Ladder for a child – installation features

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A ladder for a child is not only an element of knowledge, but also a way of moving. In this case, the baby differs from the adult in both height and step size. Therefore, these features should be taken into account when making a folding or extension ladder – consider the main points in this article.

Ladder for a child - installation features

Features of the design and manufacture of stairs for a kid

Children, depending on their age, have different heights (and, accordingly, the step), which affects the determination of the parameters of the stairs. It is dangerous for a very small toddler to walk independently on the steps. Therefore, for calculating the structure, we take the approximate age of the child: 4–8 years, his average height: 1100–1300 mm, and the average step size: 400–500 mm. Based on this data, we will build a staircase for the little man to the playroom (to the attic, second floor, pedestal).

1. Dimensions of the tread and riser.The most significant values, which are determined by a formula similar to an adult (focusing on step size):

  • 2h + s = 400–500 mm;
  • where h is the size of the riser (optimal value: 112 mm);
  • s – tread size (optimal value: 225 mm).

2. Height of the handrail.For an adult, this value is 900-950 mm, and for a child – 680-730 mm.

Ladder for a child - installation features

3. Ladder height. A child who independently moves up the stairs should be protected as much as possible from possible falls and injuries. Therefore, the lower the design, the better. The maximum height must not exceed:

  • 2 m – without fencing
  • 3 m – with a fence

4. Width of the march.In order for the baby to move freely up the stairs, the minimum width of the stairs must exceed 500 mm.

Ladder for a child - installation features

5. Structural rigidity.The temporary ladder must be securely installed, not shaking, not vibrating, and even more so – not have any movements.

6. Materials.You can make a structure from different materials, but the result should not be sharp corners (or they should be decorated with special overlays), easily unscrewed objects. You can get hurt on the corners, and small parts can be swallowed, used for other purposes.

7. Ease of assembly and disassembly.An important factor that saves time for both parents and baby. Ideally, the mother of the child should independently cope with the task of installing the ladder and its “cleaning”.

Tips for using a folding ladder

Durability, good hold

No matter how good the ladder is, it should be securely installed, fixing it in the open position in order to maximally protect the baby from possible injuries. It is also important to hide it well after use..

Ability to control the baby

The smaller the child, the more you should watch him. So, a very small child (up to 4 years old) should not be allowed on the stairs on their own (you need to walk side by side, if the width allows it, or stand on the side and insure him).

The presence of a soft underlay on the floor

For a safety net, you can lay mats on the floor, different rugs – they will be both elements of the game and safety items.

The nuances of using an attached design

  1. Inaccessibility of storage of the stairs. The structure should be located in a place where the child himself cannot enter – so that he himself does not undertake to transfer it to the place he needs.
  2. Easy and secure ladder installation. The structure should not be bulky, but strong enough for the baby to move along it independently.
  3. The presence of a handrail on high structures. The higher the ladder, the more true this statement is. Also, the handrails will play an important role (so that the child does not fall out through the balusters).

A ladder for a kid is a useful element that allows a child to develop independence and self-confidence. But such a design should be as safe as possible for him..

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