Canadian technology for the construction of wooden houses

Canadian technology for the construction of wooden houses

The light weight of such buildings does not impose special requirements on the foundations, the minimum number of “wet” works allows you to build houses at any time of the year, in the shortest possible time. The technology for the construction of such houses is based on the principle of frame construction using wood as the main building material..

The frame itself consists of a beam more than 40 mm thick, impregnated with special compounds that prevent the appearance of putrefactive bacterial formations, protect against moisture and high temperatures – fire-resistant protection.

The edged board is laid on the foundation and fixed along its perimeter, forming the lower strapping.

Before installing the structures on the foundation, be sure to roll out the membrane waterproofing. The frame racks are vertically attached to the lower harness with a step of 1-1.5 meters, their width determines the thickness of the walls, on top of which the upper harness is mounted flat, repeating the structure of the lower.

Canadian technology for the construction of wooden houses

Floor slabs are boards of design section, installed on the edge with a given interval.

Fastening of structural elements of the frame is carried out using stamped punched and perforated plates made of galvanized steel. Sheathing, internal and external, is carried out using nails, self-tapping screws.

Outside, the frame is sheathed with OSB boards or moisture-resistant construction plywood. These materials are weather resistant, resist compression and tensile forces well.

For insulation of Canadian houses, foam plastic, mineral wool, penoizol, and basalt wool are used. These materials are laid in the frames of the floor, walls, ceilings, partitions, and roofs. Varying the thickness of the insulation layer depending on its thermal conductivity, they achieve very serious indicators of thermal insulation of the house.

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Canadian technology for the construction of wooden houses

Roof designs vary, and the roofing options are nearly limitless. However, the most common is soft roofing such as bituminous shingles..

The exterior wall cladding of a house built using Canadian technology has many options. It can be siding, eurolining, blockhouse and other materials. Their main task is to protect the frame and insulation from the effects of atmospheric factors, such as blowing, moisture.

Canadian technology for the construction of wooden houses is very promising. It enables flexible planning and architectural solutions, while having high performance. The economic effect, reducing the cost per square meter by more than 40 percent, makes it even more in demand in our time.

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