The minimum set of tools for gardening

The minimum set of tools for gardening

Speaking of garden tools, we think first of all we should mention the shovel. A real owner of shovels can have up to a dozen, of various sizes and types. An obligatory set is a bayonet shovel with a working part of 20×30 centimeters. It is with such bayonet shovels that they dig up turf and virgin soil, dig holes, dig potatoes … It is better to have at least two such shovels. For greenhouse work and more delicate work, choose a small paddle with a smaller bayonet and handle. To remove debris, you will need a stripping shovel with a rectangular working part. Also, don’t forget the winter snow shovel. So it turns out that there should be at least five shovels on the farm!

Bayonet shovel

Garden shovel

Lightweight bayonet shovel

Snow shovel

Rake. They are also different. There are straight and curved teeth, and for lumpy soil, aerator rakes with knife-shaped teeth are suitable. As a minimum set, purchase a fan rake that perfectly removes foliage and small debris from lawns and beds, as well as straight heavy ones – for leveling and loosening the soil.

Garden rake with curved teeth

Fan rake

Hoe. An irreplaceable helper in weed control. Choppers distinguish between triangular and square, with different sizes of the working part – from 15 to 40 centimeters. In addition to the hoe, a hoe is often used in the country economy, and now the Fokin flat cutter is gaining more and more popularity. However, if we are talking about a minimum of tools for the garden, two hoes, preferably titanium, of different sizes, will be enough..

Hilling potatoes with a hoe

Garden hoe

Plane cutter engineer Fokin

Pitchfork. They are necessary for loosening the soil, carefully digging up root crops, digging up hard soil, with which it is more difficult to work with a shovel. The pitchfork can also be used for organic fertilization, hay or straw. The pitchfork can be sharp or blunt, choose yourself.

Garden pitchfork

Watering cans and buckets. We think you have a hose or have a drip irrigation system. But you still can’t do without buckets and watering cans! Watering a separate bed or flowerbed, picking apples and cucumbers, diluting fertilizers … There are never too many buckets on the farm, but a watering can, most likely, one is enough.

Galvanized buckets

Plastic watering can

Lopper and pruner. If you want your trees, shrubs and vineyard to be in perfect order, then you cannot do without a pruner and a delimber. The pruner can handle stems and branches up to 12 millimeters, and the lopper up to 40 millimeters. Pay attention to the comfortable handles, they should be long enough, and the blades should of course be sharp.

Garden pruner

Pruning lopper

Even in gardening, it is advisable to have at least a small, two-liter, hand sprayer in order to effectively fight pests. Also, we would like to include an ax in our minimal set – you will definitely need to chop something, and just cook firewood for barbecue, a hacksaw to remove tree branches that the lopper cannot handle.

Hand sprayer

Landing fork

We advise you to pay attention to another convenient garden tool, which is not yet so common – a garden planting fork, which can be conveniently used when planting seedlings, removing weeds, loosening the soil in small areas. We are sure that such a minimum set will be enough for a novice gardener, and then – see for yourself – what other assistants will be useful to you. We have already suggested ideas for storing garden tools..

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