What can be done in the country from plastic bottles

Are you still just throwing away plastic bottles? Not worth it! Our tips site will show you how diverse their scope can be, what you can do from empty plastic containers with your own hands. Believe me, many ideas will surprise you and make you think about their implementation..

Greenhouse made of plastic bottles

Greenhouse made of plastic bottles

Greenhouses and greenhouses made of plastic bottles have worked well. Everything you need: the container itself, transparent, colored will not work, an awl, slats for the frame, nails, a hammer and pins for stringing bottles. Almost free construction will work! And the foundation, as we can see, is made of old tires, the portal wrote about such an economical option.

Flowerbeds from plastic bottles

Fences for flower beds, flower beds, beds.

Plastic bottle washbasin

The simplest, but quite convenient washstand, washbasin.

Drip irrigation from plastic bottles

Drip irrigation.

Vertical beds from plastic bottles

Vertical beds from plastic bottles

Vertical gardening. Bottles can be cut both lengthwise and crosswise, as you like. And grow anything from strawberries to greens, including on the balcony of a city apartment.

Seedlings in plastic bottles

Seedlings in plastic bottles

Just a container for growing seedlings or a mini greenhouse with a lid. By the way, such cut plastic bottles can easily protect seedlings from late frosts..

Plastic bottle broom

Broom for cleaning the yard. You have to tinker a little, cutting plastic bottles into ribbons, but in general it is not difficult to do it yourself.

Bird feeders

Bird feeders.

Lampshades and lamps from plastic bottles

Lampshade, plafond for a street lamp. It is important that the plastic does not come into contact with the lamp itself, it will melt. We advise you to use energy-saving lamps that heat up less.

Bottle mousetrap

Fly trap

A spinner from a plastic bottle to scare away birds and moles

All kinds of traps for flies, mosquitoes and other annoying insects, mouse traps, mole repellents.

Furniture from plastic bottles

Garden chairs

Garden furniture. To give it a more presentable look, you can simply use a blanket, a blanket, sew a cover.

Decorations for the site from plastic bottles

Decorations for the site from plastic bottles

Decorations for the site from plastic bottles

And finally, the decor. Palm trees and swans from plastic bottles are already classics. Funny animals, windmills and mills, fungi and houses – you can do anything with your own hands. By the way, we recommend painting plastic bottles for decoration with acrylic paints..

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