Body of water in a landscape

When a luxurious garden is laid out on a neglected plot, a pool is a must. In this case, it is in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape..

The first time they saw this old estate, the future owners fell in love with it at first sight, although both the house and the surrounding area were in some desolation. The building was overhauled, and on the plot of land around the house, the landscape architect was to create a small park with a swimming pool. The man-made reservoir had to organically fit into the transformed landscape.

The leading decorative element in the design of the garden and pool is wood from one of the tropical species..

Each tree is framed with planks of this wood, resulting in a series of small terraces. The staircase leading from the house to the garden and further to the pool is made of the same material. The pool also features tropical wood with stone edging. The stone, by the way, is practically invisible, since it completely matches the color of the wooden frame.

During the construction of the pool, some difficulties arose: the area where the site is located is prone to floods, so there was reason to fear that the bowl might float. During the first cleaning of the pool, when it was drained for subsequent cleaning, distortions were found at the bottom of the bowl. I had to quickly clean the pool and refill it with water to bring the bowl back into balance under its weight. When installing the filter, this problem did not arise, since it is located in the technical room of the house, where it is clean and dry.

During the construction process, a finished white bowl was installed with a skimmer, heat exchanger, counterflow device and a fully automated floating louver cover. The dimensions of the pool are 12 x x 4.60 m, the depth is 1.50 m. The ladder, not built-in, is intended for descending into the pool – it is more in harmony with the surrounding landscape. A shower with warm water is installed near the pool – it may be needed by both adults and children who often play in the garden.

All equipment required for the pool operation is fully automated. This is a plant for automatic dosing of chlorine and determination of the pH content, a fiberglass filter device and control technology.

The white color of the bowl requires special attention. The water in this area contains a large amount of iron, so specialists from the pool cleaning service center make sure that no metal particles settle on the edges of the reservoir in spring when the water is changed. For this, metal-binding substances are used that form flakes, which are then fished out of the water. Therefore, the pool bowl always shines with white hospitality and as if invites you to swim.

The old estate has acquired a new face: an elegant staircase descends from the terrace into the garden. It leads to the pool, which is framed by wood combined with stone

Wood of one of the tropical species is a style-forming element of garden decoration. Trees are framed by semicircles made of such boards, forming original platforms

There is a small park on the site, and the pool fits very organically into the transformed landscape

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