Energy-saving technologies for the home – lift-and-slide doors

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Lift-and-slide doors are ideal for large functional skylights. You will learn the scope of application of such structures, their characteristics, features and price segment in the Russian market.

Lift-and-slide doors

More recently, a novelty appeared on the Russian market that came to us from warm European countries – lift-and-slide aluminum doors, which literally conquered the consumer with their functionality, style and comfort of use. Sealed thermally insulated structures are ideal for filling large wall openings where conventional plastic or aluminum doors are not rational to use. The system reliably protects the room, conserves heat, increases natural illumination, and saves usable space. The structure can fully replace the wall, visually combining the room with the terrace into one whole, providing a magnificent view and keeping warm.

Lift-and-slide doors are characterized by:

  1. Robust frame and sash construction.
  2. Long service life – about 80 years.
  3. Resistant to corrosive, acidic influences.
  4. Immunity to ultraviolet light, oils, gases.
  5. No deformation.
  6. Highest environmental safety.
  7. Increased fire safety.
  8. Safe glazing.
  9. Variety of color options and the ability to combine colors.

Applications of lift-and-slide doors

Lift-and-slide aluminum doors are designed for private use. This means that they are not intended for high-traffic areas. But such designs are ideal for a country house, a small office, a luxury hotel room. The scope is not limited to filling external openings. The system can be installed inside large rooms as partitions to form space and create privacy zones, for example, a private office in the living room. Perfect instead of the usual interior doors, it can completely replace a non-bearing wall.

Lift-and-slide doors for a cottage and a country house

Installation of lift-and-slide aluminum structures for outdoor use must be considered during the design of the building. The variability of the system allows you to significantly expand the scope of application in a country house or cottage. The structure can provide access to the courtyard or to the terrace, to the winter garden or pool. It will also look fashionable and modern as a movable partition between the kitchen and the dining room, allowing the owners to divide the space without losing the integrity of the style, and to unite it without losing the atmosphere of privacy. In a spacious room, the structure will draw an elegant border, separating the sleeping area, and in the nursery, it will allow you to organize a playroom.

Lift-and-slide doors

Lift-and-slide doors in hotels and hotels

It is difficult to imagine a room of the “Lux” class without expensive elegant glazing. Resort hotels quickly caught on to the trend of aluminum-structured spaces. In addition to the aesthetic component, the systems provide accelerated construction, or quick repairs, replacing walls, block or plasterboard partitions with them. It is easy and profitable to organize functional areas in a hotel room with the help of a lift-and-slide design: sleeping, dining, guest, as well as the bathroom and hallway area, access to the terrace or balcony, while saving space and creating comfortable conditions for the client’s stay.

Lift-and-slide doors

Main characteristics of the system

Lift-and-slide aluminum structures are made not only with openable elements, but also with blind ones, and movable and fixed sashes can be combined in a two or three-track frame. This feature is unique, because no other sliding door system can afford it. The high strength of the system makes it possible to fill sufficiently large openings up to 3 meters high and up to 6 meters wide, and the warm threshold will reliably protect against drafts. Up to six elements can be installed in one plane, both active and passive. For example, by arranging a six-meter opening from active leaves, you can open a portal in the center with a width of 4 meters.


  1. Increased sound insulation up to 40 dB – no noise of a busy street or roadway is heard.
  2. Watertightness of the system class E900 – test by simulating rain flow under pressure with drops of up to 900 Pa.
  3. Thermal insulation of the highest class, at the level of 0.6 W / (m2 K).
  4. In terms of air permeability, it belongs to the “A” class, which characterizes high tightness.
  5. In terms of security, the 2nd class of burglary resistance is assigned, which provides protection against wedges, screwdrivers, pliers with a pressure force on the tool up to 1 ton.

Features of the mechanism of fittings

The name of the lift-and-slide design fully reflects its functionality. The movable element is equipped with a functional handle, when turned to the opening position, the entire perimeter of the fittings is activated. In this case, the flap smoothly rises up and leaves the cell. Now it can be rolled to the side along the rail without much effort. To close the door, it is necessary to return the sash to its original position and turn the handle towards closing. The system will lower the element and press it tightly against the frame. Premium stainless steel fittings are designed for sash weights up to 400 kilograms.

