Trellis for grapes: varieties and features
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In the wild, grapes grow as needed – clinging to nearby trees and other vertical supports.
Electric hoe: principle of operation, pros and cons
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“What technology has come to!” – I just want to exclaim, considering the huge selection
Roller shutters or roller shutters: from selection to DIY installation
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Recommendation points What’s inside: we analyze it using the example of market leaders Wind resistance
Ecological style of landscape design – life in harmony with nature
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Recommendation points Eco-style colors Features of zoning Lawn decoration Paths and fences Small forms
The most popular varieties of cucumbers
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To get a good harvest of cucumbers, it is important to choose the right variety. There are no comrades
Harvest all year round: a vegetable garden on the windowsill
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Recommendation points Where to start – choose plants, select containers Arrangement of trellises
2019 Chelsea Flower Show Trends
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Recommendation points First trend Second trend Third trend Fourth trend Fifth trend Sixth trend Seventh
The Japanese garden is a classic example of ethnic style in landscape design
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Recommendation points Ideological component of the Japanese style Types of classic Japanese gardens Japanese
Conifers for the garden: tips for selection and planting
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Recommendation points Seven tips for choosing the right ephedra Two important factors that increase the
Pool water purification: how to choose chemistry and products
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Recommendation points First stage First week of operation Factors affecting water quality Mechanical
Smart vineyard: shaping on a trellis or arbor
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Recommendation points The main advantages of high-stem bushes We form a high-stem bush correctly Grapes
Hearth table: features, photo examples
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An outdoor hearth can be completely different – from an ordinary pit lined with brick to a massive