a support, a peg or a flat board of a suitable size, to which the tree must be carefully tied. And do not forget to water the plant thoroughly after planting, and mulch the soil around to maintain moisture. Moreover, mulch can be poured with a mound in order to more reliably protect the plant from the upcoming cold weather..

Planting a peach in the ground

Planting a peach seedling

In the southern regions, it is advisable to plant peach seedlings in the fall, but in areas with more severe winters – in the spring, so that the tree has time to get stronger before the onset of cold weather. In general, it is always better to plant frost-resistant varieties in spring, when the soil has already had time to warm up thoroughly, and the risk of late frosts is minimal..

Post-planting peach care includes regular watering during dry times. Remember that the root system of this fruit tree is shallow, so it tolerates drought worse than other trees. Fertilizing the plant, of course, will not hurt either, fertilizers must be applied at least twice during the warm season.

Peach after pruning

Peach pruning is very important, just like other fruit trees. The crown of a peach tree forms very quickly, so without regular pruning it will be difficult for you to harvest, and you need to get rid of dried, damaged branches regularly. Pruning with a lopper, pruning shears should be done in March-April, depending on the region.

Important! In colder regions, gardeners practice pruning a peach tree to the size of a bush. This makes it easier not only to harvest, but also to protect the plant from frost in winter..

Fruiting peach

Since we are talking about growing a peach in cold regions, it needs shelter for the winter. According to gardeners’ reviews, even in the north, a peach is able to withstand the winter cold, if wrapped, for example, with lutrasil or other covering material. For fidelity, you can insert spruce branches between the branches. At the same time, the mulch should be raised higher to the trunk, add a new one in the fall to protect the root system.

Shelter of a peach for the winter with lutrasilShelter of a peach for the winter with lutrasil

If the peach is still frozen, the damaged branches are removed, the tree usually recovers well.

When it comes to getting a rich harvest, there are two opinions. Some gardeners insist that small peach flowers, and in the future, small fruits must be picked by hand so that the rest grow large and juicy. Other gardeners call this barbarism, believing that the tree itself will get rid of small and dry fruits..

Peach blossom

As for diseases, most often the peach is threatened with curly leaves, fruit rot, moniliosis, and gum disease. Curly, twisted leaves can simply be torn off by hand to keep the disease from spreading. Burn the plucked leaves! Also in the fight against twisted peach leaves and pests is effective drug “Horus”.

Treatment of a peach tree from pests and diseases

To prevent diseases, the peach should be treated with 2-3% Bordeaux liquid even before the leaves bloom in spring.

As you can see, it is not so difficult to grow a peach. Good luck in this endeavor and a rich harvest.!

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