Lift-and-slide doors

The design also makes it possible to protect the room from insects with the help of movable mosquito nets, which are made of a light cold aluminum profile. In the season, such an element is installed on a guide parallel to the opening sash or instead of it. The need to install mosquito doors must be considered during the design of the aluminum structure, since they require a separate guide.

Translucent filling for sliding doors

When glazing large areas, increased requirements are imposed on the safety of infills. In the construction of a double-glazed window, 6 mm tempered or pasted over with a protective film glass are used, which makes the glazing shatterproof. To create an atmosphere of privacy inside the room, the outer glass is tinted in a color harmonious to the profile.

For example, in the design of a chocolate shade, a double-glazed unit with a bronze tint will look advantageous, and in a silvery-gray color, “blue velvet” or “gray” will be reflected. When viewed from outside the room, the glass can be completely transparent, with a light or strong tint effect, or completely opaque in the case of mirror coating. But no matter how the glass unit looks from the street side, both light transmission and a wonderful panoramic view of the street are preserved inside.

Color solutions

The aluminum profile is unique in that it can suit any interior solution in terms of color segment, thanks to its painting in a variety of RAL colors. Manufacturing factories offer basic colors: white, brown and gray metallic, which, due to the massive flow of painting, have a cost advantage. Combined painting, when the color of the profile on the inside and outside is different, will allow organizing the exterior and interior in an independent style..

Lift-and-slide doors

How to install yourself

Installation of lift-and-slide systems is not particularly difficult and, if desired, you can do it yourself. The delivery set is a frame with two or three-track guides, sashes with glass units and fittings installed at the factory, and instructions for installation.

Opening preparation

The opening is cleaned of dirt, dust, mortar flows. The base of the lower frame attachment must be flat. If the structure is mounted in a clean floor, then a recess is preliminarily prepared along the width of the lower guide, 50 mm deep. The points of attachment of the frame with a step of 600-700 mm on vertical surfaces and at the rate of two fastenings per leaf in the lower and upper parts of the opening are marked. Holes 60–70 mm deep are made along the marks. Before fixing the frame, the wall surfaces are treated with water using a spray gun.

Frame installation

The frame is installed in the opening on the level, wedged with wooden blocks, and aligned diagonally. With the help of a building ruler, the drilling points are marked on the frame in accordance with the prepared wall holes. A drill with a drill for metal with a diameter of 6 mm makes holes at the designated points. The frame is fixed in the opening with anchor screws.

Lift-and-slide doors

Installation of sashes

Sash installation is a simple and quick process. The element is placed on the lower guide in accordance with the wiring diagram so that the fittings are lowered into the corresponding grooves, pressed down with force and snapped onto the upper guide. The installed flaps close tightly. By turning the handle upwards by 180 degrees and back, the fittings take the working position. This completes the installation of the aluminum lift-and-slide door.

Lift-and-slide doors

What is the cost of lift-and-slide doors

The most expensive component in the design of sliding doors is fittings. It makes up almost 50% of the total cost. In second place is a thermally insulated aluminum profile – 40% of the cost. The remaining 10% is for glazing and installation.

Average market value of lift-and-slide doors:

Name Specificity unit of measurement Price, rub.
Fittings Hardware set with handles and lock 1 set 60,000
Profile Factory standard color 1 m2 finished products 9,000
Profile Painted according to the RAL catalog 1 m2 finished products 10,500
Profile Combined color 1 m2 finished products 13,500
Glass unit 6mm tempered glass, energy saving 1m2 1,600
Mounting Including consumables 1m2 1 100

Let’s calculate the cost using the example of a small standard structure 3000 mm wide and 2000 mm high, with a total area of ​​6 m2, with one sliding and the second fixed sash:

Name Specificity amount Price, rub. Amount, rub.
Fittings Hardware set with handles and lock 1 set 60,000 60,000
Profile Factory standard color 6 m2 finished products 9,000 54,000
Glass unit 6mm tempered glass, energy saving 5 m2 1,600 8,000
Mounting Including consumables 6 m2 1 100 6 600
TOTAL construction cost: 128,600

Lift-and-slide aluminum doors are premium structures, which affects not only cost, but also quality, unsurpassed lightness and comfortable operation.

Another advantage is that serious production capacities are required for the manufacture of a novelty, therefore, such doors are supplied only by large companies that have proven themselves in the market..

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