What air temperature should be in the apartment

What air temperature should be in the apartment

We admit that the optimal air temperature in the apartment is different for each person. Someone can walk in a T-shirt already at +18 ° С, and someone will put on a warm jacket at +20 ° С. However, in light of the fact that you have to pay for heating, you need to know what standards exist regarding the temperature in each living room. This is important, because no one wants to overpay for low-quality utilities.

So, there is GOST R 51617-2000 “Housing and communal services. General technical conditions “. It is he who sets the most important parameters for the provision of housing and communal services and provides clear figures for the standards.

What air temperature should be in the apartment

According to GOST, during the heating season, the air temperature in individual rooms should be as follows:

  • Living rooms – not lower than +18 ° С;
  • Kitchen, both with gas and electric stove – not less than +18 ° С;
  • Bathroom, separate or combined with a bathroom – at least +25 ° С;
  • Separate bathroom – not lower than +18 ° С;
  • Lobby, staircase, common corridor between apartments – not less than +16 ° С.

At the same time, in corner apartments, the temperature should be 2 ° C higher than the indicated indicators, that is, the minimum temperature in such rooms is +20 ° C. If the apartment is located in a region where the temperature drops below -30 ° C, then the rooms should be at least +20 ° C (+22 ° C for corner rooms, respectively, remember the GOST requirement).

What air temperature should be in the apartment

Important! At night, that is, from 00:00 to 05:00, the temperature in the premises may be reduced by 3 ° C. That is, in living rooms and in the kitchen at this time, according to the norms, it may be only + 15 ° С.

It is not difficult to measure the air temperature in an apartment – no hygrometer or other special devices are needed for this. A regular room thermometer is enough.

What air temperature should be in the apartment

Let’s say you are convinced that it is cold in the apartment, less than +18 ° С. And the payment contains all the amounts that are usual, no recalculation. What to do?

Important! Temporary disconnection of heat supply is allowed – for 16 hours at a time or for 24 hours during a month. Not more!

What air temperature should be in the apartment

Important! Even if one riser in your apartment is cold, but the temperature in the room is still +18 ° C, recalculation is not made!

What to do if the apartment is cold:

  1. We call the dispatch service of the resource supplying organization or the management company (they must be aware of what is happening). If there is an accident on the line, you will be immediately informed and asked to wait for the completion of the repair work. If the heating shutdown time rate is violated at the same time, the utilities will recalculate themselves;
  2. If there is no accident, the reason for the drop in temperature in the apartment is unknown, you should write a statement to the management company so that specialists come to you and make sure that the problem exists. Ideally, representatives of housing and communal services should wait two hours after registration of the application, but most often the time of their arrival is agreed upon separately.

What air temperature should be in the apartment

Important! Heat supply and hot water supply standards are regulated by government decree No. 354 (06.05.2011). Decree No. 307 is also in effect (23.05.2006).

  1. Based on the results of the check, an act is drawn up, one copy of which must remain with you. It is important to indicate in the act how much the temperature in the apartment differs from the standard and how many hours this problem lasts;
  2. After drawing up the act, a recalculation for heat for the current month must be carried out, its amount is indicated in the payment separately.

What air temperature should be in the apartment

The amount of recalculation for heating should be as follows:

  • Minus 0.15% for each degree less than the norm, and the recalculation is carried out for each hour of such a decrease;
  • For every hour exceeding the rate of a break in heating – also minus 0.15%.

Remember that recalculation will be based on nighttime and daytime temperatures. Do you remember that at night it can be 3 ° C colder in your apartment? Therefore, the amount of recalculation for lowering the temperature in the apartment during the day and at night will be different.

Important! Recalculation for heating can be done even if there are individual metering devices in the house, entrance or apartment. It’s just that in this case, the recalculation is usually done automatically. However, there are exceptions.

What air temperature should be in the apartment

If the management company and the resource supplying organization could not help you, do not give up. You can contact the prosecutor’s office, the State Housing Inspectorate of the region or Rospotrebnadzor to protect your rights.

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