OPod Tube House is the new Chinese micro-house

The area of ​​each such house is about 100 square feet (just a little more than 9.29 m2).

To provide not only sleeping places, but also the ability to store things, prepare food, toilet and shower, two concrete pipes are used.

The author of the project, James Lowe, notes that many young people today cannot afford their own housing in a big city, so a micro-home can be an excellent way out for them..

According to the author, concrete pipes are strong enough, fireproof, with good heat retention rates and very practical – creating a house takes a little time.

In terms of area, OPod Tube House may well compete with the smallest houses on the planet, but in terms of comfort it meets all modern requirements.

A novelty from the well-known architectural bureau James Law Cybertecture, known for its original projects, was presented in Hong Kong, which is not surprising – for such a large city, the problem of overpopulation is very urgent.

The bed in the living room can be expanded at night, and during the day it turns into a comfortable sofa without taking up much space.

All household appliances in the micro-home are not only modern, but also compact. Including a mini fridge.

Each pipe weighs 22 tons, but they are easily attached to each other. It is possible to create entire residential complexes from OPod Tube House, and in places that are usually not used in the city – under bridges, in narrow gaps between ordinary houses, on roofs.

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