Builders and Rostekhnadzor licenses – between Scylla and Charybdis

Given the overdue deregulation and reform of the construction industry should not escalate into campaigning. From January 2010, it is planned to cancel licenses, and all companies working in the field of construction are required to join self-regulatory organizations (SRO). Many analysts are already warning of the danger of new corruption schemes, weakening of control over the activities of developers and insufficient elaboration of the reform.

New ideas are born in dreams

Representatives of government agencies and professional organizations have been talking about the need to remove obstacles in the way of designers and developers for many years. Yes, everyone somehow did not reach their hands until the crisis broke out. Seemingly prosperous and prosperous, the industry turned into a “poor relative” in an instant. Representatives of construction firms rush in confusion between bureaucratic offices and offices of commercial banks, hoping to receive support in the most difficult period.

The cancellation of licenses and the transition of work to the principles of self-regulation, it would seem, should please all market participants, after all, isn’t that what they dreamed about? In addition, in the coming years, many regulatory functions will be transferred from government agencies to professional associations of builders. Thanks to the reform, Rostechnadzor licenses and permits well known to entrepreneurs in a couple of years can be issued by self-regulatory organizations themselves.

Russian maybe or European order?

It seems to an unbiased observer that the builders were not ready for reforms coming from above. The desire to reduce the pressure of the state and copy the management models of the construction industry – according to the authors of the transformations – should lead to order and discipline the industry.

According to the apt expression of Viktor Stepanovich Chernomyrdin: “We wanted the best, but it turned out, as always.” There is very little time left before the cancellation of licenses is terminated, and the vast majority of design and construction companies have not joined the SRO. The wait-and-see attitude is associated with a variety of reasons – from a variety of organizational issues to very impressive contributions to the insurance fund. It turns out that the future of the industry is vague and chaotic.

Reforming and freeing the economy from bureaucratic obstacles is a necessary thing. Unfortunately, as historical experience shows, good intentions that are not supported by calculations are often unable to resolve numerous contradictions. Chaos and anarchy are far from the best alternative to over-regulation.

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