Rostekhnadzor licenses and other types of documentation for repair and construction work

Rostechnadzor licenses

Before starting work on construction sites where various mechanisms and equipment are used, contractors are required to obtain special permits for the use of certain types of devices. First of all, special documents are required for the use and operation of cranes and other types of equipment that move or raise goods and people to a height.

In some situations, when carrying out repair or construction work, it is necessary to issue a Rostechnadzor license. This type of permitting documentation is required for all business entities that are associated with the operation of fire hazardous facilities..

Rostechnadzor licenses must be obtained by contractors who produce valves and other structures for the needs of nuclear power, as well as perform work on the construction of hazardous nuclear facilities.

Rostechnadzor licenses

In addition, Rostekhnadzor licenses are included in the list of mandatory documents that must have companies whose activities are related to the processing, disposal or movement of toxic waste..

During the issuance of all types of Rostekhnadzor licenses, applicants for obtaining them are tested for their ability and ability to perform various types of work at hazardous facilities. After receiving a permit, the department’s specialists have the right to conduct inspections, including visiting construction sites, plants and factories, toxic waste storage facilities, in order to monitor compliance with all rules for using the license.

In case of revealing gross violations that can lead to man-made accidents, industrial injuries and other negative consequences, the controllers have the right to demand their elimination.

A significant number of accidents at industrial facilities indicate the need to further strengthen control by Rostechnadzor, including in the field of licensing.


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