How to choose a place for a house on the site

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With the purchase of a land plot for the construction of a private house, the question immediately arises – where this main object will be located. It depends on this where the rest of the buildings will be, whether there will be a place for a garden, whether it will be possible to equip a recreation area. Our tips site will help you choose a place for your home.

How to choose a place for a house on the site

Let’s start with SNiPs. Building regulations are strict! And, if you have a small plot, it may turn out that you do not have much choice of a place for a house. Study SNiP 30-02-97, which clearly states that there must be at least 3 meters from a residential building to the red line of the passage, the same amount to the neighbor’s fence, and 5 meters to the building of the street.

Important! It’s good if the red building line is already marked on the cadastral plan of your site! Or indicated in the survey plan. This will make it easier to navigate where it is possible to build and where it is prohibited. If there is no red line on the plans, you can check with the architecture department of the local administration..

Having dealt with the red lines, you can start planning.

Option one – a house on the front edge of the site

It is relevant if there is a sufficiently long distance from the fence to the passage, and the rest of the section is small. Or there is a garage on the ground floor of the house – it will be convenient to call in, almost immediately from the street. Minus – the residential building is close to the road, passers-by will be able to look through the windows. Plus – the rest of the site is hidden behind the house and there it will be possible to equip a patio, a recreation area and anything else..

How to choose a place for a house on the site

Option two – a house in the back of the site

The opposite choice. Of the advantages, the distance from the street can be noted. Of the minuses – you will need to spend money on the arrangement of the road to the house. Don’t just leave the primer! And a garden path will not work if you need to drive a car into the yard. So the cost of covering the driveway and the long yard in general can be very hefty..

How to choose a place for a house on the site

Important! Experts advise, before choosing a place for a house, to study a map of the area and find out exactly where the general slope of the territory goes. Try to choose the highest point for the house so as not to end up in the place of the drain. Or plan in advance drainage, storm sewers, reinforce foundation waterproofing.

Option three – in the center

Or approximately in the center of the site. A good choice if the size of the land plot is large enough. Otherwise, it may turn out that there is simply not enough space around the house for a more or less solid outbuilding. There is simply nowhere to “stick” the bathhouse, everything is somehow inconvenient. If the plot is large, then this is not a problem, but the house will really become the main, dominant object..

How to choose a place for a house on the site

Important! Plan the location of all objects on the site at the same time. For example, there may be problems with a septic tank, because its location is also clearly defined by the norms. Or with a well, a well, if there is no central water supply in the area.

Option four – closer to the neighbors

It is clear that without stepping over the red line, without approaching the fence closer than three meters. Not bad, the wall from the side of the neighbor’s house can be made almost deaf if you do not want to be in sight. And place the recreation area and the yard on the other side of the house – there is enough space. In this case, the house, of course, can be located closer or further to the edges of the site – you choose, taking into account the length of the driveway and the features of the relief.

How to choose a place for a house on the site

Important! Slopes are a special case! Here it is difficult to choose a place for a house without topographic survey of the area and geological surveys. It is necessary to obtain an accurate plan of the area indicating all the elevations near the entrances, along the boundaries of the site, on all irregularities. And choose the right zero mark for the house. The portal has already written about the features of building a house on a slope.

How to choose a place for a house on the site

When choosing a place for a house on the site, you must consider:

  • Where the front facade will face.
  • View from windows.
  • Cardinal points. Otherwise, it may turn out that your outdoor terrace is in the very sun, and the beds, on the contrary, are in constant shadow behind the house..

Important! Experts advise to draw up a master plan of the site immediately, taking into account all possible future buildings. In fact, think, maybe you decide to breed chickens in retirement, you need a chicken coop. Where will he stand? And a dog enclosure needs a place, and a playground. Plan for the future, even if you are not going to build anything now.

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